Badtameez Ishqbaaz (episode 1)

So im here I’m with 1st episode
Episode starts with show casing a big, actually a bigger white & golden gate, inside a large green loan & two white banglow malhotra mansion & oberoi mansion….. Its nowhere if v say it as palace….
A scene starts in malhotra house.

Scene 1:
A lady is show in pink floral sareesaree with hairshairs tied above & white flowers roles around her hair bun, she was standing infront of radha Krishna statue with arti in hand & sing ‘bhakt jano me sankat, days jano me sankat…..’ After her Arti(Pooja) she turns around n she is non other then madhavi.

Then she comes to dinning hall, where she tell maids to make breakfast & say “informs ur sir that I’m going to meet maa”.

While going in between two house there is ganpati bappa’s statue where Pinki commanding servants to clean it & ask to bring had(garland) for bappa, madhavi smiles at her n says “good morning Bhabhi” & moves towards oberoi mansion.

In oberoi mansion, dadi is reading a katha(holy book) I’m her ghar ka mandir where madhavi enters & says “Good morning maa”.
Dadi- good morning beta, where is my ladla?
Madhavi- abeer tho kal se studio mai he hai usse koi gaana banana tha. Aur humare hero’s kaha hai?
Dadi- billu(shivaay) bhi office mai he hai koi project ke kam se aur om tho statue karni mai busy hoga. Aur tumra Chota nawab to abhi bhi sora.
Madhavi- maa aaj tho rudra ka bday hai, bhool gayi kya.(its rudra’s bday today)
Dadi- mai apni pothon ki bday kaise bhool sakti hoon. (how could I forget my child’s bday).
Madhavi- tho chalo usse wish karte hai. (Then let’s go n wish him).
Dadi- madhu tum jante ho in bhaion ko, rudra nai utt me wala jab take uske 3bhai aake usse wish nai karti. (Madhu u know these brothers rudra ll not get up unless his brother comes & wish him in his bday).
Madhavi- haan WO bhi hai, maa in bhaion ko kisi ki nazar na lagi.

Scene 2:
While talking they both reach to rudra’s room.
Dadi- rudra betaa…
Rudra while sleeping & covers his face with pillow shouts
Rudra- dadi noo… Wish math karna. (Dadi no, don’t wish me).
Dadi- tik hai an hum…..
Rudra- theeno bhai aayi…(my 3 brothers came?).
Dadi- abhi nai. (Not yet).
Rudra- tho mai nai utt be wala. (Then I’ll not get up).
Dadi & madhu goes out
Madhavi- maa billu, om, Abe ko yaad bhi hai yaa nai.(do shiv, om, Abe remember that its his bday today?).
Dadi- WO log nai bhool sakti, theeno rudra ko subse jayaad pyar karte hai. (They can’t forget, they loves rudra a lot).
Meri pothe ayengi (says in typical style).

So there come a handsome shivaay in navy blue formal suit & was looking absolutely stylish?…… He was in phone call & says “mujhe nai pata use Tayar rako tum logo se hota tho mai khud aarha hoon car lene”. (I donno, keep it ready I ll come to get that car).

And here is our most charming abeer, he was in red trouser & white sweatshirt, & was looking to adorable?.
He was calling omkara.
There omkara is in his lab infront of some statues coverd with white cloth.
Omkara was looking completely decient & damn cute? in white trousers with grey & black checks t-shritt-shrit…
Omkara picks abeer call

Omkara- hello abeer
Abeer- kaha hai tum? WO statue ready hua?
Omkara- haan mai lab hoon air tera gaana?
Abeer- haan tayaar hai
Omkara- so then I’m leaving.
Abeer- I’m cmng shivaay

And now 3 handsome boys shivaay, omkara, abeer walk together in oberoi mansion.

They reaches rudra’ room & stops seeing dadi & madhu outside a room. Shivaay signals dadi asking what happened, dadi ask ‘where were u?’. Then blinks at ever1 n starts speaking loudly.

Abeer- maa mai apko kab se dhondra hoon, aaj mera ek special musical episode ka shoot hai aur I have to go.
Omkara- dadi mai raat bhar statue banarata tho bahut tired hoon an.
Shivaay- buha air dadi mai aaj ek new car Lena soch raha hoon.

All enters in room, where rudra still slept with puppy face??…..
Abeer, omkara, rudra says together “air wo music, statue n car is for our chotu, Haaapppppyyyyyyy bdayyyyyy rudraaaaa, an utt jaa merit champ”.

Rudra got up & hugs everyone, shivaay gives him new car key, omkara give him his new statue which portraye rudra’s image, and thn abeer says that his today’stoday’s is dedicated to him & sings song for him…..
Then ol 4 dance on ‘ zindagi saath…….’ N shares grp hug……

Scene 3-
A girl in white anarkali, red dupata & Hungary in her leg, she was dancing cheerfully, hairs freely floring in air, she was doing semiclassical dance on ‘O Re Piya……’ She is non other then our anika.

Guys so this is my 1st episode… Do comment & give ur reviews
I’m writing my dialogue in Hindi translation in parenthesis plz say if problem.

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  1. Hii nishu….the episode was awesome… nice start. The bonding best between brothers….loved it yrr….n Rudra saying….dadi, wish mat krna…..heheh loved it…..Its amazing…. Keep it up……Love ur ff…..

    1. Nishu

      Tq mukta for loving it, keep supporting

  2. Khushi

    Awesome nishu di….it was fabulous… Especially the gift wala …..ohh yr plz next part jaldi post karna waiting …..loved it di…u r an amazing writer

    1. Nishu

      Tq so such kushi for loving it……. Ua really swt hrt keep supportidea dea?

  3. it is nice

  4. Rhimjhim

    it was amazing… but plzzz look into the typing errors as i found little difficulty in understanding the words… other wise it was outstanding and i am seriously looking forward for more episode like this… i hope that i was not rude while telling u abt my point of view… if i was plzzz let me own i will try to improve myself… keep writing and keep smiling always

    1. Nishu

      Tq so such for liking it & for for honest Opinion…….. Sry for difficulties e1 found those typing errors after submitting, i ll take care of it from next time……. Keep supporting & keep giving ur honest opinion…..

  5. It was very nice epi ?. Keep writing nishu.

    1. Nishu

      Tq sakshi

  6. amazing update nishu…

    1. Nishu

      Tq janvi for liking n cmntng

  7. hey nishu u r fabulous!!! I love the epis… soon dear!! lots of love

    1. Nishu

      Tq so such dea batool

  8. Directionert91


  9. It’s amazing but where is our meher

    1. Nishu

      Tq nikita…… I ll intro mehar in next epi

  10. Loveleen

    hey i thnk m late to cmnt bt still i loved ur strt….btw whos playing abeer ??

    1. Nishu

      Tq for cmntng loveleen…….. Abeer is from badtameez dil n plyd by pearl v puri

  11. Salley145

    Very nice start Nishu, keep it up
    Ishqbaaz and badtamiz dil rocks

    1. Nishu

      Tq so such sally……. I was waiting for ur cmnt…… Thnks for loving it

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