Badtameez Dil 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar is walking thinking abt abhirs words which cursed her, she sits in car and drives it, some kids throw color on her car and she thinks of her and abhirs first meet when abhir picked her and threw in water pool, mehar searches for her glasses in water pool and starts crying seeing this abhir gets into water and gives her specs, abhir says don’t mind it happens sometimes, mehar pushes him, abhir walks away and mehar looks at him in anger.
Abhir is drinking along with samar, samar says abhir all that happened in party was not right, people change she has moved on and so should u and what if someone had seen u, abhir says then what, u wanted me to say a welcome song for her, my foot, samar says abhir see try understand, abhir says no I wont, samar says ok relax, abhir says u tell me u are on my side or hers, samar asks what kind of question is that, abhir gets angry and leaves.
Abhir reaches home, his mom says good u are early lets have dinner together, abhir takes dinner in plate, his dad says this is a house and not a buffet counter, so sit properly and have food, abhir eats food standing and tries ignore his dad, abhir says mom I came early bcoz I miss these lessons, abhirs dad says here are two news, first one abhir met his ex wife today and second is his ex wife is his new boss and starts laughing, abhir says oh so u know the news good for u, abhirs dad says I gave 10 corer while divorce don’t forget that,abhir keeps his plate down and walks away.
Abhir goes to his room. Mehar is thinking abt the party scene and abhirs words, mehars mom comes and asks how was her first day, mehar says good, her mom asks what abt abhir , mehar says no mom nothing abt him, abhir was my past and so give him no importance, and starts crying, mehars mom says crying isn’t bad it helps u get over ur pain, mehar hugs her mom and starts crying. Abhirs mom gets him food and says have food, abhir says no I don’t wish to, ur husband has ruined my dinner, abhir gets upset and yells at his mother, she walks off.
Mehars mom says I told u, this is very hard but its not the end, leave this job, mehar says just bcoz abhir is in that office, this means I give him importance, I don’t want to fight with him, I just want to get over all the past. Abhir goes to his mom and says sorry, his mom says have food now, abhir says sorry now atleast smile, abhirs mom says ok have food and smiles, abhir says nice food , his mom asks how is mehar.
Mehar says mom one day will come when I will get used to it and abhir wont matter at all and tomorrow will be a new day. Abhir says ma, today I wasn’t ready to welcome her but tomorrow will be a new day and I will welcome her in complete abhir style.
Abhir reaches office and carries a bag along with him, he walks in, rati stops him and says sir mehar mam is waiting for u, abhir says oh really now I have to meet her. Mehar is in conference room with other members, abhir enters and says wow meeting and all good and I am not used to being in this room, and so u guys continue and sits down.
Sani says lets take a break and have coffee, mehar come sit, rati gets coffee, rati asks what will u have mehar mam, abhir says get her black coffee, since mehar mam had researched abt abhir, even abhir did his own research and according to it our topper mam is from Bhopal and I have a full detail abt her so get her black coffee.
Sani laughs and says wow black coffee, doesn’t it a little bitter, abhir says saniji u know bitter cuts bitter, mehar says good research but I left black coffee 8 yrs back and rati so get me green tea.

Precap: abhir is singing song, mehar enters and abhir looks at her and sings song.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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