Bahu Begum 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Razia gets Khalid arrested

Bahu Begum 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azaan telling Razia that Khalid tried to molest Noor. Razia asks what? She asks do you understand what you are saying? Azaan says yes and tells that Shayra took Noor to side and then messaged me. He says she don’t want to have any tamasha, so stayed quiet, but I won’t. He says he is ashamed to call him as his brother. Surayya scolds Azaan and asks if her son is vegetable that he will accuse him anything. Shayra asks if I am lying. Surayya says yes. Azaan asks Noor to tell everyone. Noor nods her head. Razia asks when did this happen? Noor says on haldi day. Surayya asks what is the proof that Noor is saying right. Khalid says Noor is saying truth and tells that he did this mistake. He says sorry and asks why this thing is being talked on and says I am marrying Noor now. Razia slaps him and says I thought you as my son, but you made me ashamed today. Khalid says I did a mistake. Razia says it is a sin and says even a husband can’t touch his wife without her consent. She says why men like you don’t understand, when a woman says no, then it means no. Asgar asks her to forgive him. Razia says he shall be punished. Khalid says I accept punishment, but don’t stop this marriage.

Razia makes a call and asks to send Inspector. Surayya asks if this is her justice and says you freed your bahu even after she killed two and you are sending my son to jail just because he touched a servant’s daughter. She says such things happen in haveli. Razia asks her to mind her language and says Noor is her daughter. Surayya asks what she would have done if Azaan has done this? Razia says then she would have killed him. She says a mother shall teach her son to be good before teaching their daughters about their limits. She says whatever Shayra done was a mistake, but Khalid did this intentionally. Inspector comes and arrests Khalid. Surayya tells Razia that now she will see her son ruined and will cry for her son just like she is crying and there will be nobody to see her tears and says this is a curse of a helpless mother. Shayra comes to Azaan. He brushes off her hand and goes.

Shayra goes to Azaan and asks what is your enmity with my dupatta. Azaan blames her for hiding the truth from him and says that molester was staying with us and would have done that again with Noor. He says he will not forgive her. Noor comes there and asks why are you scolding her. She says I gave her promise not to tell you anything. He gets upset with both of them. Noor asks him to vent out his anger, but don’t be upset. Azaan says I am very angry on myself as you bear everything when I was around. He says sorry and hugs her. Shayra sees them hugging. Noor holds him during their hug. Shayra goes from there.

Asgar tells Inspector that Razia has a misunderstanding and his son is innocent. Surayya comes and asks him to give bribe to Inspector. Inspector asks if she is taking about bribe. Asgar says no and tells that his son is innocent. Inspector asks them to hire a lawyer to fight the case and goes. Asgar says bahu begum has kept her foot on Asgar and now he will not leave her. Surayya says she feels good when ever he talks like that, but he don’t need to do anything as Noor herself will ruin them.

Shayra tells Razia that she wanted to tell her and apologizes. Razia asks for what she was waiting and blames her for hiding the truth. She says you will be bahu begum of Bhopal and her riyasat will be her house. She says if Noor had got married to Khalid and says how can Noor do such a foolishness. Azaan asks Noor why she got ready to marry Khalid and says you are special, one in millions and billions and says my noori. Noor says she is one in million and that her ammi and would be husband died before her marriage. She says everyone calls me inauspicious and says why anyune will marry you. Azaan says anyone will marry you and says they don’t know that your heart is also beautiful like your face. He says that person marrying you will be the luckiest man on the earth and says any guy will come running to marry you. She asks any guy? He says yes and hugs her. Noor thinks she wants him.

Shayra says I would have told you if Noor had not given me promise. Razia asks her to stop crying and says atleast Noor’s life was saved. Shayra recalls her promise.

She cries keeping her head on Razia’s lap. Razia asks why are you crying so much. Azaan says just because she has a fight with her husband. Razia says you must have fought with my bahu and asks him to cheer her.

Asgar tells Surayya that they shall expose Noor before Razia. Surayya asks him to take her son out. Asgar says I am trying to talk to commissioner. Surayya says my destiny is bad, both husband and father are useless. She says don’t know what Khalid sees in that Servant’s daughter. Noor comes to Police station wearing burqa and hijab. Azaan tells Shayra that he accepts his mistake and agrees to apologize to her. He holds his ears. Shayra says it is ok, I am not upset with you. Azaan says it is good to get upset with love else it will have a bad sight. He says we shall celebrate as it is our first fight. Shayra says last fight also.

Precap: Azaan asks Shayra what he shall do for her happiness. Shayra asks him to divorce her and marry Noor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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