Badi Devrani 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha takes Reeti to Doctor and tells that after twenty five some complications will come,,Reeti tells Doctor that If her mother -in law is ready she dont care..Doctor asks Reeti how is her age??Reeti tells age is twenty seven..Doctor tells Reeti should have refused..Reeti tells honestly speaking If mother in law tells also she would have come,,Reeti tells that mother in law loves her son alot..Mother even select shirt for his son..Reeti tells that there is age difference that is troubling her mother-in-law..Doctor tells that she is happy to see Reeti has a positive thinking..Doctor checks and tells Prabha there is no complications or pregnancy issues for Reeti…Doctor tells Prabha should be happy that she got such a nice daughter-in law..Prabha tells Reeti not to felt bad as she read in Magazine…Bilashi comes in Daadiji room,,Bilashi tells Kaushalaya was telling she was calling him..Daadiji tell that relatives will gather,,And she dont want any drama..Daadiji tells that in this ritual Bilashi have to come..Bilashi tells he cannot come..Daadiji Gives Bilashi a pen and diary..Bilashi asks what??DDaadiji tells that Bilashi have to come..Vibhor’s sister brings sherwani and tells Vibhor will look awesome in that..Bilashi tells that its looking like Band baaja Baarat shirt..Aanchal tells that Taayaji dont like latest trend..Bilashi tells whenever he sees in mirror he feels like tail of Lizard as no one will respect him..Anchal tells that Black sherwani looks good…Daadiji tells that black is not good as brings bad luck…Aanchal tells please..Bilashi listens..Vibhor tells he will wear,,Vibhor goes..Daadiji asks what Bilashi thought???Bilashi tells If he insulted also,,As he is the elder Son will come in the ritual..Bilashi smiles and comes out of room…BIlashi laughs loudly,,,Bilashi tells he have to be quite..Next day Reeti tells to put simple mehendi design,,Divya tells that Reetis has become very traditional after meeting mother-in-law.Antara tells to write Vibhor’s name on Reeti’s hand such that whole night he should search…Everyone laughs…Sitaram tells Indira to take care of all Puddar family,,Indira tells she will…Indira counts money and tells that five thousand is very much for Bilashi..sitaram tells no They should behave well with Bilashi..Divya gives Reeti cocunut water..Reeti tells she dont want..Indira tells to drink as they have to go in Tilak..Divya tell that Reeti is more curious to go..Reeti feels shy..Divya tells Reeti they will take a selfie..Sarla Bua tells Ghansham that Vibhor is very good as he agreed for Marriage soo early,,Sarla bua tells that Vibhor is Sharavan kumar of Kalyug..Daadiji tells where is Bilashi,,,Suddenly Nikonj,,Parth,,Manisha..Kajal and Kaushalaya and Bilashi comes wearing Black..Everyone is shocked..

Precap::Reeti sees Bilashi throwing Vibhor’s chain

Update Credit to: Ansari

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