Badi Devrani 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells Reeti that his father sent a car..Vibhor tells that his friends came and he is going..Reeti tells after lunch Vibhor have to come..Vibhor laughs..Vibhor tells his plans are already made..Reeti tells her parents will be upset..Vibhor tells its not his problem.. Daadiji comes along with Vibhor..Daadiji tells she want to give something..Daadiji gives gold coin to Reeti..Daadiji tells to take care of Coin..Vibhor tells he will keep Reeti cannot take care..Daadiji tells that Vibhor will keep her happy..Reeti smiles and sees Vibhor..Daadiji tell to go and comes fast..Daadiji goes…Vibhor tells to give the coin..Reeti tells no..Vibhor pulls Reeti’s hand..Coin falls..Vibhor takes it..Reeti tells Vibhor that Daadiji gave her the coin..Vibhor tells that Reeti have to win the coin..Reeti tells she will win the coin from him today night..Vibhor tells okay..Vibhor and Reeti shakes hand..Vibhor tells he is ready for challenges..Vibhor shows the pictures to Indira and Divya…Indira tells why Reeti is wearing Googles??Reeti tells because of Rashes..Reeti tells that because of her all wore Googles..Reeti tells that Vibhor’s family cares alot..They are very good…Sitaram tells that he known about Vibhor that he is very good..Indira asks where is Vibhor…Indira tells the cooked favourite food of Vibhor..Reeti tells that all are talking of Vibhor and no one is missing her…Divya tells that they didnt make favourite desert of Vibhor..Indira tells she will make..Reeti tells its waste of waiting for Vibhor..
Vibhor laughs with Friends..One of friend tells that Vibhor married to the girl whom he touched Feet of..Vibhor tells that Reeti touch her feet everytime..Other friend tells that Vibhor s lying..Vibhor tells that he can prove..Other friend tells that they will go for a ride..Vibhor tells yes..Indira tells to call Vibhor and tells,,,Reeti tells that Vibhor is not picking up..Reeti acts and talks to Vibhor tells that he cannot come..Suddenly Vibhor comes..Sitraam gets happy..Vibhor sits..Vibhor sees angrily to Reeti,,Vibhor laughs and tells that he was just laughing…Reeti sits near Vibhor and tell thanks…Vibhor tells he came for Reeti’s parents…Indira tells that they made italian and chinese..Vibhor tells he want “KAADA”..Indira tells that it works well for Reeti’s rashes…Reeti tells she dont want…Indira tells she will make it..Indira goes..Sitaram tells he want to call..Vibhor stares DIvya…Divya goes…Vibhor tells that Reeti How in her house only she is drinking “KAADA”..Indira brings Reeti tells no…Indira tells to drink,,Vibhor tells he will give a free advice..To drink in one breath..Reeti drinks…Vibhor tells indira to bring the food he will eat now..Everyone eats..Reeti takes one dish..Vibhor snatches it..Reeti takes another dish..Vibhor snatches it…Reeti takes another dish Vibhor tries to take..Reeti tells she is giving to Vibhor..Vibhor smiles..Reeti throws some dish on Vibhor’s shoes..Vibhor sees..Everyone sees..Reeti tells sorry as it fall..Sitaram tells that servent will clean..Reeti tells Vibhor that she drank that bitter juice

Precap::Vibhor and Reeti goes on bike…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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