Badi Devrani 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti praying laxmi maa how should she protect her husband. Just then, Laxmi maa enters with Narad muni and encourages her that she should fight with evil just like Savitri fought with god for her husband. Reeti then thinks he will get Moksh out of Kadambari’s cltuch and walks towards his room.

Kadambari and Rohan forcefully try to give pills to Moksh and Moksh opposes that he will not have pills. Reeti enters and stops them and asks Kadambari to stop harming her son. Kadambari asks if she has gone mad. Reeti says she is trying to make Moksh mad instead of curing him and says she has many proofs. She says when she was locked in store room and gas leak happened, only Moksh, she and Kadambari were there in house. Kadambari says why will she lock her in room and leave Moksh alone to harm himself. Reeti says she unlocked her room and dropped shampoo on bathroom floor for her to slip and only she has second keys. Kadambari says everyone knows that she has second keys, so why will she put herself into trouble, someone else is trying to harm her instead. Kadambari shows Moksh’s tablets and says she got it checked with doc and these will increse madness instead of decreasing it. Kadambari checks tablets. Rohan checks both tablets and says both are same, then she is alleging mom baselessly. Reeti says she does not know how medicines got changed, but she will not let Kadambari harm Moksh now. Paridhi shouts to stop badmouthing about mom.

Kadambari says Reeti came here to take Prabha’s revenge, now her drama is over and she cannot stay in this house. She drags Reeti and is about to push out of door when Reeti frees herself and says she now realized why god got her married to Moksh, she will protect him from his evil mom. Kadambari pulls her hair and throws her out of door and locks it. Reeti stands shockingly.

Moksh panics and says he needs gudiya back. Kadambari scolds him while Sidhi tries to calm him.

Precap: Sidhi meets Reeti and says she could not convince mom to let her stay back at home. Reeti asks when her papa’s murder happened, where was Kadambari. Sidhi says mom was outside. Reeti says there is connection between her papa’s murder and mom being out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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