Badho Bahu 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky is happy to think that his mother wont let Badho practise now. Malti ji tells Badho she wont let the dignity of her house be ruined before everyone. You think I will let you run around in these clothes before entire village? Raghubir ji asks her what nonsense she is talking. She says you don’t hear me. I have no other option. He reminds her that it is between him and Komal. I have told you many times not to speak in between us. She stays put. Raghubir ji asks her what happened to her outlook. You weren’t like this. Society is moving on. We will be left behind if we will have such backward thinking. Women are not behind men anymore. Women are running planes, even countries. She reasons that such women fail in managing household. My parents too would have made me run if this was mentioned somewhere. Such women don’t manage home equally well. Rana finds it wrong whereas Lucky is impressed with his mother’s logic. Komal wonders where she got into. It is my Guru on one hand while there is my MIL on the other hand. Don’t know who to tell what. Show me some way. She requests both of them not to fight with one another. Lucky wonders what she is up to now. Komal adds that she respects them equally. You both are right on your points but I too have to say something. I took out every jewellery upon Babu ji’s askance expect mangalsutra. Ma ji also said the right thing which is why I have decided to run covering my face. Ajay and Jitesh applaud her idea making Lucky angrier.

Pragya comes to Teji’s room to wake him up. He holds her hand as she shakes him. She smiles as he does that. He opens eyes and finds himself holding her hand. He apologizes to her. She dismisses it. Everyone is waiting for you in the practise area. He looks at the alarm. It dint ring. Teji runs out.

Komal says this is what I thought. I will try to be a good wrestler Guru ji. I will also try not to do anything which will make you (Malti ji) look down or by which our family will be looked upon. I will try my best. Raghubir ji is pleased. It is a great idea! He asks his wife if she is fine now. She will wear a veil while running. Everyone’s respect will remain intact. Allow her to run now or do you still have some doubt in your mind. Malti ji looks at Lucky. She tells Raghubir ji and Komal to do as they please. I still don’t support you. I wont take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. I wont spare Badho in that case.

Rana tells everyone to run. There is no drama going on. Komal looks at Lucky who is very much unhappy. Komal covers her head well and starts her practise. Lucky keeps staring at her for a while but then starts running. Raghubir ji remembers his convo with Mahender ji. This place will help not just in wrestling but in helping our kids in every step of life. He requests Mahender to support his friend. I have just begun. There is still a long way to go. He points out that running practise is over. We will weight lift now. Komal gets tensed thinking she too will have to do it today. He ends her practise for today. we will do the rest later. He gets Vardaan’s call just then. Jamuna ji is not well. Komal hears him and worries. Raghubir ji tells Komal about her mother. Doc said they will have to take her to a Hospital in Delhi for check-up. He tells her to take a car and go home. Take your mother to Delhi. She nods and goes inside. Lucky hears everything. Raghubir ji calls someone regarding Jamuna ji’s check-up in Delhi.

Pinki finds Komal packing her bags. Did you get scared of wrestling in one day only that you are already running? Komal tell sher about her mother. Pinki tells her to take care of her mother. I will handle everything here. Komal thanks her. Don’t know what I would have done without you. She instructs Pinki on what all is to be done since morning. She tells Pinki to take care of Lucky ji too. his training is also going on. Please watch it. Pinki agrees to manage everything. She stares angrily at Komal. Who is she to advise me! Just come back. By then you will have to take my advice instead.

Kamla ji smiles seeing Malti ji crying. This gave me so much peace. She acts to comfort Malti ji. What happened that you are crying like this? Malti ji says Komal is not letting me live peacefully since she has come in our home. Don’t know what to do or who to talk to. He (Raghubir ji) also supports Komal always. Kamla ji smirks. What he did now? Malti ji tells her everything. Badho will ruin our family’s respect before entire village. I don’t know how to stop her from wrestling. You can help me. He (Raghubir ji) never says no to you. Talk to him please. I will be forever indebted to you if that happens. Kamla ji thinks she will make her her servant. My good days are finally coming. I will become no. 1. Badho will continue to embarrass you the same way every day by doing this. She tells Malti ji she would have said it if it was a household matter but I cannot come between akhada. You know the rules of house well. They wont change yet we can change our ways when things don’t work out way. Malti ji asks her what she means. Kamla ji says you will have to come under my guidance if you want things to happen your way. I will then guide you.

Komal is going out when she collides with Lucky. She holds his hand as he was about to fall. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays as they look at each other. She withdraws her hand. He asks her to give news about Jamuna ji. Don’t tell me. Tell Babu ji as he gets worried. She nods. He goes inside. Epi ends on Komal’s happy face.

Precap: Pinki tells Lucky that Teji arranged for a party. Teji tells Pinki that Payal Bhabhi called. I know everything about you now. Pinki worries. Jamuna ji asks Komal if she will be able to wrestle. Komal nods.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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