Bahu Begum 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Azaan is shattered knowing Shayra and Noor’s deal

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Bahu Begum 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asgar telling Surayya that if Razia signs on the papers then Khalid will have to beg all life. Mashuqa comes there. Surayya throws something on her, takes letter meant for Razia and asks her to leave. She says history is going to repeat herself. Razia talks to Azaan about her decision. Azaan says Khalid like men will think thousand’s times about doing anything wrong with any girl. She asks about Noor and Shayra. Azaan says Noor is fine, but Shayra…and says her sense of humor is bad. He says I love you and goes. Mashuqa comes there and says few letters came in your name. Razia asks her to keep them there. Azaan comes to his room and sees Shayra. He says bride shall sit on the middle of bed with veil on her bed, just like it happens in films. Shayra says she wants to say something

and tells that she was not joking about Noor and her. Azaan goes. Razia reads a letter and is shocked. Azaan goes to hall. Shayra comes behind him and asks him to listen to her. Azaan says that joke was not good at all that you are repeating. Noor says that was not a joke. Azaan says it is a limit for this joke. Razia comes there and says it is not a joke and says Shayra wants to divorce you and has filed the papers. She shows the papers to Azaan. He is shocked and reads the divorce papers. He asks what is this. Shayra says I want divorce from you, but I didn’t send these papers. Azaan says you made fun of my love and trust. Shayra says I didn’t send these papers. He asks why did you do this? Noor says Azaan. Azaan says let me talk to my wife. He asks her to tell what has happened. He asks why did she do this. Shayra says for Noor and says she lost everything because of me and asked you in exchange and that’s you. Azaan says I am thing for you which Noor asked and you are giving. He says Noor wants Azaan and you are giving. Razia shouts and says this divorce will not happen and marriage with Noor will not happen. She says this is Azaan’s mother, Shayra’s mother in law and Noor’s badi ammi’s decision. She tears the divorce papers and throws away. Shayra asks her to listen to her once. Surayya and Asgar are watching everything. She says I had said that a storm will come in Razia’s house. She says it is yet to be seen if she saves her respect or her son’s pain.

Razia talks to Shayra. Shayra says I have no option. Razia says my son is option for you and says he loved you a lot and says she shall value his feelings. She says you have broken my heart also, I liked you as I thought you love him very much, but your love is less than his love. Shayra says I love him more than he loves me. Razia asks why do you want to leave this house and Azaan whom gave you everything and says Meenu loved you too. Shayra says she is returning her favors. Razia says it was your debt, but not of my son. Azaan vents out his anger on the things and cries aloud. Surayya recalls burning the property papers. Noor thinks she shouldn’t have let Azaan marry Shayra at first pain. Shayra feels pain seeing him in pain. Shayra tries to stop Azaan. Azaan says I am a thing for you.

Razia says I thought you are grown up and matured and says how can you ask Azaan as asking a thing. Noor says Azaan is hers and tells that you want him to marry me? Razia says Azaan is married to Shayra now. Azaan tells Shayra that she would have talked to him about Noor’s demand and says why did you send the divorce papers? She says she didn’t send. Azaan asks her not to lie. He asks her to tell if she wants to divorce and leave him.

Precap: Azaan and Noor are in the car, when Shayra comes infront of his car and gets hit by his car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate Noor’s character, she is so shameless just imagine you cannot even trust your best friend she is insisting she wants Azaan if I were in Shyra shoes I woulda let her DIE?

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