Badi Devrani 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadijii tells Prabhain hurry forget to bring ring..Prabha takes out her ring and gives to Vibhor..Vibhor puts in Reet’s hand,,Kajal tells that Reeti is younger as relative but older in age So she will call “Badi devrani”,,Kajal laughs..Kaushalya sees angrily..Ring falls from Reeti’s finger..Daadiji comes and puts. Daadiji.Daadiji sees angrily to kajal..Pandit tells that Engagement over Now have to take everyone’s blessing…Reeti and Vibhor get up..Reeti’s dup
Reeti and Vibhor takes Daadiji and Daadaji blessings..Reeti and Vibhor goes to Prabha..Prabha sees angrily to Reeti..Indira tells she want to talk to Sitaram…Sitaram and Indira goes in room..Indira tells she is tensed..
Indira tells that Puddar family will not accept Reeti and Vibhor is good and understandable but she is scared..Sitaram tells he understand..Daadaji and Daadijii comes..Daadiji tells that Reeti is very good ..They want Reeti to come their home as soon as possible,,And the marriage as soon as possible,,As they liked Reeti,,,,Sitaram tells he is very happy to knowing,,,Everyone comes home..Manbhari tells she was worried..Prabha asks where is Bilashi..Manbhari tells that Bilashi was very much angry,,Kaushalya goes and checks in her room but Bilashi is not there,, Kaushalaya sees Bilashi’s clothes almira is empty….Kaushalya is shocked to see downstair’s…Everyone looks downwards..Bilashi is sitting with his suitcase..Bilashi tells If anyone came he will beat,,Kaushalya asks why he is sitting,,,Bilashi tells someone should feel pity on him..As he become like a dog..Ghansham tells Bilashi is big and known the circumstances…Bilashi tells to beat him with stick..Kaushalya tells let it be..Bilashi says Kaushalaya to shut up..Bilashi tells he is dog and Vibhor is the Big dog..Who insulted by marrying Reeti,,Bilashi tells that there family insulted…Bilashi tells he called painter to remove the board of “Puddar family”..Daadaji tells Bilashi to stop the drama..Daadiji tells Bilashi to accept the truth..Daadaji tells to stop the discussion be happy as VIbhor is engaged and to ignore Bilashi as he will good with time..Vibhor sees ring,,,,Nikonj’s children comes and tells Vibhor that they wanted to see TV ..Vibhor tells okey..Vibhor sees Movie Vivaah on TV..Anotherside Reeti sees..Vibhor stands near lake and thinks about Reeti..Anotherside Reeti is worried..

Precap::Indira asks Prabha How she came in the morning…Prabha tells she came to see Reeti..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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