Badtameez Dil New beginning

My first FF on a seriel.this is dedicated to my li’l sis ALIYA.I know u so many people miss this show very much and u all are angry on star plus for ending this show.

I am starting this Where BD ended.please give me your sughestion and I can improve my FF .


Abeer Malhotra
Mehar Purohit
Ishan Malhotra
Akshat (villain)

if u want change any character then let me know guys.

@Aliya…I knw sisi u love this show very much.I always used to read your comments on BD’s written updates
.so I decided to write one.

love u all my buddies
Nitesh, Aliy, chinnu, mansi, hayathi, zayn, manha, Roma, kirti, vivi, liya, aparna and noor.

support me buddies. .I will update my other stories too..

characters of this ff

Abeer Malhotra
Mehar Purohit
Ishan Malhotra
Akshat (villain)

let me know buddies whether I change chatacters or anything

  1. please donot end the show . I really love it and honestly,i don’t want it yo end plz plz plz

  2. Badtameez dil diehard fan

    hey rubi thnxx alot… i was jst thinking why there z no ff for bd.. keep going

  3. Pumpkin Ki Dukaan

    K k i’l support u

  4. Theres no needt o change Ruby
    .Its all perfect .Please do update the stories .Im waiting? Thanks a lot ..1!! Can i talk with u prsonally ..i mean on fb or smwhr else???

    1. u can send mail to me arpa
      [email protected]. this is my mail id 🙂
      thnx for commenting dr

  5. lol…what I wrote? ?? 😀 do baar characters name likha..I am mad na 😀

  6. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    OK I haven’t even read it n after looking at the title I first came here to Comment. Actually to thank u. I tried a lot to save bd when it went off air but then it shifted to hotstar. Well I was happy as I had hotstar app install though I don’t live in India. Because many foreign fans couldn’t. I accept the fact that after Ishaan I was not really happy the way story was progressing. Meher showed unnecessary anger n attitude. I hated that Akshat n then the way Abeer reacted after knowing about Ishaan was so not convincing though mature but no father reacts so cool to it. N then Meher showing no guilt on hiding Ishaan truth to Abeer so not done. Then came the abrupt ending n the saddest part that there were hardly any romantic scenes of Mehbeer.
    Anyway I m happy u started this ff. I haven’t read it but the fact that it’s on Mehbeer is more important to me.
    N a big thank you.

  7. Mouni Godavari

    Please continue I’m very big fan of badtameez dil

  8. Love u dr thanx

  9. Missing bd so happy fr bd fanfctn.thank u ruby

  10. Nice Ruby I love this show but they ended it pls start it when will you post episides

  11. I never excepted this..thnx a lot buddies. .will update soon..

  12. Awww…MY RUBY DI…THANK U SO MUCH ?…HONESTLY THANK U SO MUCH ?…I AM IN TEARS ? NOW..I Don’t know what to say, How to express my Feelings…u don’t know what I am feeling Right now…i am on Cloud ☁ Nine..u r Superbly Amazing, Fantastic,Fab, Magnificent and everything di.. U r such a Sweetheart..
    I know Thank u is just a Small word to say but HONESTLY I MEAN u have find ur time for me to write my Fav..serial as ur FF..i am in tears ?..
    I have two elder bros but I always wanted an Elder sis to me.. But I am proud to say In TU I got so Sweet and Cute and lovable Elder Sisters..
    I love ❤ u all yaar…
    Thank u so much di….i don’t have any words to say…
    Looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤ u so much…Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u so much…my di…
    I am waiting for ur epi…no need to change anything di..i love ❤ as it is because u wrote it na with so love ❤?..
    Love u…and take care ?…
    I wish ? I would meet u guys one day…

    1. no need of thnx my sweetie. .u consider me as ur di na..Love u so much dr 🙂

  13. plz yaar plz dnt end this show na..i ove it..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Ruby I love this show…thanxx for ur ff…I want rati nd specially akshat to be removed….plzz show happy family of abeer in which kabeer agree for meher-abeer relationship… 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3


  15. Sry kuber instead of kabeer

  16. Hii i am biggest fan of badtmeez dil. Please start it again. I wake up every morning and see whether it is going to start agiam or not. Please start it again and donot end like thins.

  17. Plz don’t end the serial. I am biggest fan of this serial and also the most cute Mehbeer.

  18. Hai…let sasha also b villan…
    Against meher.
    N that langurrr to as usual abheeer

  19. Wow really thanks ruby i miss badmeejdil so much,g feel so sad its ending but so happy thanks thankq

  20. add apendix character ..he was really funny

  21. Where is todays episode plz update fast

  22. Are yaar kitana time me intajaar kmrunga aaj ki episode jaldi bejdo elsa plz

  23. Hi ruby dear, I never watched this show on tv nor read any written updates, but I love you and your stories…I don’t know what was bd’s story, so if you can make little brief summary of previous story then continue where you want to start from…it’ll give me some foundation to the story, sorry I live in USA and don’t have access to lots of Indian shows, but the one I like or sound good to me I find those in Internet and watch or read wu…mmz was the one of them, now I’m a mad fan of mmz and it’s ff and all TU ff’s. Thx honeyyy, plzzzz continue dear and post the next episode soon, love you loads

    1. hai roma sr..I too never watched this show on tv.when I got to know about thia show it was replaced and also my phn didnt supports hot I read all written updates od it and saw some scenes in you am really addicted tp this show..

      sorry guys..I tried to write but from yesterday my mind was not working.I didnt wrote my own stories too..I am stuck with my art works..I will try to update soon buddies

  24. Yaar jaldi upload karo friend plz me intajaarkarunga plz

    1. I already sent them rishi.pata nahi kab vo upload karenge

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