Badho Bahu 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rana finds out the truth

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Badho Bahu 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji and Pinki try leaving the house stealthily when Kamla ji collides with a lamp. Pinki holds it in time. Raghubir ji and Malti ji miss seeing them going out. Raghubir ji assures his wife he will answer everyone. Don’t worry. Lucky will come. Ram ji asks him when Lucky will come. Raghubir ji tells him to trust him. Lucky will come. Ram ji says how to trust him. He promised to marry Titli before the Panchayat but then backed out. He challenged Zalim Singh and is nowhere to be seen now. My daughter will have to marry Zalim Singh if he wont turn up! It is so easy to put your problem on someone else. Titli tells him to stop it. What are you saying? Ram ji says I am saying truth. My goons checked every corner of the village but Lucky was not seen anywhere. She asks him why he did not send his men outside the village then. Ask them to search in entire Haryana. Lucky tells them that no one has to go anywhere. Lucky and Jitesh enter. His mother asks him where he was. What have you done to yourself? Lucky tells them everything except about Komal’s kidnap. Titli says you were trying to catch a thief while some people here started imagining things. Malti ji says that is why I cannot see Bhabhi and Pinki anywhere. Lucky is surprised to know that they are still not home. They left long back. Raghubir ji makes Malti ji call Kamla ji.

Kamla ji tells Pinki she wont let her rest till she takes her out of this village safely. Pinki replies that she does not care about her at all. She gets Malti ji’s call and hurriedly disconnects it. Why is she calling me? Kamla ji advises her to throw her phone in stream. Police tracks your phone nowadays. Kamla ji mistakenly receives the call instead of disconnecting it. Malti ji asks her where she is. Kamla ji seeks her apology. We made a very big mistake by sending Badho outside. She acts to cry. Malti ji asks her why she is crying. She is shocked to know that Lucky is back home. She finds out that Lucky could not nab the goon. Malti ji asks her to come home asap. Kamla ji says Pinki and I are leaving the house. Since Badho left, something or other is going wrong. We have decided to go to Himalaya to look for Badho. Lucky tells his father to ask them to come back. Raghubir ji says the same to Kamla ji. Kamla ji excitedly tells Pinki they need not go anywhere now. Pinki smiles.

Raghubir ji asks Lucky if he filed a police report. Lucky nods. He recalls giving his statement to his police friend (Ajay). Don’t tell anyone about this. Jitesh asks him why they are keeping this matter to themselves. Lucky says everyone will be worried the moment they find out that Badho has been kidnapped. Babu ji will panic. He will call police immediately. It can put Badho’s life in risk. Flashback ends.

Ram ji asks Lucky if he will be able to fight with Zalim Singh after his recent fight. Zalim Singh says why not. He will fight and lose as well. Titli is about to retort when he advises her to prepare herself mentally to accept him. He tells Lucky to forget about the match. You will lose. Titli is mine. Run from the backdoor. Lucky tells him to go home and prepare for his defeat. Time will tell who will win or lose. Zalim Singh advises him not to be so excited. There is still time. Return Titli to me or you will cry in the end! Titli says just like you cried when you lost to Lucky last time. Keep this kerchief. It will be of use. Zalim Singh tells her to wait till the match ends. Lucky also tells Titli to give it to Zalim Singh once the match is over. Zalim Singh tells him to wait and watch. He leaves.

Villagers have gathered to see the match. Men begin to discuss as to who will win the match. Even bets are placed. Zalim Singh and Lucky come for the match. Raghubir ji asks Kailash ji about Rana.

Someone (Rana) finds the note written by Pinki.

Kamla ji stops in her tracks as she thinks of the letter. Pinki also panics. We left it at home. Kamla ji says we jumped on the axe. Don’t know what will happen now.

Titli encourages Lucky to defeat Zalim Singh in the first round itself. Malti ji tells her to be quiet. Everyone is watching. Titli argues but Malti ji tells her to understand. Ram ji tells her not to stop Titli. She is only encouraging her friend. Malti ji gives in. I don’t find it right though. Ram ji explains that this match is definitely between Lucky and Zalim Singh but my daughter’s life is on stake here.

Referee announces that whoever wins 2 rounds out of 3 will be declared the winner.

Rana comes out but seems lost. Kailash ji has to call out his name twice to get his attention. Rana looks emotional. Zalim Singh hits Lucky’s hand instead of shaking it (like the ritual). The match begins. Zalim singh holds Lucky in a tight grip. You dint do good by messing with me. I gave you a chance but I wont give you any chance if you even beg me to spare you!

Ex-Sarpanch ji and Sangram Singh join the spectators. Sangram Singh says I feel as if Lucky is trying to lose intentionally. Seems like he is not bothered about your training. Kailash ji says Lucky can forget anything but not what Raghubir ji taught him. Why are you here when you are so troubled? Sangram Singh says I wouldn’t have come here if I hadn’t gotten an invitation. Ex-Sarpanch ji also points out that Ram ji invited him. Sangram Singh adds that it was bound to happen. If Lucky loses this match intentionally then her daughter’s life will be ruined. Panchayat’s decision will also be disrespected!

Titli asks her father if he called these people to judge the match especially Sangram Singh. He is a big liar and is talking about honesty now. Ram ji tells her not to teach him. You are in this mess today just because I kept mum!

Lucky manages to free himself and ends up throwing Zalim Singh on the ground. People clap / cheer for Lucky. Rana also claps but he is appears to be overwhelmed by lot many emotions. Zalim Singh gets up and attacks Lucky yet again but Lucky manages to hold him from behind in one go. He pushes him with much force. Zalim Singh glares at Lucky. Lucky wards off his another attack easily. Titli claps happily. Lucky wins the first round. Raghubir ji asks Sangram Singh if he got his answer. Do you now realise I was quiet all along? I was quiet as I had faith in my training. You are quiet now! Rana goes inside.

Titli praises Lucky’s moves and offers him water. Malti ji is not happy seeing them thus. She asks Lucky to lose the match. Everyone knows that you are playing this match for Titli’s sake. You will have to marry Titli if you win this match. Will that be right for our family and Badho? I told you what I think is right. Rest is up to you.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks for the update Pooja. This episode was just boring. I couldn’t see the point of it.

    1. Pooja

      Recently I don’t see a point of any episode.. the story makes no sense at all.

  2. I wonder what Rana will do? Please blab..
    Ram ji is a very selfish man, Matli must be regretting her decision to allow Titli to join her family..
    I see the series has lost quite a percentage of viewers and I don’t blame them, I’ll be joining the queue too.
    The show was supposed to show a female wrestler is not weak but strong as Badho but it is showing totally the opposite! According the writers female wrestler is helpless against to wimpy so called comedian goons- like seriously !

  3. Boring ……

  4. This show ends on the 25th May

  5. Summer

    Hi Everyone,
    Mala, thanks for sharing finishing date.
    Well, i have to say the story line became weak and since Titli entry, it got worse. I mostly read updates, sometimes i watch fast-forwarding Titli’s screen which happens to be most of the episode! I learnt how to read fast whilst episode was on fast-forward! lol

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