Bahu Begum 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Noor reaches Shayra to know the truth

Bahu Begum 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noor telling Razia that she wants to go out for sometime. Razia asks her not to go today. Noor recalls other doctor and shows him report. Dr. Kapadia tells that he was given strong drug or medicine and asks her to bring Azaan to him. Razia asks what happened? Noor says nothing and calls Dilruba. Dilruba asks if she is thinking about Shayra. Noor says she hates her and asks him to bring Dahi balle. Adil tells Shayra, you are knocked out from Azaan’s life and Noor is thinking to eat Dahi balle. Shayra recalls telling the code to Azaan that it is Noor and their code. Shayra thinks she told Dahi balle thrice, this means she is coming here. Adil switches Azaan’s room CCTV. Azaan is trying Sherwani and looks at Shayra and his photo frame and cries. Their moments are shown. Sad song plays….He then throws and breaks the photo frame. Adil says he left even Shahrukh khan behind, I am enjoying seeing him crying and in pain. Shayra says you are not a human. Razia talks to Azaan and tells that Allah gave them everything, but snatched love from them. Adil says he will ruin everyone’s happiness, including of Noor.

He says let’s see what Noor is doing? He switches CCTV of Noor’s room and sees Mashuqa bringing veiled person to room and calling her Noor. She asks her to continue to put veil and tells that she will bring dahi balle for her. Shayra thinks I thought she will come here. Mashuqa gives her dahi balle and tells that her Jodi with Azaan, is best than his Jodi with Shayra. She then tries to wipe her face and lifts veil for a bit, and wipes Dilruba’s face with tissue. Dilruba smiles. A fb is shown, Noor asks Dilruba to wear her wedding dress and sit on her place, while hiding his face in ghunghat. Mashuqa says she will sit, but Dilruba asks her to see her size. Fb ends. Mashuqa says don’t know where is Mali/gardener. Razia sees Mali going and asks why did he come here? Before she could come to Noor, Mashuqa calls her to talk to Qazi Saheb.

Noor runs out and sits in car. She drives checking the location. Adil talks to someone and tells Shayra that he will come in sometime. Noor sees Adil and hides. Adil comes near the tree and checks, but nobody is there. He leaves in car. Noor is hiding in the plants. Shayra manages to free herself and tries to run. She sees Noor as the gardener. Noor asks her to tell what is the truth and says I thought you came for me, but you are blindfolded like your friend. Noor says I can’t accept that you can do this. Shayra says whatever I am doing is for my love. She sees Adil standing. She says if you try then will understand why I am doing this, says whatever seems to be wrong for the world is right. She says whatever she is doing is wrong, but the reason is not wrong. Noor asks what do you mean? Adil comes and says Shayra is right, leaving Azaan is wrong, but the reason is love which can’t be wrong. He asks who gave you this address.

Precap: Adil ties rope on Shayra’s neck and makes her stand on the chair. He says you will be punished and fires at the table to make it fall and smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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