Badi Devrani 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Megha cleans her house,Reeti Maheshwari and Manbhari comes Reeti introduces Swarop-chand to Maheshwari,,Swaropchand tells Maheswari to sit,He sits..Manbhari tells he will bring tea Maheshwari says no need..Bilashi and Prabha comes…Bilashi tells that Megha is a rose flower born in thorns and no one will tell that she is daughter of Salesman who earns twenty thousand Prabha says Megha is like their daughter and went to same college of Vibhor They have same up-bringing,,Bilashi tells soo what Megha is Swaropchand daughter,,
Manbhari says After marriage Megha would go Maheswari’s house..Maheshwari tells he dont care whether Megha is a daughter of Ghansham or Swaropchand but his thinking and his parents thinking are different and he just need a car as his daughter-in-law brought a high

range Car and just to show society want a car,,Bilashi asks what will be the cost of Car??Maheshwari tells only fifty lakh rupees Swaropchand is shock,,He tells they cannot afford this car and he is sorry about this,,Maheshwari tells to think about the Proposal as he is going to abroad for seven days..MAheshwari goes..Everyone is worried..Manbhari tells that its not two or three lakhs its fifty lakh,,Prabha tells that they should reject such good proposal???Daadiji tells that two or three lakh will be spent on Wedding only then how will they arrange fifty lakh??Kaushalya tells that After Megha Aanchal also have to married then what they will do??
Manbhari tells to forget this Maheswari and accept shivam as Megha loves him and also atches status..Daadiji asks who is shivam??Prabha takes Manbhari in other room and tells that they will try every possible way and Megha will be married to Maheshwari Son only,,Swaroopchand comes and tells that If Megha would have to go in some big house she would have not born here in lower middle class family,,Swaropchand and MAnbhari goes,,Prabha is worried..
Prabha hides her face and goes to a Goldsmith,,Prabha tells she have to sell something..She gives the golden necklace Goldsmith tells the necklace is very good..Prabha tells she want to sell the necklace and make a duplicate necklace!!Goldsmith asks how much money??Prabha tells fifty lakhs,,Goldsmith agrees..Later Prabha comes along with Bag full of money She opens the Almira and puts the money in it,,Reeti comes and sees..Prabha asks what happened??Reeti asks where was she??Prabha says its not of Reeti’s concern..Reeti tells what answer she have to give Maheshwari???Prabha tells she will talk..Reeti goes..Prabha waits for someone ,,Reeti and Vibhor sees Prabha talking to someone..

Precap::Bilashi sees the Necklace and tells it is not original

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. This Bilashi is very bad

  2. Bilashi is a very irritating person.however his wife tolerate her ?if I was there I would divorce her.megha should marry with shivam.

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