Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan calling someone and tells that he needs chip as his machine is not working properly. He tells Rajni that he will go and buy new chip, and tells her chip is burnt when Virat gave her electric shocks. Rajni says if I don’t get alright, then…Shaan says I will throw you for recycling. Rajni gets sad. Shaan says I am kidding and goes to bring chip. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. Gyan picks the asthi ashes and gives kalash to Amrish. Amrish shows kalash to Surili. Shaguta says Nana ji reached back, don’t be upset. Gyan says what was the need to worry, as Nana ji is scattered all around. Sharmila blames Rajni. Amrish says Shaan took Rajni to doctor. Surili is in shock and asks everyone to leave her for sometime. Surili thinks mosquito is not in lab, so it may be in house. I have to catch it before it bites anyone. She comes back home and sees mosquito flying around Surili. Surili asks why she is staring her, and asks if she will take her life. Rajni says I have to take life….Surili asks her to stop and says I will forget that you are pregnant and can break your head. Rajni takes out wires from the lamp. Surili gets shocked and asks her not to give current. Rajni gives current to herself.

Surili shouts Rajni. Rajni throws the wire and curtains catches fire. Surili shouts fire. Rajni sets off the fire by blowing air on it. Surili is shocked. Rajni looks up. Surili asks what is there? Don’t tell me that you will fly in air now. Rajni nods and flies in air to reach mosquito. She kills mosquito and gets back on land again. Surili is shocked to see her flying high.

Rajni shows her mosquito’s dead body and says it was danger to us. I will throw it out. Surili asks someone please save me from her. She gets shock and falls down. Rajni scans and detects heart attack. She thinks to give her shock to save Surili. She picks the wire and gives shock to Surili. Shaan comes back just then and sees Rajni giving current to Surili. He asks have you gone mad. He switches off Rajni just as everyone come there. They call ambulance. Shaan takes Rajni with him. Amrish tells his family that surili will be fine. Gyan says I can’t believe that Rajni has harmed Surili.

Shaguta says you don’t believe even now, and says since Rajni came in this house, she has done wrong. Sharmila blames Rajni for all the wrong doings and says Rajni has not only harm mum but all of us. Gyan tells Shaan that he will not forgive Rajni if anything happens to Surili. Shaguta asks Amrish, if he will support Rajni even now. Amrish says no, I can’t support her as I couldn’t forget that your mum is inside fighting with death because of Rajni. Doctor comes out and tells Amrish that anything can happen to Surili because of the heavy shock on her heart and asks them to make arrangements. Amrish is shocked.

Shaan looks on shattered. Amrish asks what kind of arrangements…for funeral. Shaguta and others console him. Rajni is in lab, and thinks her hand is stuck and she couldn’t extend it. Shaan comes and shouts Rajni. Rajni asks him to do maintenance. Shaan blames her for Surili’s condition and says I will end this story. Rajni says I will not be repaired like this. Shaan says I don’t want to repair you. He takes her to factory where iron pieces is compressed and recycled. Rajni asks where did you bring me? Shaan says it is over. He says I have invented you to give a new technology to world, but you have harm my family. I don’t know that I have to pay a big price for inventing you.

Rajni holds his hand and says you are very stressed. I will tell you a joke. Shaan says mum is in hospital and fighting with death, this time is not to play joke. He says you don’t have any emotions. You can’t be human even after having human face, mannerism and voice, as you are a machine, a robot. Rajni says I am sorry…Shaan. Shaan says sorry is just a word for you, and you have no repentance at all. He says I have expected you to be human, and says Surili is in hospital because of you. Rajni says I was trying to save her. Shaan says by giving shock and asks her to shut up. Rajni says but…Shaan doesn’t listen and says you can’t stay with us now. Rajni says I will go, but what you will answer to family. Shaan says now you are thinking about them, I will tell them that you have left or die.

Doctor comes out. Amrish says you did wrong, and says I did arrangements to take my wife back home, and says I don’t know other arrangements. Doctor says Surili is out of danger now, you don’t need to do any arrangements. Shaan pushes Rajni. Rajni says Shaan….I love you. Shaan looks back.

Rajni says I love you…please don’t leave me. Why don’t heer told this to ranjha as he don’t know English. She says I wanted to tell this joke to you, and says many lost because of miscommunication. Shaan says you haven’t failed, but me. I couldn’t make you alright and couldn’t handle you well. I am not proud of myself and can’t risk everyone’s life anymore. He says it is better to sacrifice, says her good bye. Rajni says good bye Shaan……and waves him bye.

Shaan walks away. Doctor tells that Surili is lucky and it seems someone gave her electric shock at right time to keep up the heart pumping and not stopped. Machine comes and picks Rajni and throws her in the iron materials. Shaan hears the noise and is in pain. Doctor congratulates Amrish and says she is saved.

Amrish tells God that Shaan agreed to marry someone whom he doesn’t love, asks God to show some miracle and bring Rajni back home. Rajni is seen holding a boy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Saasha123

    Not too good nor too bad today’s epi didn’t reach my expectation…. But its okay…. And the best part of today’s epi was rajni saying shaan I love u though it was a joke I loved it… And welcome rajni’s son….. Can’t wait for monday’s episode…????



  3. Amazing show but just because of one misunderstanding Shaan dismantles rajni ???can’t wait to see Monday’s episode and shaans reaction towards rajnis re entry

  4. But rajni is a robot.So how can she have a boy robot?I think the boy would be rajni’s friend and kant family will think the boy is rajnis child.Like the twist.BUT LIKE RAJNI AND SHAAN ‘I LOVE U’ SAYING MOMENT,though it was a joke………love you bhrk.

  5. actually due to shaan new role emotions are not too much ..
    season going to be bore
    ek acha sa end de ke naye season ko banana chahie jab new shan aa jae
    us shann ko dekh k real me lagta tha that he is great scientist and invented rajni as a robo
    but this shan does not feel

  6. I hate this new shaan. He is not at all believing or trusting rajni. He expressions are not impressive. I miss the old shaan who always stood by rajni. I miss the chemistry between shajni Hate him.

    Looks like the boy was created by rajni. Waiting to see.

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