Bahu Begum 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Azaan makes Shayra to remove his haldi

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Bahu Begum 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mashuqa getting happy seeing Khalid. Dilruba says it is like seeing eid’s moon. Shayra takes Noor to side and asks what you are doing? Azaan asks why did you bring that criminal here. Shayra asks did you forget what he did? Noor says when I can forgive you then why can’t I forgive him. Khalid comes there and asks her why you are marrying Azaan. Noor says we will talk later, today my haldi is there, Azaan will beat you. Khalid goes. Shayra says you are doing wrong. Noor asks them not to waste time and asks Azaan to come for haldi rasam. Azaan asks Shayra to come and says today is your husband’s haldi. Noor asks Surayya if she is happy. Surayya says she is happy. Noor asks her to dance. Surayya says I will dance and make others dance. She asks the ladies to play some good

music. Surayya and Asgar dance. Main Naagin Naagin song plays……

Noor asks them to stop it and asks them to do haldi rasam. Surayya says who will grind haldi for bride. Azaan says Shayra. He says this rasam is happening because of her, so it is her duty to grind the haldi. Noor says surely and tells that first wife will grind haldi for her husband’s second wife. Shayra says surely. Mashuqa and Dilruba bring haldi and keep it for Shayra to grind. Shayra sits on the floor and looks at Azaan.

Song plays. Shayra grinds the haldi. The guests gossips. Surayya says this London girls know to how to grind the haldi. She says Noor shall not get hurt on her face. Shayra grinds the haldi. Razia prays to God and says same thing is happening with her new bahu and asks God to stop this. Surayya applies haldi to Noor. Noor asks Shayra to apply it to her. The guest says why Razia begum is not telling anything. Razia thinks I am helpless, but not you, stop this sin from happening. Noor applies haldi to Noor. Noor smiles. Azaan calls Shayra and says today is my haldi too, who will apply haldi to me. Surayya says we will make you take bath in it. She is about to apply haldi to him. Azaan says first Shayra will apply it. The ladies talk that Shayra is advance and letting this marriage happen, why Razia is not stopping this marriage. Shayra’s hand shake up to take the haldi for Azaan. He says I am still your husband and you have right to touch me, holds her hand and makes her apply him haldi with her hand. Noor gets angry and stops her holding her hand. She asks if you will just apply haldi or will dance too. She swirls her. She then dances on the song Pallu latke….

She dances with Surayya and others. Razia puts cotton in her ears and cries. Shayra is pushed by someone towards Azaan. Azaan asks did you remember our haldi and rubs his cheeks on hers. Shayra says everyone is watching. Azaan says let them see. Noor and Surayya see. Noor gets angry. Shayra says you are going to get married to Noor and runs away from there. Surayya tells Noor what they might be doing when alone. Shayra comes to room and says why you are doing this with me, Azaan and increasing my troubles. Azaan comes there and says you didn’t apply haldi to me properly. Shayra says I applied. Azaan says it was just formality and asks her to take it out too. He opens his kurta’s button. Shayra says this is wrong. Azaan asks if what is happening is wrong and says you are my wife still. He says it is your duty. Everyone knows that you are strict of your promise. He asks her to do her duty.

He sits on the bathtub. Shayra takes the water utensil in her hand. He says you are getting scared as if I am someone else husband and not yours. He asks her to do her duty. Shayra puts water on Azaan’s chest and shoulder to get haldi removed from his body. Song plays…Azaan pulls her towards him and asks her to get haldi removed from his face too. Surayya watches this and goes to call Noor happily. She collides with Noor and tells that she is searching her. Noor asks did you see jin. Surayya says if you see then you will be shocked. She says Shayra and Azaan are different behind your back and asks her to see herself. Noor goes. Shayra cries after getting haldi removed from his body. Azaan stands up, holds her and hugs her. Shayra cries. Noor watches them from outside, kicks on the door and gets inside angrily.

Precap: Noor asks Shayra what it is called to romance with someone else’s husband and calls her cunning and characterless. Azaan says I am leaving you for friendship , if someone else had said this then would have pull out her tongue.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakwas show. don’t watch.

  2. Ohh it was a beautiful story but the negativity came too fast. The role of noor is not good. When she will know the truth about the real culprits .. How to fix all relationships .. In short in the end what the story wants to tell .. Because I am lost .. I thought a story or Azaan was to share between the friendship and love respecting the positivity of two girls … But they first passed noor for a girl a little fool who is always in excess .. Selfish and imbued with herself for the final made him a despicable role in a manipulative and daring calculating woman and well hanged tongue .. In short I do not like her role .. From the beginning we read that the role of Sami would be positive .. But he broke his role .. Not fair

    1. I feel all these writers believe that without a negative character or track a show cannot ever thrive, I understand their foolish way of thinking but now this is too much, it’s all I ever see in this Indian serials and it’s disgusting, there’s more bad than good and I right now this bahu begum is just dragging on slowly and stupidly

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