Bahu Begum 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Noor’s marriage is fixed with Faiz

Bahu Begum 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noor asking Shayra if she has the only logic and asks how did she fall in love with donkey like Azaan. Azaan says he is Nawab of Bhopal. Razia calls her. He runs behind Noor. Razia introduces them to Mr. Rahman and his wife. She asks if you know Faiz. Noor says yes and says roll no 22, he danced on disco deewane song. She says faiz was a good student and went to America also. Razia says Faiz is in India now and asks if she likes to see his pic. Noor looks at the pic and says he has become very handsome now. Razia says she has sent her alliance yesterday and says Faiz and his parents agree. She asks Noor if she likes him for marriage.

Razia tells Noor that if she says yes then they will take the matter further. Noor thinks he is good looking, handsome, stays in US, have big car and life is set. Razia asks her to think and tell about her decision. Noor says I like the guy very much, it is my yes. Yasmeen asks her to feel shy atleast infront of Faiz’s parents. Noor feels shy and leave. Azaan says Noor overacts. Razia says Noor and Faiz’s mehendi, haldi and marriage will happen alongside Azaan and Shayra’s marriage rituals. she says we will do haldi and engagement tomorrow. Rahman says ok. Khalid hears and says this can’t happen. Surayya talks to her husband Asgar and says they have to do something. She burns something and says she don’t only say, but do also. She says that London girl cut your brother’s name from elan e nikah. She says she will make us leave.

Azaan talks to shayra about his cycle. She thinks he is talking about his childhood girlfriend. He says he is talking about the cycle. A fb is shown, he reminisces yasmeen running after him to ask him to have food. He hugs her. fb ends. He tells her about yasmeen khala and asks her to sit on the cycle. She asks him to remember that plaster don’t look good on the bride’s feet. She sits on the cycle. O Saathi chal…song plays…..They play in the garden and enjoy. They come back. Noor is standing there and whistle, says it is closed there. She says you don’t let me touch the cycle and made Shayra sit on it. Azaan says this is the difference between friend and love. Noor asks Shayra to come with her and says if we have a fight then Azaan will think that we are fighting for him. She takes Shayra with her. Azaan asks her to return Shayra.

Khalid is crying. Surayya scolds him and tells Asgar that they have to do something about London wali. Asgar says they will do something. Shayra asks Noor why did she agree for marriage so soon. Noor says she acted to feel shy and played with the dupatta. Shayra says do you know him? Noor says he has good looks, money and house. Shayra asks about money. Noor says it happens after marriage in arranged marriages and says girls say yes trusting destiny. She says everyone is not looking like you. She says after kids are born, then kids happen. She says Faiz is going to come tomorrow, I don’t want dark circles and shall sleep. Azaan comes there and takes Shayra with him. Shayra asks where are you taking me? Azaan says to my room before anyone sees us. Surayya thinks to give this news to Razia and thinks they are spending the night together.

Razia asks Yasmeen to make Noor’s dupatta ready as marriage is after 3 days. Yasmeen says if I had known about Shayra then would have made dupatta for her also. Surayya comes there and says wedding night is going to happen tonight. Razia shouts at her. Surayya says Shayra went to his room. She says don’t know what they are doing now. Razia says Shayra is not like such girls. They come to Azaan’s room and knock on the door. Surayya says they are busy and that’s why not opening the door. Azaan and Shayra come out of room.

Precap: Surayya tells Razia that her would be bahu is very competent. Razia angrily asks Shayra to go to Noor’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is chubby right now, but somewhere I feel story is similar to Dil se dil tak where 3 people’s destiny united (just that was case for baby, here is not relvead right now)… But I hope later Noor doesn’t turn negative which she might due to Azaan’s chacha chachi..

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