Bahu Begum 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Azaan gets deeply hurt, doubts Shayra

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Bahu Begum 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noor thanking Adil for making her know her true love and says I was rejecting guys as I was looking for Azaan in every guy. She says he is just one, but if you think that I will come between Azaan and Shayra then you are wrong, tells that she will never let her love come between their friendship. Adil asks if you will stay like this forever. Noor says yes and tells that I will not come between them and will not let anyone come between them. Adil says I will try to make place in your heart. Noor asks him to be careful and says if you go near Shayra then? She asks him to come and says I will bandage your wound. Mashuqa says don’t know when Razia will come. Dilruba asks if everything is sorted between Azaan and Shayra. Shayra asks Azaan not to feel insecure about her and tells that Adil came here for Noor. She tells him that she feels hurt when he doubts Adil as he points finger on her. Azaan says I am not doubting you, but can’t trust that Adil. He says sorry. Shayra says sorry too. Her phone beeps. Mashuqa comes there and says Noor has sent haldi milk for you, else she will pour it on your head. Azaan says she is a goon. He looks at Shayra messaging someone. Shayra says it was Ammi’s message so I was replying. He tells that he wants to sleep and feeling sleepy. Shayra asks him to sleep and says I will be back. She goes out closing the door.

She comes to Adil’s room. Adil pretends to apply ointment to him. Shayra makes him sit and says she will do. She tells that she knows that Azaan overreacted and says you are doing the same. He says you know that I love Noor, but one side love is not enough. Shayra says Noor likes you as she said that everything is clear. He sees Azaan hearing them and says Azaan doubting us. Shayra says I convince her and touches his face. He asks about Noor. Shayra asks him not to worry. He tells that he can’t be away from his love and tells that he doesn’t know how to thank her and says I love you Shayra bhabhi. Shayra smiles and says I am very happy. Adil says I am happy as you are happy. Azaan hears this and goes from there. Shayra goes. Azaan thinks he heard, but this can’t be true, my Shayra can’t betray me, never. He thinks he is reading the situation wrongly and thinks to clear all the misunderstandings from her. Adil thinks I won’t let it clear..bhaijaan.

Shayra comes to room and thinks where is Azaan? Azaan comes from there. Shayra says I thought you slept. Azaan says I was sleeping, just now got up. He says we need to talk. Shayra asks about what matter? She asks why you are worried? He says whatever I want to ask you, is for my own relief and tells that nothing changed between them and this doesn’t mean that he don’t trust her like before. Shayra asks what happened? Adil thinks he won’t let this misunderstandings clear and fires fire rocket on Dilruba’s clothes. Dilruba shouts and says bomb. Shayra and Azaan hear him and run out. They all see Dilruba clothes on fire. Adil asks Shayra to bring blanket. Azaan is shocked and brings water. He sees Adil and Shayra setting off the fire. Adil keeps hand on Shayra and appreciates her. Dilruba curses the person throwing this. Noor says who has done this. Adil says some kids were doing this outside, I scolded him. Dilruba cries. Shayra offers to apply ointment. Mashuqa says she will do. Noor asks him to drink haldi milk. Adil asks do you want Shayra to take care of you all night. Shayra says you are my brother, I will be with you. Dilruba thanks her.

Azaan goes upset from there. Mashuqa says I will bring your blanket and pillow. Shayra coughs. Adil gives her water. Shayra thanks him. Azaan looks at them and goes from there distressed. He gets Razia’s phone, she asks if everything is fine. Azaan says you forgot me Ammi and says he is feeling lonely. Razia says you have Shayra and Noor with you. He asks her to return fast. Razia says she will try to return soon and asks him to take care.

Azaan comes to Noor. Noor asks why you didn’t sleep till now. She asks what happened? Azaan sits and holds her hand. He tells her that he wants to be with her tonight.

Precap: Azaan sees Shayra and Adil’s videos and thinks to clear with Shayra about the happenings, but Adil fires medicine arrow on his neck and makes him faint.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shayra's bestie

    OMG! I am shipping Adira, they look so cute together.😌😍
    Azaan ko Noor k saath kar do chalega.

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