Badi Devrani 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti sits..Vibhor tells Reeti is good..Vibhor tells he is shocked that Reeti recovered soon..Reeti asks Vibhor where to keep her all things..Vibhor tells to keep in the almira..Reeti opens and sees Vibhor’s clothes,,Reeti open’s another almira and sees Vibhor’s clothes..VIbhor tells that Reeti is rich in his small,,He dont have money..
Reeti tells that this clothes is not of Vibhor..Reeti tells Vibhor wantedly did that..Vibhor tells its of Nikonj..Reeti tells she came here and within ten minutes she will make place for herself..Vibhor tells HOw Reeti will do that??Reeti tells its her problem..Reeti tells in five minutes she will do that..Vibhor tells that she cannot complete this challenge..Manisha and Kajal cook..Manisha tells Reeti is injured she came and asked If they did lunch or not..Manisha tells that someone trapped Reeti..Reeti comes..Manisha tells to come in..Reeti tells that in Vibhor’s almira cockroaches came..Manisha and Kajal gets shocked…Bilashi tells that he have to find out what the problem is..Manisha tells they will take back the clothes and give pesticides to Reeti..Reeti,,MAnisha and Kajal comes in room..Kajal and Manish removes the clothes..Vibhor is shocked..Vibhor asks what happened??Manisha tells that they will never keep the clothes as Cockroaches are here..Vibhor gets shocked..Kajal tells Reeti to spray..Reeti agrees…Manish and Kajal goes..Vibhor sees Reeti..
Bilashi tells Kajal and Manisha that Reeti said that they are cockroaches are there they believed and If she said to jump in well they will jump…Manisha tells she is sorry..Bilashi tells to in mind from next time..Kaushalaya calls Reeti..Everyone is there,,,Reeti sees a new almira…Bilashi tells himself in this almira only he will send Reeti back…Daadaji asks Reeti that she buyed almira..Reeti tells no..Bilashi tells that cockroaches buyed the almira?? Bilashi tells that Reeti said that to Manish and Kajal..Prabha tells she cleans the whole house by herself..Prabha asks Reeti from where cockroaches will come..Vibhor text Reeti saying that did she received almira?Reeti tells that Vibhor did all..Reeti tells..Vibhor comes and tells let it be..Vibhor tells he will tell what happen???Vibhor tells Reeti wants a new almira So he gave permission..Daadiji tells that before buying anything will take all advice..Vibhor tells that he is feeling Sorry for all..Vibhor tells that Reeti have a habit to sleeping alone at bed,,And having separate almira..

Precap::Daadiji tells Reeti to cook Food..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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