Badho Bahu 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal has finished lot many tasks already. Kamla ji and her husband come there. She congratulates them on their wedding anniversary and offers them aarti. Pinki watches them from the stairs. She did everything already! Does she not sleep at all? What should I do now to win? She too goes downstairs and greets her in-laws. Ahlawat ji says I should see God now and tell him we have kept your amanat safely since years. I am tolerating her since so many years! Kamla ji looks at him. We should go. Pinki suggests keeping a party. Kamla ji compliments her DIL. She takes care of our happiness. Komal offers to go make great food. Kamla ji stops her. You ruin whatever you start. Don’t do anything. Ahlawat ji asks her why she is after Komal. Why cant you forget what happened? Kamla ji tells him not to say anything. I don’t want to hear anything on this matter. She asks Pinki to make preps. We trust you. She leaves for temple with her husband. Pinki thinks it isn’t easy to be good. She turns to Komal. Don’t take it to your heart. Elders say things in anger. Come with me. We will do everything fast together. Komal agrees.

Payal is cleaning when her mother comes. They share a hug. Payal’s mother says I am coming directly to you. Is the Sirsa rumour true? Payal nods. Badho and problems go hand in hand. Jamuna ji joins them. They exchange pleasantries. Jamuna ji asks Payal to bring water. I will talk to your mother till then. Payal wishes to spend some time with her mother as she has come after so long. Jamuna ji agrees. I will get water in meantime. She goes. Payal’s mother asks Payal why she does not send her old MIL to old age home. Payal replies that she is fine and helps her in household work. They sit down to work. Payal complains that Komal is still in their lives even after marriage. Her MIL came yesterday to tell she will leave Komal here if she does anything wrong again. Her mother relates a similar incident. Payal says I am scared. Badho’s actions might land her here once again. What should I do? Her mother advises her to keep an eye on Badho. Be careful. Don’t wait for her call. Go to her home. You will see everything on your own. Play your next move then. Payal says you are right but what will her family think if I go there daily. Her mother suggests her to call Badho every now and then. You might find a chance to go to her home. payal likes the idea. You have solutions to all my problems. What would I have done without you? Her mother smiles.

Komal is doing something. Lucky comes there. Do you want something? He says I came to thank you instead. Rana bhai had almost won but then something happened because of which I won! Komal asks him about it. He replies that he thought of her bad face and won! Malti ji taunts Komal for making her son go away to Chennai for 6 months. I don’t know how he will live without me. She goes. Lucky thanks Komal once again and leaves. Komal thinks when that day will come when Lucky ji will win a fight with my love, and not by hating me. When will that day come when my MIL wont curse me? She gets call from Payal. Payal tells her not to worry. I wont let any problem come in your married life. Follow my instructions and everything will be fine. What’s going on in your home? She tells Payal about the party in evening. Payal is thrilled. She thanks her mother for her help. Her mother says see how we wont let even Badho’s shadow come out of Ahlawat House. I have to go now.

Komal thinks I did so much to get away from Bhabhi and now she wants to give me suggestions. I have ample problems in my life already. Keep her away from me.

Payal and her mother reach Sirsa. Payal’s mother tells her to keep her updated. Call me in case you need anything. I will come asap. They share a hug before going separate ways.

Payal greets Malti ji. Malti is not happy to see her. Payal says I came to meet my mother. I thought to meet Komal. Malti ji informs her that she is working in kitchen. Payal gives her sweets. Komal too must be busy in work. Shall I check? Malti ji tells her not to worry. There are too many people to manage things. Payal acts sweet with her. You are acting as if you are still upset with us? Malti ji tells her to do as she pleases.

Payal notices Komal sitting in a corner in kitchen. Why are you not doing anything when there is so much to do? Komal replies that Kamla Tai ji has told her against it but Payal says it is only the love of elders. Ma ji says so much to me daily as well. Komal requests her not to bother her. I have enough problems already. Don’t add up anything. Payal tells her to get busy. There is so much to do. Check decorations. Komal goes out. Payal thinks this is great. No one even asked me tea. I will make it myself.

Pinki comes in kitchen. She is not at all happy to see Payal. You made a drama of me. You created a mess of my life. You advised me to stop thinking of Lucky and think of Rana. You said he will dance to my tunes but he isn’t as simple as he seems! I saw another Rana yesterday. Payal asks her what happened to her now. You were so sure earlier. What happened now? You couldn’t handle your husband just because he got angry? What would you have done by marrying Lucky when you cannot handle this much? Can you not see what has happened with her after marriage? God shouldn’t give such life to even your enemy. Pinki says Rana isn’t as you said. I think he only will make me dance on his tunes. Payal tells her to turn him around. Even wolves get angry but they don’t turn lions. Every man has a weakness. Find it and get your husband in control using it. Game has just begun. It will take some time. Change my name if he wont dance around you. PInki thinks she is saying right. I will make Rana take a stand against the same brother who he loves too much! She tells Payal she has understood everything. I too wont give up so easily. I will win Rana’s trust again. thank you for telling me to marry Rana instead of choosing Lucky. Payal says you will always stay happy if you will listen to me. They both get shocked seeing Komal standing at the door.

Precap: Ahlawat ji and Kamla ji dance. Ahlawat ji says I hope our kids spend a long life together with their partners just like us. Lucky gives ring to Komal. I can never thank you enough. Komal smiles happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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