Badi Devrani 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti with family reaching rented room. Kajal says it is stinking like a rat and if she wants to kill her, she can strangulate her and kill at once. Kaushalya scolds Kajal and asks if she does not know their situation. Kajal says she will leave from here right now. Manisha also says she will go to her parent’s house as she left her child there and cannot bring him here. Kajal says Reeti that she cannot bind them with her words, they are going for sure. Daadi says they can live their lives like they want and be happy wherever they are. Prabha says Reeti that she can also leave. Reeti says where can she go leaving her family, she will be their son and daughter both. Prabha gets emotional.

Moksh panics after seeing flash lights in press conference and panics

at home. He starts breaking things. Kadambari asks Rohan to give him injection. Moksh gets afraid seeing injection, but Rohan gives injection to him carefully. Moksh falls asleep on floor. They make him sleep on floor. Kadambar splashes water on Sinhal’s face and warns not to miss Moksh’s medicines. Sinhal says she can miss breathing but not giving medicine to Moksh. Kadambari asks then how did Moksh panic. Rohan says flash lights. Paridhi asks why does she take this mad to press conferences and involve in business. Kambari warns her and Rohan dare ever not to call her son mad again.

Reeti burns her hand while preparing food on kerosene stove. Dadi kisses her hand and delivers emotional dialogues. Reeti also emotionally hugs her.

Kadambari sees Rohan burning papers in his room and asks what is he doing. He says he is playing with fire and asks when he works hard to upbring their business, why Moksh is signing authority. She pours water on fire and says she cleared him when he joined business that he Moksh will be signing authority, then why is he reacting now.

In the morning while having breakfast, Moksh cuts bread with knife. Kadambari shouts at Sinhal for not being active. Sinhal pampers Moksh and takes scissor from him and takes him from there.

Reeti comes home happil.y and informs family that she got job and gives laddu prasad. Family gets happy and daadi says god heard them at last. Reeti sees her pale looking and asks what happened to her. Prabha says she is ill and is feeling drowsy. Daadi says she is fine now and says Seetaram was right, girl’s best jewelry is education. She then falls unconscious floor. Reeti and other ladies get worried for her.

Precap: Daadi is taken to hospital where doc says she has brain tumor and they need 3 lakhs for her operation. Reeti goes to kadambari and agrees to marry her mad son Moksh. Kadambari asks her to sign on bond paper.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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