Bahu Begum 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shayra meets with an accident with Azaan’s car

Bahu Begum 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azaan asking Shayra if she wants to leave him and asks who will take care of him. Noor tells Razia that Shayra has snatched Azaan from her. Razia asks Yasmeen’s pic to make her understand and says Azaan is not yours. Azaan asks how you will live without me? Shayra says I can’t lie without you. Azaan says lets die together. Shayra says already I have two murders on my head and says she don’t want anymore. Azaan asks who told her. Shayra says Azaan and tells everything about Noor blackmailing her and her sacrifice. She says I am sacrificing my life to save Noor. Shayra shouts Azaan as he walks out. Azaan comes to Noor and takes her in car. Razia and Shayra try to stop him, but in vain. Razia gets worried for them. Shayra promises that nothing will happen to them. She goes. Asgar says where he took Noor? Surayya says they shall not return, Bahu begum will shattered and Bhopal will be all ours. Noor asks what is this madness? Azaan says you have started this madness, you want to die, lets die together. Shayra is driving the other car and calls him, but he rejects the call.

Azaan asks Noor why she got afraid. Noor says you couldn’t understand me and asks him to increase the speed and says lets see who dies first. Azaan says it is a sin to snatch someone’s love. Noor says Shayra is a big criminal to snatch you, Ammi and Faiz. Azaan says I was never yours. Noor says you are my right. Shayra is behind his car and asks him to stop. She thinks to make a short cut and stop Azaan. Azaan asks her to leave her dream to marry him. She says she can’t. Azaan says I can’t live with you, but can die with you. He drives the car towards the valley. Shayra is standing near there, gets hit by his car and falls from the cliff. Noor says we have to search Shayra.

Noor and Azaan try to get down the cliff. Azaa shouts Shayra. Mashuqa tells that Noor was become tigress from cow and is doing drama daily. Dilruba says Razia will handle her and asks her to make food. Mashuqa gets worried for Shayra and Azaan. Noor and Azaan search for Shayra. Noor prays for her life. Azaan finds her dupatta stuck on a tree. He shouts Shayra.

Razia calls Police and asks them to find out about their car numbers. Surayya tells Asgar that Khalid is in jail because of Shayra. Noor finds injured Shayra. Razia prays to God and tells that she has never complained anything. Azaan is still searching her. Noor tries to go and to tell him, but Shayra’s bracelet gets stuck with her dupatta. Noor recalls the happenings, frees her dupatta and walks away silently. Razia prays to God and asks to forgive their sins and bring her kids back. Noor recalls yasmeen telling that Shayra and Azaan will take care of her and that she regards Shayra as her daughter. She turns towards Shayra again and calls Azaan there. She says Shayra is here. Azaan comes to Shayra and says you will be fine, nothing will happen to you. Noor says I can’t take anyone’s death on my dead, tears her dupatta and ties on Shayra’s head. Azaan lifts Shayra and takes her from there.

The guards inform Razia about Azaan’s car. Razia is shocked. In the hospital, Noor tells Shayra that nothing will happen to her. Azaan tells that she wants to say something. Shayra gives his hand in Noor’s hand. Azaan is shocked.

Precap: Azaan tells Noor that he will marry her, but will love Shayra all his life. He says we have separated, but you will be alone all life. Noor thinks to show him her bad side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. DannyComments

    Okay I really tried..I tried to enjoy this love the characters..but dear God they are all duds!!!!? Shyra acting is so poor to the extent that I don’t believe her love is looks so forced!! And Noor?? Damn! Now that girl will make you hate women! Well, some women tho, you know, the whiny type that get whatever they want without them deserving it? And Azaan..horrible doesn’t begin to describe this guy…anyway..boring show, same old concept, nothing new, and it’s so sad because they have great casting..oh well..farewell to another cliche love triangle.

  2. I agree…sharya looked like a sensible girl but she is so dumb nd goody goody…a wife can accept any punishment but never give up on her loving husband. Noor is a manipulative witch without any shame asking a guy like he is a toy. And arzaan is nothing than a puppet every women around him dictate what to do…nd that guy doesn’t man up to call is quit and ask them to get lost. Not one character to cheer for

  3. Pls how are you watching it,I tried following it up on You tube,but it reached a point they stopped displaying the English words,so I couldn’t understand the language.

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