Badho Bahu 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Play continues. Lights go off as the next act is about to begin. A guy notices one tree (Rana) moving closer to another (Pinki). Rana immediately takes place again hearing people gossiping about it. Kamla ji compliments her son’s performance as a tree.

Teji holds Pragya’s hand during the performance which angers another villager. Raghubir ji reminds them it is a play. Komal playfully hits a flower at Lucky using slingshot. Teji says I love you to Pragya which angers people yet again. Rana hits him too (lightly). Pinki asks him why he is hitting her brother. Rana says sorry to her. Komal continues teasing Lucky with flowers.

Pragya and Teji keep saying their dialogues. Komal hits Lucky playfully yet again only to apologize to him. She prays that he stays happy always. Pragya / Juliet is supposed to elope with Teji / Romeo as per the play but Vardaan does not let them go anywhere. They fight using swords. Teji drops his sword during the fight. People cheer for Vardaan. Komal is impressed with her brother’s acting skills. Vardaan attacks Teji next. They start fighting. Komal worries realising the fight to be real. Pragya wonders why Vardaan is fighting like this. Pinki also worries for her brother. Komal requests Lucky to stop them. Teji falls unconscious on the floor as Vardaan hits him. people clap seeing it.

Everyone tries waking Teji but in vain. Balwant ji asks for the climax. Jitesh points out that the hero was killed (not literally) in the middle of the play. What will happen now? People express a wish to see Ram Leela instead. They begin to throw things at the artists. Pinki asks Komal if she will do something or not. Komal gets an idea. She immediately dons a dupatta over her head and starts saying Ram Leela’s dialogues. People applaud it as Lucky and Komal are playing the role of Ram and Leela. Lucky takes the hint. Balwant ji asks if there was a Kumbhakaran in Romeo and Juliet too. Jitesh lies that Romeo was Kumbhakaram only. People go crazy as Lucky just says Sitay.

Pradhan ji’s son is anxiously waiting for his father’s surprise. Pradhan ji assures him it will come anytime now.

Lucky is having a hard time acting. People demand to see Ram and Ravan’s fight. A guy enters just then calling himself Ravan. Lucky looks at him in confusion. Pradhan ji tells his son this is his surprise. People are confused / tensed to see the man who comes there disguised as Ravan. Rana holds Sita / Komal’s hand who requests Lucky / Ram to save her. Ravan refuses to let go of Sita. Lucky / Ram vows to take her with him. He tries pulling her to him but gets punched by Ravan on face. Lucky hits him back. Lights go out. Jitesh compliments the team on their acting. We need to know who this Ravan is. The guy removes his mask. Everyone is taken aback to see Zalim Singh. Villagers begin to run fearing a fight that can anytime ensue between Zalim Singh, Lucky and Rana. Rana holds Zalim Singh’s neck. How dare you come here? I wont spare you today! Zalim Singh is not at all affected. He pushes him away. Lucky joins his brother. He tells Zalim Singh he made a very big mistake by coming here. You chose death yourself. You wont go from here alive now! Raghubir ji intervenes and pushes them all away from each other. Sarpanch ji suggests calling police but Rana’s blood is boiling. Raghubir ji tells him to calm down but Lucky is also eager to teach Zalim Singh a lesson. Komal wonders what to do now. Sarpanch ji tries calming the situation but Zalim Singh is also adamant to kill both the brothers. Rana says it will surely happen but only one of us (Zalim Singh or the brothers) will live.

Precap: A fight is scheduled for tomorrow between Zalim Singh and the brothers. Teji agrees to do what Pradhan ji will ask from him. Pradhan ji tells him to send Pragya in the water park tomorrow morning somehow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I can not believe that Teji will stoop that low. He has no morals or sense of loyalty. What a scroundrel!!
    Hope Pragya and the rest of the family learn of his womanizing manner with Pragya, Bharpai and his attempt with Kareena.
    Thanks Pooja for speedy updates. 🙂

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