Badho Bahu 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jamuna ji gets thinking about Raghubir ji’s proposal. Payal tries to convince her saying atleast someone is taking Babu ji’s legacy forward. This way Komal will also be near Lucky ji. Think from every perspective. Jamuna ji stays put. Komal will not wrestle. It is final!

Jamuna ji comes to Ahlawat House with Payal and Vardaan. She notices the guys digging the wrestling area. Komal hugs her mother. Raghubir ji notices Jamuna ji looking tensed. Malti thinks there is something which is bothering him (Raghubir ji). He dint even tell even though I asked many times. Jamuna ji asks Raghubir ji why he is doing all this. Raghubir ji says we only wanted to thank you for what Komal did. We kept a small family lunch. Jamuna ji says family helps each other. Don’t think of it as some favour. This does not seem nice. Raghubir ji calls out to Rana. Lucky and Rana greet Jamuna ji. Rana ji gives a file to Jamuna ji. Babu ji went outside for some work. He gave me these papers to handover to you before leaving. Komal and Vardaan saved Pragya’s life and did a huge favour on us. We wont be able to repay it ever. We have a 10 acre land in Bakriawal. Babu ji wanted to give it to Vardaan. Kamla ji looks unhappy. This was my husband’s surprise. Badho and her family will get everything this way one day. Jamuna ji politely refuses to accept it. Rana insists. As an elder brother, I cannot pay you back for my sister’s dignity. It is just a small effort from our family to thank you. She returns the file to him. I understand your feelings but I still cannot accept it. I cannot disrespect you but I request you not to force me to accept this. You have given ample respect to my kids. That in itself is enough. Pragya is also like our daughter. Komal and Vardaan did their duty by helping her. We will continue doing our duty like this always. Raghubir ji accepts. He asks her to sit but she apologizes for coming early.

Jamuna ji tells everyone about Raghubir ji’s proposal. Malti ji and Lucky are shocked. Jamuna ji adds that she got time till evening. I have taken my decision. Lucky asks his father if he will make Badho wrestle now. Having weight does not make you a wrestler. Malti ji also questions her husband on her decision. You dint even ask me and went to Jamuna Bhabhi already. Rana seconds them. Komal is our DIL. Would it suit our DIL to wrestle? Komal thinks wrestling dint start yet but everyone started already. Pinki whispers in her MIL’s ears. What if Komal does not get to do it? Kamla ji agrees to manage everything and tells Pinki to handle Rana. Pinki signals Rana and they both go inside. Kamla ji shows faith in Raghubir ji. She asks Lucky and Malti ji how they questioned the decision taken by the Chaudharya of the house. How did you question his decision?

A guy finds a medal in the wrestling area.

Jamuna ji apologizes to everyone. She also asks Malti ji not to get upset with Raghubir ji. He gave me importance by making me a part of such a big decision. I have finally decided what I want. She is about to say no to Raghubir ji when the guy calls out to Raghubir ji (the one who found the medal). He gives the medal to Raghubir ji who shows it to Jamuna ji. She has tears in her eyes already. She holds it and recalls complaining to her husband about wrestling. I don’t like it at all. He makes her sit. What’s wrong in it? She says you wake up in the morning, go to wrestle and then go to another village to wrestle. He calls it a respectful game. Everyone respects me. My kids will also wrestle. It is in our blood. She denies but he insists. The moment they will go in the wrestling ring, I will feel proud. I will be happy then. She complains that he is never at home. He says wherever I will be when that happens I will come to bless them. Flashback ends. Jamuna ji cries. Flashback shows Raghubir ji and Mahender ji digging the wrestling area. He advises Mahender ji to rest as he won a competition yesterday itself. I will hang your medal so it inspires everyone. Mahender ji denies. I got this medal from this place. I want to keep it safely here so it gives us many more wrestlers like us. It will be a blessing for our kids too when they will grow up. It will also teach them how to fight with the problems that come their way. They share a hug. Mahender ji buries the medal in the ground. Flashback ends.

Jamuna ji looks out at the wrestling area and then comes back inside. Komal asks her mother what happened. Jamuna ji says your Babu ji had won this medal. Komal holds the medal. Raghubir ji tells Komal that this is not an ordinary medal. Your Bapu won it years ago after defeating the state champion of those days. Jamuna ji adds that he based this akhada on thie medal. Komal gets emotional.

Precap: Jamuna ji announces that her daughter will seek under his guidance. Lucky and Malti ji are unhappy while Raghubir ji is pleased. We will start from tomorrow. Next morning, Komal happily gets ready for the practise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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