Badi Devrani 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Poddar family ladies still mourning their husbands’ death after 1 month. Shop salesman comes and says he cannot handle shop without any new purchase or guidance and asks who will handle shop now, they have to take decision. Reeti goes to her room and cries vigorously holding Vibhor’s photo. She reminisces Vibhor asking her to take care of his family like she is doing now. She goes out and tells salesman that she will run shop as it is her family’s dream.

Reeti reaches shop. Salesman shows her dadaji’s seat. She touches it emotionally. Customer sees her and tries to leave. Sales girl asks if she did not like design. Customer says she liked it a lot, but cannot buy her sister’s marriage jewelry from a widow’s shop. Lawyer

enters next and asks if he can speak to owner of this shop. Reeti asks what is the matter. He says Poddar family took 5 crores loan to expand business and she has only 2 days to clear it, else Poddar family house and shop will be auctioned to recover cost.

Reeti informs about loan repayment in 2 days to daadi and others. Daadi gets tensed and asks who will help them. Power goes off and Reeti brings candle. A lady enters and says she will help. Reeti places candle near her face. Power comes back. Lady enters house and says she is Kadambari Mehta who has come to help them. They all don’t know her, but she knows them all. She is sad hearing about their husbands’ death, so she came here to share their sorrows. Prabha says they don’t need her help. Kadambari asks her to think by brain and not heart. Prabha says she will not drink even a drop of water from her and asks her to go. Kadambari says she has forgotten that time has changed. Prabha says she has not changed though and asks her to go back from where she came and shows door. Kadambari says she is angry now, so she is obeying her, she should remember that her house is always open to help them. She greets namaste, looks at Prabha once and leaves.

Reeti tries to speak to Prabha. Prabha says she does not want to talk about Kadambari now and will never accept her help. Reeti asks who is she. Prabha says she does not want to talk and asks her to go. Once Reeti leaves, she locks door and thinks why did Kadambari come back in her life after many years.

Megha asks Reeti what will they do now, already 2 days passed and they don’t even have 1 crore to save their family. Reeti cries telling she failed to keep her promise made to Vibhor. Megha asks her not to blame herself and reminds her of Kadambari. Reeti thinks who is Kadambari. Megha says they have to forget that and take her help first to save their family.

Precap: Auction of Poddar family business and house starts. Kadambari bids 5 crores.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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