Badi Devrani 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor holding Reeti’s hands and saying let us sleep now. She says they will if he leaves her hand. He leaves and they both sleep. She says he forgot something. He says goodnight. She says he forgot something again. He asks what. She says he did not switch off lights. He smiles and switches of light.

Bhairavi tells Kajal that she was using black magic tricks to frighten people, now neither Reeti nor poddar family will be afraid, she will have to use some other way now. Kajal asks what she will do now. She will use a weakest link of this house who is not a family member. Kajal asks if it is Manbhari. Bhairavi says yes, she will make Manbhari and Prabha fight and themselves announce about Vibhor’s truth, then success is theirs. Kajal thinks they

have to win as she has risked her relationship.

Reeti wakes up and does not find vibhor. Vibhor enters with tea and wishes her good morning. She asks when did he wake up. He says long ago and he finished his jogging also. she asks why did not he take her. He says she was sound asleep, so he thought she must be dreaming something good, so she did not disturb her. He says he wants to make a resolution with her. She asks like??? He says he wants them not to hide anything with each other and wants to wake up with her, have tea and food with her, then sleep at night same time. He tells he will confess first that he was feeling hot, so he reduced ac, but she was shivering, so he was switching on and off AC repeatedly, he will not do that hereon. He asks her to confess if she has any while he finishes his shower. She thinks she is in dharam sankat now, she cannot tell him she is his bank guarantor and he is Manbhari’s son.

Bilasi gets out of house in the morning and does some jokergiri while doing yoga. He sees plant pot crushed by car and thinks people don’t have ethics to park properly. Bhairavi comes and says she will make him crorepati if he obeys her. He asks her not to tell him to dorn lemon and chilli around his neck. She says no and tells something in his ears. He likes idea.

Vibhor hurriedly tries to leave for meeting. Reeti stops him and asks to have breakfast first. He says he will have later. She says even she is hungry and he told they will have food together. He says he will have lunch with her as he is late for meeting. She gives him file and says he forgot important file. He smiles.

Bilasi comes down from Manbhari’s part of house. Daadi asks what was he doing there. Bilasi says he was thinking of profit and asks Ghanshyam howmuch rent they can get for 12 x 15 sq ft shop. He says 20-30 k. He asks what about 5-6 shops. Ghanshyam says 1.5 to 2 lakhs. Bilasi says if they convert Manbhari’s house into shops, they will get 1.5-2 lakhs. Daadi says he is right. Ghanshyam says they cannot remove Manbhari like that, where will she say. Daadi says he is right, in some days manbhari’s daughter’s alliance will start coming, so they cannot kick her out. Bilasi says he does not know anything, he just wants place vacated.

Manbhari sees them in front of her house and asks what are they doing here, if they think wall paint has worn out, she will repaint it herself and will spent some money on renovation, groom’s people should think if she does not have wealth, at least she has house.

Ghanshyam says if she needs he will give her black paint to blacken her face. She asks if he does not like her fair color and wants to be black like him. He starts yelling. Daadi says Manbhari is joking. He says she is jealous of him and says if he says truth, she will start crying. Daadi asks him to stop and says manbhari is taunting him as he is getting irked and asks manbhari not to taunt him. Manbhari apologizes and leaves. Bilasi shouts that he will make 6 shops in place of Manbhari’s house for sure.

Precap: Kajal gives suitcases to Manbhari and says she heard family telling they will make shops in place of her house. Manbhari asks Prabha if it is right. Prabha asks not to pay attention to rumors. Manbhari asks her to hold her stomach and repeat. Prabha says if she does not trust her, it is waste to tell her anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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