Badho Bahu 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rana goes quiet before Reporters!

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Badho Bahu 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji, Kamla ji and Raghubir ji discuss about elections and championship.

Rana tells Raghubir ji a news channel wants to hold a conference with us in regard of the championship. Kailash ji asks him how the news got leaked. Kamla ji says it must be because of Payal’s mother. Atleast our sons got famous this way. Raghubir ji nods. He notices Jamuna ji and Payal coming. Kamla ji gets upset that the thief (Payal) is back in the house. These people are not going to leave us! Raghubir ji reminds everyone they have to complete the ritual of Pragya’s pagphere today. It is important for in-laws to be present in this ritual so I called them here. Kamla ji asks Bharpayi to call Pragya. payal is aghast that no one even offered them a seat. I am so tired. Raghubir ji requests Jamuna ji to have a seat but she denies. we are in a rush. Malti ji still requests her to sit. Kamla ji again shouts for Pragya. Yuor family has come to pick you. Payal thinks she would come only if she would have been at home. Bharpayi tells them that Pragya isn’t at home. Everyone wonders where she went to at this hour. Komal says she is here. Payal is stunned to see Pragya. Lucky asks them where they are coming from.

Flashback shows Pragya hiding her face while heading towards the station. Komal meets her on the way. She offers to accompany her to Sarpanch ji’s home. Pragya gives up. Flashback ends. Komal shares that she slept in Pragya’s room only. I took her to Hisar in the morning as she dint have much time as per Tai ji. She had to apologize after all. She wanted to leave at night but I advised her to wait till morning. We went to do the same in the morning. Jamuna ji asks her what apology she is speaking about. Komal says Pragya will tell you. Kamla ji asks them if Sarpanch ji forgave her. Lucky is sure he would have forgiven Pragya as Badho had accompanied her. Komal tells Kamla ji her condition has been met. She tells Payal to now tell everyone that Pragya’s pagphere ritual has happened. Kamla ji tells Bharpayi to bring Pragya’s bag followed by some snacks. Bharpayi nods. Malti ji lies that some guests are coming which is why they are in a rush. Jamuna ji nods. We thought to visit temple while returning. You all are welcome. Kamla ji boasts that she wants to go but is occupied. Take Badho with you. Malti ji allows Komal to go. Kamla ji thinks it would be better if Komal isn’t here during the conference. She can say anything. Kamla ji advises Komal to pray well. I will send Pinki with you. You both can stay in Bakriawal overnight. Raghubir ji also likes the idea. Komal agrees and takes their leave. Komal nods at Lucky before leaving with her mother.

Reporters come to Ahlawat House. Sangram Singh whispers to Kamla ji that reporters can make or break anyone’s image. Kailash ji’s reputation will increase if Rana will speak well. A reporter meets Lucky. My first article was on you. I had to come here as I was pressurised to cover the news involving 2 brothers. All the best! Lucky thanks him. Malti ji gives Lucky his medal. Wear it. It will look good on you. Rana reluctantly stands with them for a photo request. Everyone takes their seat. Kamla ji asks Malti ji what the need to make Lucky wear the medal was. Everyone knows he is Iron Man. Malti ji replies that it will look good for the conference.

Reporters pose questions at Lucky and Rana. Why did Rana challenge Iron Man Lucky before the set date of championship? Rana fumbles and next question is also asked. Lucky confidently answers on his behalf. One wrestler can challenge any wrestler at any point of time. We are profession wrestlers after all. Reporters also wish to know if the challenge was made because Rana was under his wife’s pressure. Rana is mum. Raghubir ji tells them not to stretch the matter but they insist upon getting an answer. Rana fumbles yet again. Kamla ji and Sangram Singh get upset. Lucky calls them rumours. My wife and SIL are childhood friends. They have nothing to do with this championship. They are all baseless rumours. Reporters ask Raghubir ji about his disciples deciding to fight before time. Raghubir ji explains that they are professional wrestlers. No one can pressurize them for anyone and no one has done so! They are big enough to decide it on their own. Lucky seconds him. Sangram Singh is upset that Rana isn’t saying anything. People will think Rana is following his father’s footsteps. Kamla ji decides to do something.

Raghubir ji shares that dope test will happen tomorrow. Sports Authority will give us permission once the test comes clear. The championship is a formality. I am sure both my wrestlers will do great. I invite you all to witness it. Reporters click pictures of the brothers together. Sangram Singh calls Kamla ji in a corner.

Komal calls Chotto Bua. I am very upset with you. Bua gets confused. What have I done? Komal says that’s the thing. you dint do anything. I am trying to stop the championship since days but no one is helping me. They are your nephews too. You also have some responsibility towards them. I challenge you to make peace between them. Bua accepts the challenge. I will do it somehow. Komal ends the call.

Chotto Bua knows how hard Komal has tried but also knows relations get so complicated sometimes that it gets difficult to untangle them. Don’t worry. I will handle everything.

Precap: Sangram Singh suggests a solution to Kamla ji. Lucky wont play the game while Rana wont have to even play to win the match. This way, we will be able to give a fitting reply to both Lucky and his father. Malti ji gives turmeric milk to Lucky. Dope test report comes. Raghubir ji falls on the sofa as soon as he reads the report. Lucky rushes to his side.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    What a despicable act of Kamla ji!! How low can one stoop to win?! To be number one! Any family relations that are remained will be difficult to restore and trust. kamla and Pinki both have escaped their evil deeds far too long. It is about time they both got exposed along with Sangram Singh. Hope the truth will be revealed of Kamal and Sangram ji in cahoots, it will be good to see it reported in the press and clear any scandal falsely made against Lucky ji. Rana should be ashamed of himself, knowing of Lucky injury, he still has not yet postponed the fight. As for Kalish ji, he does not deserve respect!! Ragu and Malti ji should be proud that their son is generous in heart and have grace, despite uncomfortable questioning from the press. As for Rana ji, you very loudly issued a challenge against Lucky ji, yet you don’t have the courage to admit the true nature of the challenge when questioned by the press!! Shame on you! Lucky ji is more of a gentlemen than Rana, he is able to put away their difference and still defend his cousin Rana, showing loyalty. I really hope Rana conscience will get the better of him and do the right thing, but it doesn’t matter now. As Lucky ji sample have been tainted and this will cause Lucky’s image harm…short term until the truth is revealed.

  2. what an unexpected twist about Lucky being drugged. Now when inquiry will happen it was malti who gave that milk to lucky and she might get blamed. Kamlaji and Pinky are heading towards disaster! Infact whole family of pinky is in for a huge loss of face. Such shameless people!

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