Badho Bahu 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghubir ji leaves to find Badho

Badho Bahu 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji asks Sushma why he feels as if she is warning / threatening them all. I agree that you are on a government position but you must never misuse it. My elder brother is also the Sarpanch of the village. Nothing will go wrong till we are there. Vardaan and Pragya join them as well. She replies that the damage has been done already. Your son befriended my niece and roamed here and there with her. He even made her flee from her own engagement ceremony. It proves that Lucky likes Titli! Why did you all go quiet? Did I say something wrong? It is clear. Why would Lucky give his best if he dint like Titli? He should have let Zalim win so he can take Titli with him. Titli asks her why she is speaking rubbish. Sushma warns her not to intervene. I am speaking for your benefit only. Titli reasons that Lucky is just her friend. Plus he is married. He loves Badho very much. Sushma asks everyone about Komal. Don’t know since when she is missing! Raghubir ji says you should have found out why Komal went to Himalaya when you already so know so much. She went to pray for Titli only! Sushma laughs. Does it happen in kalyuga? I will tell you the truth now. Badho is not a good wife. Which good wife leaves the house without telling even her husband?

Lucky tells her to stop. Don’t talk so much that I will forget my upbringing and speak to you in a loud tone. If you say anything about my Badho then you will see! Sushma pats at his shoulder sympathetically. Truth is always bitter. He removes her hand. let me make one thing very clear to you. I am not your son-in-law! Secondly, listen to what I am about to say. He turns to his father and reveals that his Badho dint go in any tapasya. She has been kidnapped. Ram ji wonders how he got to know about this. Will my game be up?

Pinki requests Rana to forgive her. I accept my mistake. I beg you to forgive me but please don’t go. He asks her if her drama is done. Can I go out now and tell the truth? She promises to never repeat this mistake again. forgive me if you have ever loved me honestly. Kamla ji also begs for forgiveness. I became mad in my thirst to become number 1 so we took this big step. We dint let Badho face any problem though. We looked after her really well. We were about to bring her back but we don’t know where she disappeared suddenly. Trust your mother. Pinki tells him that when they went to find Badho, she got down from the car on the pretext of feeling uneasy. I actually got down looking for Badho. She was supposed to be under that tree but don’t know why she dint turn up there. Kamla ji adds that they dint breathe in peace since then. we were leaving the house for real. Trust your mother. He walks out of the room. Kamla ji keeps requesting Rana to say something. Pinki tells her MIL to stop acting. Rana ji left. Kamla ji says he dint say anything.

Lucky tells his father everything. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Rana too overhears Lucky saying that he filed a police complaint. Lucky says I wanted to tell you earlier but I could not. Malti ji cries hearing it. vardaan says my Didi is in this condition because of you. You promised to protect her. Instead of doing that you are fighting a wrestling match for others? I and my family wont forgive you if anything happens to her today! He walks away.

Sushma calls Lucky a really good actor. You got everyone under your spell so easily. You knew that your wife has been kidnapped and you hid it from your father. You fought the match for my niece instead? If you loved Badho even a bit then you wouldn’t have cared for it at all! You dint like Badho but like my Titli now. It proves that you kidnapped your wife so you can marry Titli.

Pinki and Kamla ji are shocked to know that Badho got kidnapped for real. Rana asks them how the family members will feel after knowing the entire truth. Kamla ji says we accepted our mistake. We also agree that everyone should know what we did. You can do it once Badho returns. How will we find her if we will fight amongst ourselves? Pinki also requests him. Rana agrees to keep quiet till Badho is back. Till then you both will do something to make sure you are with Badho. They readily agree. He asks them to manage the Bua. Make sure she cannot fix Lucky’s alliance with Titli. Kamla ji promises him. He now asks them to tell everything from the beginning to end honestly. I want to help everyone in looking for Badho.

Raghubir ji asks Sushma what rubbish she is saying. Malti ji asks her how dare she is to blame her son when she is standing in their house only. You don’t know how much my son and DIL love each other. Raghubir ji seconds her. We don’t have to give you any proof in this matter. Titli asks her Bua why she had to come here. You created such a drama! Lucky loves Badho very much. Lucky wont spare those who will speak against Badho! Kailash ji agrees. Ram ji tries to quieten her but she tells him to let her talk. You sent me here to take training and become a good human being. They did train me to become a nice human being. Lucky has played a major role in that. How will I bear it when someone will point fingers at him? Bua ji is worried about my wedding right? I promise her I wont marry in her absence. I will marry only when she will be present. This is Titli’s promise! You can leave now. Ram ji tells her to be quiet.

Malti ji asks Sushma how she is asking an already married guy to marry again. Is this what your law states? Sushma agrees to abide by the law. Where is Badho? I cannot see her. Raghubir ji assures her she will see her soon. Sushma gives warning to Badho. Bring her here right away and make her say that Lucky dint kidnap her or we will follow Panchayat’s decision! Lucky and Titli will marry. It will happen under my supervision. I am not leaving from here till this happens! I will leave only when Lucky and Titli will marry! Raghubir ji asks Ram ji to say something. I agree that my son played with your daughter’s life but his intention was right. My family is in trouble because of the same. You should support us instead. You can see how your sister is behaving with us. How many times Lucky saved Titli’s life? Sushma says I have come here on my own. Raghubir ji requests Ram ji again. we always look after our guest well. We will allow your sister to stay here for a few days as per our tradition but not beyond that. We have to also get our family out of this problem asap. Raghubir ji leaves to look for Komal. Lucky offers to come along but Raghubir ji tells him to first handle the mess that he has created.

Pragya is worried for Vardaan. She thinks to check in his office. Premika asks her if she saw Vardaan. Pragya denies. Did you check in office? Premika nods. He isn’t there. Pragya tells her that a very big thing happened at home. Vardaan ji is concerned for Badho Bhabhi. Premika adds that he gets upset hearing her name. Pragya suggests looking for him together. He left from home long ago. Premika smiles realising she still cares for Vardaan so much. Pragya shakes her head.

Ram ji paces worriedly in the room. He tells Sushma that Raghubir ji was right. We said all the wrong things outside. She asks him why he panics. Leave all that. Think about Titli’s life here. She will be so happy. Ram ji stares at her quietly. She asks him if they should take Titli from here and free Badho. Ram ji panics. Sushma says this is why I am telling you not to use your brain. Do as I say. Think what we should do that Lucky ends up marrying Titli. Ram ji calls it impossible but she stays put on the idea. She tells him a plan (in mute). Ram ji decides to take this risk for Titli’s sake.

Precap: Lucky looks at Komal’s photo and apologizes to her for mistaking her. Come soon Badho. Your Lucky is getting stuck in big problems in your absence. Come and save me! Ram ji comes to the hideout to take Badho’s thumb impression on divorce papers. Badho struggles and manages to free herself. She hits Ram ji and the goons with her hands (which still has the ropes and some part of chair attached). She flees from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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