Badi Devrani 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitaram welcomes everyone..Sitaram tells that God has given them one more chance to Welcome them…Manbhari tells to bring the horse..Sitaram sees Vibhor and remember’s..Vibhor with his sword breaks the thread above Everyone claps..Indira puts Tilak…Manbhari tells to hide the nose otherwise Mother-in law will catch…Everyone laughs…Vibhor and Everyone comes inside and sits..Divya tells the waitor to give a cold drink for Reeti..Bilashi tells he got a good chance…Bilashi tells that people will see a good drama that have not seen and heard..Divya tells Reeti is looking good as a bride..And Vibhor will faint..Reeti tells to quiet…Divya tells once the Rituals start Reeti will not get chance to eat or drink…Bilashi mix Alcohol in Reeti’s cold drink..Waitor tells what Bilashi did??As this Cold drink is for bride..Bilashi tells that Bride will be thirsty..Divya gets a message..Reeti sees..Reeti tells that she have seen Messages have increased…Divya tells to forget it…Bilashi tells If Waitor said about the drink to anyone then he will see…Bilashi gives money to waitor..Reeti is about to drink cold-drink someone knocks..Vibhor comes in Reeti’s room..Vibhor tells he by mistake came here..He thought its his cousin room..Reeti sees Vibhor sherwani..Reeti tells Vibhor is looking good..Vibhor tells he will go..Reeti tries to close the door but cannot,,Reeti removes the stopper…Vibhor tells sometimes it happened!!!Vibhor closes the door and goes….Sitaram sees Bilashi,,,Sitaram tells that Bilashi may be annoyed..Bilashi runs and hides…Sitaram search Bilashi..Sitaram stops Bilashi,,Sitaram asks where was Bilashi going????Bilashi tells outside..Sitaram tells to forget all and accept the children,,Bilashi tells If Sitram request then he will accept this wedding..Sitaram tells who look tough from outside their heart is like a wax,,Bilashi tells he forgot the rivalry..Sitaram gets happy and hugs Bilashi…Bilashi hides the bottle..Bilashi tells Vibhor is looking good…Sitaram sees..Bilashi hides the bottle in his pocket..Bilashi tells he will see the guest..Sitarm goes..Bilashi tells she will never forget this rivalry,,,Bilashi tells in sometime all will see Drama,,Antara tells that Reeti is looking awesome..Reeti comes…Vibhor sees,,,Daadaji and Daadiji sees and gets happy…Reeti feels dizziness,,,Sitaram and Indira is shocked…Bilashi gets happy..

Precap::Bilashi tells to cancel the wedding…Sitaram tells no…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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