Badi Devrani 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor goes to give exam..Reeti tells Megha she want to talk something..Reeti tell Megha that is she ready for marriage???Reeti asks Megha is anyone there in her life??Mehga nodes the head and tell yes..Megha cries..Reeti asks is she sure??Megha tells yes..Sitaram tells the maheshwari is not his good friend..Sitaram tells that Maheshwari saw Megha with Vibhor and taught that she is Ghansham daugter..And he is not sure that Maheshwari will agree or not..Reeti tells to talk once..Sitaram agrees..Bilashi sits Kajal brings tea for Bilashi…Kajal tell Bilashi that Reeti is dominating the house..Bilashi asks how?Kajal tells today MAnbhari clothes are washed in washing machine..Maid Vimla takes Manbhari clothes,,Bilashi stops and calls her queen..Daadiji asks what happen??Bilashi tells that his house is not hotel…..Manbhari comes and sees..Manbhari cries tells that she washed four clothes he is taking money??Manbhari cries and tells to call Prabha..Prabha comes and asks what happen??Manbhari cries..Reeti comes..Bilashi ask Reeti in his washingmachine why did she washed Manbhari clothes??Bilashi asks who will pay the bill Sitaram??Reeti tells because Manbhari and Megha clothes were very less in quantity They require very less Power and water,,,Daadiji tells Bilashi to see How Reeti is thinking..
Daadiji tells Bilashi to go and distribute Sweet,,Bilashi tells he will say Nikonj and Jhugal..Prabha calls Reeti and asks did she talked to her father??Reeti is quiet..Prabha tells that Reeti is Megha Bhabie..Vibhor message Reeti and tells his exam was very good..Reeti gets very happy..Reeti tell Prabha.,Prabha gets angry…Prabha tells now Reeti came in Vibhor’s life and he is giving first preference to Reeti only..Prabha is upset.

Precap::Vibhor tells Prabha that his exam was good..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. The written update is mare by an sari but the update does not show any logical explanation of the episode.please rectify this update and give a person to write in proper words.

  2. Abb romance suru hoga
    Reeti u looking very pretty…….

  3. why so late written update of 21 july plz make it fast ansari plz plz

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