Badi Devrani 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epsiode starts with a Man going in a jewellery shop giving a slip to another person..Other person takes bags and gives to the Head,,Setji tells that the machine has to be repaired,,He calls Vibour..Vibour comes and calls Daadaji..He tells that machine is not working,,Vibour sees..Daadaji asks whom name bill should be made??Servent tells Sri Sita Ram ji..Daadji tells to make…One Man name Bilashi asks where the voice is coming,,Daadaji tells that wives sing during festival..All wives comes carrying pots,,comes to the jewellery shop and does pooja..Vibour sees..Women tells Binashi and kaushalia to come do pooja,,After that Ghanshaam comes and does pooja,,,Vibour removes Payal and tells all the best…Anotherside a girl is shown from backside wearing payal and goes,,She opens the door..Bindiya tells to make design…Reti’s payal falls..Reti again wears it..Reti tells what to do paya will fall everytime…Antara tells that what to do husband will be waiting ..Reti tells that its th ebest feeling before marriage it was good but after marriage homes will be like jail,,,Reti tells that freedom is much good..Reti’s mother comes and asks If they do want diwali gift..All tells yes they want..Anotherside Vibhour and all his family eats food…Daadiji tells to put more butter on roti’s as If Men will be strong the family’s name will be good…
Bilashi tells his father what to do about gold they have taken??Daadaji tells not to worry as all will be good…Bilaashi shouts tells to bring water…Tells that food is spicy..Vibour tells that its not spicy..Bilashi tells that he will open his mouth..He shouts at kaushaliye tells to preapare good food,,Daadijii tells its okey she will server the food..Mausijii brings kheer and tells to eat If anyone feeling spicy..Reeti’s mother tells she has brought clothes,,sweets..Reeti comes..Reti picks up a gift,,Reeti’s mother tell her husband that all Reeti small sister are married but what happened to her??When the dy will be come???Father tells that the time will come but have to patience…MOther tells that five years have gone Reeti has done MBA also but of no use..She is been eager to see Reeti in Dress of Marriage..Shikha tells not to worry as she has today only seen Biodata of a boy..Mother gets happy…
Vibour’s sister tells him to forget Bcom results has came and to sit at shot,,Nikonj tells Vibour to sit at shop..He asks whats the rate of gold???Vibhor goes..Nikaonj shouts to tells to stop..Vibour tells tenthousand per..Mausi ji comes and tells to stop pulling leg..Nikaonj tells Mausi that Vibour only comes once to shop..Mausii tells to do marriage of Vibhor..Daadaji tells thats what..Vibhor tells her mother that what is happening??Nikonj tells that he was married at Vibour’s age..Daadaji tells to make biodata..Vibhor gets upset..Nikonj tells Dadaji that he is ready Daadaji tells Vibhor.and age twenty year old..Anotherside Reeti makes Biodat writes age twenty seven yer old..Mother tells twenty six years Reet is,,Reeti tells in two months she will be twenty seven years old..Mother tells no twenty six is good..Reeti tells okey… Nikonj writes Education of Vibour as Bcom,Reeti’s mother tells Height 5’4..Do all home-works and sings all songs..Reeti tells that she is not singer..Mother tells that atleast She sing during festivals,,Reeti tells she is not trained singer..Anotherside Vibor Daadiji tells that girl should be a good singer then only name of family will be good..Vibhor tells soo much of condition that girl should be beautiful like Manisha bhaabi and all,,Nobody is asking about him..Vibhor’s mother tells that her son is a gold and nobody talk about boys..Reeti tells that Boy should be simple not to take out anyone faults..Vibhor tells that girl should accept him the way he is and there should be mutual understanding,,Bilashi tells that many biodata made in home but no one said like this..Vibhor tells its his first biodata.,Vibhor tells Daadaji that first he will meet the girl talk to her If he likes then only he will agree,,Daadaji tells okey its first Biodate its his wish..

Precap::Daadaji sees the picture of Reeti tells that this girl is still related to the house,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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