Bahu Begum 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Azaan and Shayra’s wedding card is read by Noor

Bahu Begum 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shayra coming to Razia and says I am so sorry. She says many problems started since I came here. She says whatever Surayya aunty said. Razia tells that Surayya didn’t say the new thing and tells that her father in law supported her after her husband left her, but after his death, Asgar and his wife’s tongue became strong. Shayra says your life was difficult. Razia says life gave me a son like Azaan and says she has no complain with me, says he is not only her son, but a friend and a shield. Shayra shows the Quran e Shareef and says she has written herself and says this is a gift for you. She says you have given precious Azaan to me so I want to give my precious thing to you. She says Azaan wants to marry me, even Noor agreed and asks what she wants. Razia says she will do elan e nikah rasam tomorrow and says there can’t be a good bahu begum than you. Azaan looks on. Later he comes to Shayra and asks what about winning my heart, you have won Ammi’s heart. He rests on her lap and says I wish God would have made me a book. He says if I was a book then you would have read me. Shayra asks him to think and say and says once I read a book, I don’t re read it. Azaan says thank God, I am not a book. He asks if she is happy. She says she is very happy and have a dream since childhood to have her own home and family. She thanks him and says she wishes nobody’s bad sight to fall on them. Azaan says Noor’s bad sight will be on us and catches her teasingly. Shayra laughs…

Khalid fumes in anger thinking about Noor’s words. Azaan and Noor talk to Shayra about each other. Noor asks Shayra from where she is coming? She says you are not my friend. Shayra says I want to become your friend. Noor says it is not easy to be my friend and says you have to work hard. Shayra gives her gifts. Noor gets happy to receive many gifts and says best friends and hugs Shayra. Azaan says you forgot your old friend. Noor says you are my best friend and hugs him. Shayra tries to go. Azaan holds her hand. Song plays again. Khalid looks at Azaan and Noor angrily.

Priest prays for their happiness. Azaan comes to Razia and says even now you are making popcorn in this cooker. She asks did you come here to make fun of your Ammi. Azaan apologizes to her. Razia says its ok. She says I can do a sin of breaking the promise, but can’t break your heart who loves her truly. He says I didn’t tell you. Razia says she knows, just like she knows that Shayra is standing outside and hearing us. Shayra comes inside. Razia tells them that she has no complains with Azaan or her. Shayra laughs. Azaan tells Razia that he was missing her popcorn and says he will have it daily at 2 am in night. They laugh.

Razia finishes her Namaz and asks yasmeen what she is thinking. Yasmeen says whenever Noor opens her mouth, she talks something wrong. She says she is worried hearing Noor’s conversation with Khalid. She says they will not understand. Razia says Noor didn’t laugh at Khalid. She says I can do so much, but can’t as I have to keep the family united. Azaan comes to Shayra’s room and asks for the compliment. Shayra says you are my choice. Tere ishq hai…plays. He tries to kiss her, Shayra moves from there. He says you shall not run from your choice and gets romantic. Noor comes there to give Shayra’s lipstick. She sees him romancing and says Azaan knows only this. Azaan says he didn’t do anything and it was Shayra who was insisting. Shayra says it is not like that. Azaan tells Noor that they shall marry as Shayra is not interested to marry her. Noor says she don’t like second hand husband. Azaan says he is pure even now. They pull his ears. They come downstairs. Khalid looks at Noor and says she is just mine.

All guests have gathered here. Razia asks Qazi Qasim to read the elan e nikah. He reads that Azaan Akhtar Mirza, son of Ayub Akhtar Mirza. Azaan says I don’t accept this and says I don’t want to be called as his son who left us. He says I am just my Ammi’s son, she is my mother and father also. Surayya laughs and tells her husband that drama will start now. Qazi asks Razia to make him understand. Razia says it is necessary. Shayra asks can I say something and tells that deen teaches us that the heaven is there beneath mother’s feet and mother’s place is three times more than a father. She says then why can’t a mother’s name be added to son’s name. Qazi Saheb says I don’t have answer for this question. He asks Azaan if he is ready to sign on the elan e nikah papers.

He calls him Azaan Razia Akhtar Mirza. Everyone is happy to hear Razia’s name with Azaan. Asgar is upset. Noor’s thumb get hurt with her earring and blood comes out of her thumb.
Azaan signs on the papers and gives to Qazi. Noor says I want to say something. She asks can I read elan e nikah, says it was my right, but Azaan chose her. She reads the elan e nikah and hugs Shayra. Her blood impression leave on the elan e nikah card.

Precap: Surayya tells Razia that Shayra went to Azaan’s room with him. They go there and see Azaan and Shayra coming out of room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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