Bahu Begum 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Razia gets kidnapped, Noor to marry Azaan

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Bahu Begum 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azaan crying missing Shayra. Shayra also cries for Azaan. Her dupatta falls on his face. Shayra’s dupatta falls on herself too. Chadariya jheeri re jheeri. Azaan says I love you. Noor thinks what to do, shall I listen to badi ammi’s words or listen to my heart. She asks God to show a sign. She recalls Shayra’s words that whatever she is doing is for her love and if she tries then will understand. Noor thinks Shayra didn’t take Adil’s name and wanting to tell her something. She thinks I understood Shayra and thinks how to convince Azaan. She looks at the joker. Shayra talks to her kid and tells that Noori has chosen his name and says Shazaan. Adil says not Shazaan, but Shadil. Shayra says this baby is of Azaan and asks him to be afraid of Allah. Adil asks if cameras are fit and tells that God must have seen the injustice which happened with my parents and me. He says you know that I am not doing anything wrong. He says this baby’s abbu and khala are getting married tomorrow and you couldn’t stop it. Shayra thinks neither she will cry, nor she will accept defeat.

Razia asks him to eat some food. Noor comes to Razia and Azaan and tells that cameras are installed in the house. Razia asks what? Noor tells that Adil got it done and asks her to say in low tone. Azaan says enough and asks her not to cover up Shayra’s mistake. Noor asks how did Adil know about our marriage as we didn’t tell anyhow. She calls the electrician to search the hidden camera. The electrician tells that there is no camera in the room. Noor asks him to search in other rooms. Adil looks at there and recalls taking off all the cameras. He says I am khalnayak and is 10 steps ahead of you. He dances while the song plays nayak nahi khalnayak hun main.. Azaan takes Noor to a room and asks if she wants to torture him and Ammi more. He says Shayra left me for Adil. Azaan asks did she tell you that she was helpless to do. Noor tells that she said that she was doing this for her love and tells that she has fear and helplessness in her eyes. Razia asks what fear and says Shayra left home with her wish. Noor says may be something happened? Razia asks her not to give false hopes to Azaan and increase his pain. Noor tells that she wants to clear the misunderstandings between them. Azaan says so that you don’t have to marry me. he says you don’t want to marry a guy who is abandoned by his wife and who shouts and does anything. Noor says this is not like that. Azaan tells that truth is that he is an abandoned husband and tells that if she don’t want to marry then don’t marry, but makes excuses. Noor says she is not making excuses. Azaan asks her to marry him tonight. Razia says Noor. Noor looks at her and says yes to Azaan. Azaan goes. Noor cries.

Razia asks Noor not to go anywhere from the house. Noor thinks what to do now and asks God to show the way. Shayra prays to Allah. Adil says Azaan and Noor’s marriage will happen and a big dhamaka will happen tonight. Razia asks Azaan to get ready fast and says Qazi Saheb will come soon. Just then electricity goes, Razia says she is not having her phone now. Azaan says he will bring the torch and goes. Someone comes to Razia. Razia turns, but couldn’t see anything. She calls Dilruba, Mashuqa and Noor, just then someone makes her unconscious by keeping chloroform handkerchief on her nose. He takes Razia from there. Azaan comes there and thinks where did Ammi go? Just then he hears Noor shouting and goes to her room. Noor says someone threw stone inside her room. Azaan reads the letter thrown with the stone, that if he calls himself as a man then come and free his Ammi. Noor asks what does it mean? Azaan says someone did a bad joke, Ammi is at home. They all search Razia. Noor tells Azaan that badi ammi is kidnapped really. Azaan says I am going where Kidnapper called me. Noor asks him to be careful.

Precap: Shayra runs on the road, Adil hits her with the car. Shayra shouts Azaan. Qazi Saheb asks Azaan if he agrees to marry Noor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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