Badho Bahu 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky is excited for Komal’s return

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Badho Bahu 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal asks Lucky how he can take decision on his own without talking to Komal. Komal has supported him all the time. Komal’s mother says Lucky still loves Komal. Vardaan says he wants to know why he took such decision in front of everyone. Kamla asks Ram ji to ask his daughter what’s going on. Ram ji recalls how Titli has been happy with Lucky. He tells Malti to say something. Kailash says he noticed Malti and Raghuveer have been quiet. He asks them to say something. Raghuveer says that he knows Lucky will never leave Komal. And even if he wants to leave her, they won’t let him do that. He is sure Lucky must have thought something before taking such decision. He asks him what is that. Malti also tells Lucky to tell the truth. Ram ji it doesn’t matter what the truth is. He said in front of whole village that he will leave Komal and marry Titli. Now he must marry Titli.

Rana is losing patience and asks Pinky where Komal is. Pinky calls Chunnu, Munnu and finds out that they still need 2 hours. She tells Rana that Komal is sitting in puja and it will take 2-2.5 hours. Rana asks her why she didn’t say that they left already. Pinky says they will have lunch. Till then puja will be done. Chunnu Munnu fix tire and are on their way.

Lucky says he will never leave Komal. She is his wife. Everyone is happy. Lucky continues that he can’t marry Titli either. Ram ji asks what’s going on. Sometimes he says he will marry, sometimes he says he won’t. Lucky says he doesn’t want Titli to be married to a random guy. He didn’t find panchayat decision right, so he did whatever came in his mind.

Kamla says if villagers find out about this, then they will throw him along with his family out of village. Lucky says if he didn’t interfere, then Titli’s life would have destroyed. Ram ji says how doing this won’t destroy her life? He will go and tell panchayat everything. Titli tells him he won’t do anything like that, else she will commit suicide. Malti tells her not to say that. Titli says her father won’t listen to her otherwise. She supports Lucky for saving her and says they have 1 month to find some solution. Lucky says and today Komal will also come. They both together will find solution. Malti agrees. Lucky tells Kamla and Ram ji that he will find solution in one month. If not, he will go to panchayat himself. Kailash says if he does right thing, then he will stand by him.

Chunnu Munnu drop Komal at some place and leave.

Malti and Payal are in kitchen. Lucky comes and says he will eat later with Badho. Payal teases him. She then tells him when she comes, he better explain everything nicely else she might feel hurt. Malti says Komal is different, she will understand why Lucky did what he did. Lucky and Komal think alike, always helping others. Lucky says he will clean his room and asks Malti to make Komal’s favorite dish. She should not come to know there is tension in house when she comes.

Ram ji recalls how Lucky and Titli have become close / good friends. Them always supporting each other. He says he is so helpless, he is seeing his daughter’s life getting destroyed and he is not able to do anything. He thought Lucky will marry Titli, but now he refused it as well. Lucky only cares about Komal and he doesn’t even know that his family has kidnapped her. Other side, Titli is crazy behind Lucky. He gets a call. He says, he doesn’t know what to say.. this way Titli’s life will be destroyed. Titli comes. He puts phone down seeing her.

Precap: Pinky gets message from Chunnu, Munnu that they have done their work. She will be able to find Komal from where they picked her up. Lucky says he will give grand welcome to Komal. Some goons kidnap Komal before Pinky and Rana reach to the location.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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  1. Unbelievable now Komal’s Kidnapping extended! Not a strong wrestler after all.
    Why is Ram ji silent on Komals kidnapping ?

  2. Ram ji just kidnapped Komal. Aalawat family does know how to pick relatives and friends! Is there such a scarcity of men in the country? These serials just keep giving and giving crap!

  3. Summer

    HI Sara and Edel, I agree, Alahawat family does know how to pick them! As goes for the storyline, its going downhill quick like a skid pan! Doesn’t look like Titili storyline is going to end any time soon, in fact she is going to be a permanent part of the cast considering the cover is show her standing with Lucky and Komal. Shame, since her entry it has gone downhill for me.

  4. The problem is that the actress Rytasha Rathore is on a break and until she comes back or gets replaces the story is going to be weak. It must be very hard for the writers to write tracks while waiting to know what is going to happen to one of the main lead actors. I am not a great fan of Titili but only because I think the actress is a weak actor.

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