Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan and RAM asking Rajni to stop. Rajni stops. Shaan asks Rajni to get down. Rajni is about to step down. Shaan asks her to step back and says this is terrace. Mrs. Mukherjee shouts. Everyone gather outside house. Surili says Rajni is doing good work for the first time and laughs. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahus are shocked. Shaan runs to terrace. Later Surili scolds Rajni asking why did she take Mrs. Mukherjee to terrace and with whose permission. Rajni says I can’t give you a reason. Maggie says it seems Rajni came to know that you hates her. Sharmila says she hates you. Mrs. Mukherjee asks if you are jealous of me. Surili asks her not to believe on her bahus rubbish. Mrs. Mukherjee tells that her bahus are intelligent etc. Surili says you was praising my bahus sometime back. Mrs. Mukherjee calls them losers. Amrish comes and asks why she is praising her bahus. Mrs. Mukherjee says my bahus are more intelligent and capable than your bahus. Amrish announces competition. Surili says no.

Amrish says it is about our respect. Mrs. Mukherjee asks Amrish to bet something. Amrish asks what do you want? Mrs. Mukherjee tells that if your bahus lose then Surili have to leave club chairmanship. Amrish accepts the condition. Surili says they will lose. Mrs. Mukherjee says Surili’s team will lose and asks them to get ready. RAM tells Shaan that it will be trouble. Shaan says it is so much trouble.

Shaan tells Rajni that nobody shall know that you couldn’t see. Rajni says I didn’t know that Mrs. Mukherjee is deaf like me. Shaan says nothing can happen to you. Rajni says if I can’t take part in competition and says she wants to win the competition for Surili. RAM asks Shaan to help Rajni. Shaan says if I had lenses, if I would fixed to her eyes. RAM says you was once genius scientist. He tries to repair her, and asks if she can see. Rajni says she can’t see. Shaan says if you was a human, then I would have repaired you by using home remedy. He gets an idea and hits on Rajni’s head to make her eyes fine. Rajni tells that she can see. Shaan checks. Rajni says everything is black and white. Shaan says this much is enough for competition. Rajni says I will get ready for competition. Amrish sprinkles powder as he makes arrangement for competition. Surili comes and asks what is he doing?

Amrish says he is making arrangements for their victory. Surili asks him to stop his imagination. Amrish asks her to get ready for function. Rajni sees powder on the table and thinks Mukherjee family will laugh if they see kitchen like this. She fills gun powder in baking powder’s box. Maggie and Sharmila take selfie. Surili reminds them that their intelligence will be tested and not their looks. Rajni comes and says I am ready for competition. Surili says I am scared that’s why, and says she will lose her chairmanship. Rajni says don’t worry as we have so many chairs at home. Amrish laughs and says she is cheering you up. Mrs. Mukherjee brings plastic chair and says if I win, then I will give this chair to Surili. Amrish says 1 min, and says may be you have to take this chair in return, as nobody knows who will win.

Mrs. Mukherjee says lets start the competition. First round is cooking, and famous hotel chef Ranjeet Ahuja will judge the competition. Ranjeet Ahuja comes and says hello. Surili says it seems we will lose in the first round itself. Mrs. Mukherjee bahu’s ask if they know how to make food. Maggie and Sharmila say yes. Rajni says they don’t know cooking. Amrish says my Rajni bahu is master chef. Chef Ranjeet Ahuja says lets begin the competition. Rajni says we are ready. Chef Ranjeet announces that first competition is kitchen queen and gives them 20 mins time. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahu tell that they will make Pizza. Maggie says we will make cake. Surili asks Maggie to make something which they know, like hot water. Maggie says it is easy. Surili is tensed. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahus start making pizza. Rajni, Maggie and Sharmila are making cake. Surili says I am so proud of my bahus. They bake the cake. Surili takes a sigh of relief. Sharmila asks for cherries. Rajni gives something else. Sharmila puts it in cake and eats it too. She shouts. Everyone is shocked.

The cake explodes. Rajni says it was a bomb cake and when it exploded, one of the piece fell in my eye and damaged it. Shaan and Ram are shocked. For the next completion, Rajni comes wearing googles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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