Badho Bahu 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji brings food for Komal in her room. I wanted to tell you something but I cannot say it before everyone. I understand what you must be feeling. We can anyways not change what has happened. take care of your health. Eat food. I brought it secretly for you. Komal thanks her for caring for her even in this condition. I was in a dilemma. I wouldn’t have done it if I was aware of the consequences. I cannot understand anything. Everyone is upset with me. I don’t know how to handle everyone, especially Ma ji. Kamla ji nods. She calls Malti ji short tempered. I have a solution. Talk to your Babu ji. He will set everything right. Don’t think too much. Eat food now. Komal declines. I will first apologize to Babu ji and then I will eat. Kamla ji tells her to do what makes her happy. Komal goes. Kamla ji is excited to see the drama. I will see if Raghubir ji will forgive her or not!

Raghubir ji is pacing in his room. Komal comes there. He tells her to stop by the door. I don’t want to talk to you. what happened today was not right. I dint expect this from you. Leave me alone. Komal leaves in tears.

Komal begins to cry as soon as she reaches her room. Her phone rings. It is her mother. Komal calms herself down before attending the call. Jamuna ji asks her where she was. I have been calling you since so long. Is everything fine? Komal is crying so she goes quiet. She lies to her mother that she was in kitchen. I just came in room and saw your call. Jamuna ji can sense she is crying or upset. Komal declines. my throat is not fine. Jamuna ji advises her to have turmeric milk before sleeping. You will feel better by morning. Komal agrees. They end the call. Jamuna ji is happy. Payal and Vardaan come just then. Jamuna ji tells them she just had a word with Komal. Payal worries if Komal told her anything but it isn’t the case. Payal is relieved. Jamuna ji asks Payal where she is lost. Payal dismisses it as nothing. I got tired maybe. She goes to take rest.

Next morning, Lucky and Rana are practising. Someone comes to meet Raghubir ji (from a Indian Sports Committee that’s going to start a sports camp). He expresses his wish to have Lucky on board. It will last for 6 months and they will have to stay with us in Chennai. It will be great if Iron Man of Harayana (Lucky) becomes a part of it. Raghubir ji nods. The man leaves. Raghubir ji tells Rana and Lucky about the camp. Lucky thinks Babu ji wont let him happen as he is anyways deciding against him. Rana is worried thinking he might have to go away from Pinki so soon. we just got married. I dint even get to spend time with her. Don’t get me in this situation. It will be better if Lucky goes. Lucky is lost thinking about his forced marriage with Komal. Raghubir ji suggests Lucky’s name which makes both the boys happy. Lucky thanks his father.

Pinki throws Rana’s clothes out of the cupboard and puts her clothes there. I got this almirah. Very soon I will have a right over this house too. I will make everyone dance on my tunes soon. Kamla ji comes there. She asks Pinki if she is sending Rana somewhere for months that she took these clothes out. Pinki nods. All new and old clothes got mixed in the cupboard. I will get new ones. He is your son after all. I will have to make him look like your son, number 1. Kamla ji falls for her words. I wanted to tell you about Raghubir ji deciding to send Lucky in the sports camp. Pinki too knows it. It is good though as I would have to spend 6 months alone. Kamla ji nods. You are lucky to marry my son. If you want to make your place in this house then never let your husband’s prestige fall. A wife’s status should be equal to her husband in the house! Take me. The house and family is mine, I am the eldest DIL of this house but everyone refers everything with Malti. This hurts me real bad. I cannot say anything. Learn lesson from my mistake. Don’t let Badho rule the house while you are busy in your love life. Her status should be below than you. Lucky is already ahead Rana because of his strength. Everyone praises him in the house. This is the time. Don’t sit quietly. Do everything now or you will have to spend your life in someone else’s shadow. Rest is up to you. You know what’s right or wrong for you. Rana comes just then. Pinki only looks down shyly. Kamla ji gets the hint. She smiles at her son, telling Pinki to take care of herself and her son (Rana). She goes. Pinki and Rana look at each other.

Pinki gives towel to Rana and the makes him sit. I got to know you are not going in the camp. He says it is good news. We will get time to spend with each other. No one can separate us now. She walks away a little (sadly). He asks her what the matter is. She tells him to go in the sports camp. He asks her if she does not want him to spend some time together. She says I can accept separation of 6 months but I wont let our love come in between. Time will pass soon. We have to spend life together. I want to see you as a successful wrestler in this life. You will fulfil my wish, right?

Lucky tells Komal to pack her bags again. Get ready to leave the house. She asks him why she should go. He gives up on making her understand. You stay here. I am going to Chennai for 6 months, thanks to you. She asks him what she will do here without him. he tells her to do things the way she always does. You wanted to come in the house. You did come here! Sit back and relax. I am going away from you for 6 months. I will be free from you! Don’t put your things in this cupboard or I will throw you out. She agrees to do anything but not leave the house. He suggests her to kill herself then. Komal feels hurt.

Precap: Lucky is about to sign the papers for camp when Rana tells him to stop. I want to challenge you for a fight. He tells Raghubir ji that he wants to go to the sports camp. Malti ji brings Komal to her home and complains to Jamuna ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I wanted to lucky stay back in home not going for camp. Komal is really innocent. But komal and lucky scenes was so short. Wanted more long scene

  2. I hope more scene Badho and Lucky. I love this serial and happy when Lucky and Badho getting married. But i hope Badho become stronger than this time. I hope Lucky could be know that he get big treasure in Badho.

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