Badho Bahu 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky wins the match

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Badho Bahu 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan is upset. Pragya comes there. I know you are worried about the match’s result and Badho Bhabhi. Come with me and see for yourself. He retorts as to where to come and see. I don’t want to see Lucky Jiju losing. What will happen to my Didi, my family and me if he wins today? Do you have an answer? She is in tears to see him thus but tells him not to worry. Only Lucky Bhai will today. He will also do something because of which Badho Bhabhi only will win. Trust me. Premika offers Prasad to Vardaan and Pragya. Pragya withdraws her hand from Vardaan’s shoulder the moment she sees her. Premika says Pragya ji told me why you were so worried. I went to pray for Badho Didi so everything settles down and she comes home soon. Vardaan thanks her. You are really nice.

Zalim Singh pushes Lucky. He thinks of his mother’s words and gets blank for a moment. Zalim Singh easily throws him on the ground. People cheer for Zalim Singh as he gropes Lucky from his neck. Ram ji asks Lucky to get up and so does Titli. Referee and Raghubir ji point out that this is foul. Zalim Singh wins this round.

Pinki stops in her tracks noticing Rana. Rana says you both took were on the wrong track till now. I will show you the right path now. He brings them home and pushes them. Kamla ji asks him what he is doing. Rana confronts them about Badho’s kidnapping. Pinki and Kamla ji go quiet.

Jitesh gives water to Lucky. Sangram Singh taunts Raghubir ji. I want to know where Lucky is lacking. You trained him well and made him Iron Man. It means your teachings are not sufficient. He tells everyone that Lucky is trying to lose the competition intentionally. He is also making fun of Panchayat’s decision. Raghubir ji warns him not to utter another word against Lucky or he will start a match with him right away. Lucky never cheats and will never lose. Forget about Panchayat, I will beat you badly if you say anything now. kailash ji advises Sangram Singh to be quiet. Sangram Singh has a smile on his face.

Rana says now Babu ji, Guru ji and Lucky will decide your fate. Kamla ji requests him against it. Don’t tell them anything. If Lucky finds out then we wont be spared. Rana asks her if she dint think of it before. Bring Badho back if you don’t want me to say anything. Pinki replies that they don’t know where she is. Rana shouts at her to be quiet. Do you ever know something? I will tell everyone everything after today’s match! How can you both fall so low just so you can be number 1? You risked Badho’s life! He turns to Kamla ji. I am so embarrassed to even call you my mother today! He walks out in a huff.

Ram ji tells Lucky to win the match at any cost. It is about my daughter’s life. Titli tells him not to pressure extra pressure on Lucky. He knows what to do. Zalim Singh tells her to get dressed as a bride. I will win this round and take you with me. She retorts that she would prefer to die instead. Zalim Singh smiles. Next round begins. Lucky fails in lifting Zalim Singh and falls on the ground instead. Pinki and Kamla ji also come. Zalim Singh grabs Lucky by his neck. Lucky falls flat on the ground. Titli encourages Lucky to get up. You can do this. Lucky’s vision blurs. Pinki and Kamla ji discuss their fate irrespective of whether Lucky will win or lose. Lucky recalls Komal’s advise of staying calm in extreme situations. Raghubir ji asks his son to get up. Lucky musters courage and stands up. Zalim Singh holds him from behind. Lucky hits him hard. He wins the round and therefore the match as well. Malti ji stands there tensed.

Lucky asks Jitesh if he has any news about Badho. Jitesh shakes his head. Lucky tells him to do something quickly. Ram ji apologizes to Lucky for doubting him. I knew that you will win. You wont let my daughter’s life be ruined. A lady (Titli’s relative) greets them. Titli will live a happy life now. She greets Malti ji. We will be relatives now. Malti ji asks Sushma what she is saying. Sushma says I am speaking sense. Ram ji asks her what she is doing here. Sushma (his sister) says how I will not come for my niece’s wedding. She compliments Titli on her groom (Lucky). She offers sweets to Lucky. Raghubir ji asks them what is happening. Sushma tries again calling Lucky her Son-in-law. Lucky folds his hands and quietly leaves from there. Jitesh heads home as well.

Lucky calls Ajay to find some information but Ajay has no information so far. We are doing our best. We will find her soon. Lucky tells him to hurry up. I cannot leave Badho alone amongst the goons. Ajay agrees. Lucky decides to tell his father everything.

Sushma says I am Titli’s Bua. It does not suit a smart man like you (Raghubir ji) to ask this question. Rana interrupts them wanting to say something urgent. Pinki tries to stop him but in vain. She tells her MIL they will be in trouble. Lucky comes out. Sushma pulls him. Is this how you behave with guests? Someone keeps interrupting again and again. Rana asks her to be quiet for some time. He advises Titli to take her inside for snacks. He tries to say something again when Kamla ji feigns to pass out. Everyone rushes to her side except Rana as he knows it well that she is acting. Kailash ji tells Rana and Pinki to look after Kamla ji. Rana tries to tell him the truth but Kailash ji suggests him to wait. You know the situation at hand. He leaves. Pinki and Kamla ji heave a sigh of relief.

Sushma ji shares that she is the committee member of Haryana Mahila Kalyan Aayog. I came here to see if everything is going smoothly with my Titli. I understand the circumstances behind the wedding. Irrespective of whatever it is, it will happen now! Epi ends on Lucky’s face.

Precap: Lucky tells everyone that Badho dint go in any tapasya. She has been kidnapped. Sushma blames him to kidnapping his wife just to marry Titli. Malti ji asks her how dare she is to blame her son when she is standing in their house only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Now we can see writers are completely losing the plot, mashing everything in and making it so unrealistic!
    This bua who is she to push people around in their own house?! Only Ram and Titli may stay in the condition of the agreement. In real life the household will kick such person out on the spot.

  2. Candiva007

    Where is Lucky and Rana’s Bua??? I loved her, she always knew what to do and always knew how to put Pinki and Kamla Ji in their places.

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