Badi Devrani 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti puts his feet in the plate full of red water and then goes into the house..Reeti sees steel plates,,Kajal tells Reeti have to ick up the plates and go near temple..But no sound should come..Kajal tells from this ritual one will find out new daughter-in-law is lucky or not…..Reeti picks all the plates,,,,Reeti puts flower’s in plates so no noise should come…Vibhor sees and smiles..Daadiji gets happy..Manbhari tells that Reeti is perfect..Last plate is left..Reeti tries to pick up the last plate..Vibhor turns off the light,,All plates falls..Reeti also falls down..
Manbhari tells she have to pick up Reeti…Manbhari tells that If light switches off then what’s Reeti’s fault..Bilashi tells that in childhood he heard the story about queen who was unlucky to family..Manbhari tells Reeti is very lucky and will bring happiness in the family..Manbhari tells Bilashi it will be good If he is quiet….Reeti sees decorated room and gets happy..kajal taunts that the room is suiting..
Reeti..Manisha tells that Reeti’s mother called and said that key’s are in purse…Aanchal tells all the best and goes…Vibhor comes in the room..Vibhor tells Reeti to get up…Vibhor sees Milk..Vibhor tells Reeti to relax and smile..Vibhor removes the flower’s from the bed..Vibhor tells that he will keep this near bed…Reeti also removes the flower’s…Reeti’s and Vibhor’s hand touch…Both looks at each other..Vibhor tells one minute..Vibhor tells Reeti to remove the wedding garland..Vibhor takes out the garland..Someone knocks the door..Reeti opens the door..Prabha tells Manisha to tell that tommorrow is ritual and to get up early at 7:30…Prabha tells she dont want any drama..Manisha tells Prabha not to worry everything will be alright…Vibhor hides the key’s of Reeti’s suitcase..Reeti tells Vibhor that mother came..Vibhor moves towards Reeti..Reeti feels shy and moves back..Reeti thinks all the moment spent with Vibhor and their wedding..Vibhor thinks How he was slapped by Ghansham and his insult…Vibhor tells Reeti to get ready to face new challenges…

Precap::Reeti tries to open the A/C but falls..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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