Badi Devrani 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Moksh on festival day praising Reeti that his gudiya is looking very beautiful. He asks Sidhi to take their pic and stands next to Reeti. Sidhi takes pic and says it is very beautiful. Whole family then performs laxmi pooja.

Mental hospital doc enters with his team and tells Kadambari that he has come to take Moksh Mehta to mental hospital as mental patients cannot stay with normal people as per govt rule., they may harm people around. Kadambari says she will burn their van and asks who told Moksh is mad. Family doc enters and says he told them and says Moksh is very dangerous and has to be taken to mental hospital. Moksh hides behind Reeti. Peons carry Moksh forcefully. Reeti stops them and tells she will take Moksh’s responsibility and give in written that he will not harm anyone. Mental doc agrees and says they have to everyone a second chance and asks Reeti to give written statement and leaves with team while still family doc opposes. Reeti thanks doc.

Reeti tells Kadambari that Rohan called doc. Rohan denies. Reeti says she heard him giving bribe to family doc and even Paridhi was present with him. Paridhi says bhabhi is lying. Kadambari asks her to shut up and asks Reeti to take Moksh in. Reeti and Sidhi take Moksh into room.

Moksh hugs Reeti and thanks her for saving him. Sidhi also hugs Reeti and thanks her. Reeti asks why don’t they get Moksh treated professionally instead of giving injections at home. Sidhi says mom cannot see Moksh in pain and will never take him to doc. Reeti says she will speak to Kadambari.

Reeti goes to kadambari and says Kolkota’s famous psychiatrist is her family friend and she wants to take Moksh to him for a second opinion. Kadambari says she can take 10 opinions, but everyone will tell whatever she is doing is right. Reeti says Moksh panics seeing mud and with hypnotism they can know the reason. Kadambari says she will not let any experiment on Moksh and if she takes him to doc, she will cut her legs. Reeti goes back to her room sadly.

Reeti gets Moksh ready for doc’s appointment by saying she will get him a lot of misti dahi at doc’s clinic. Moksh agrees. Sidhi sees them and asks where are they going. Moksh says to doc’s clinic to have misti dahi. Sidhi asks Reeti when mom did not permit, how can she go. Reeti says she knows she loves Moksh than mom’s scolding and should let her go before Kadambari comes back. Sidhi agrees.

Reeti takes Moksh to doc’s clinic. Moksh says there are a lot of things to play here. She says once doc checks him up, he can. He says he will now itself and plays with things. Doc asks Reeti when did her second marriage happen. Reeti says she will tell her story later and asks to check up Moksh first.

Kadambari slaps Sidhi and asks how can she let Reeti take Moksh and asks clinic’s address. Sidhi stands silently.

Precap: Psychiatrist hypnotizes Moksh and asks why is he afraid of mud. He says papa’s murder. Kadambari enters room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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