Badho Bahu 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Happy Ending!

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Badho Bahu 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sangram Singh says Lucky must marry Titli. They must abide by Panchayat’s decision. We will make a decision Jamuna ji tomorrow. Raghubir ji says right now I feel all 4 of you (Panch) fail to see the difference between right or wrong. Your decisions are boosted by your ego. You should think well before making any decision. Sangram Singh supports Sushma. Ahlawat family is rebelling. Panchayat very well knows how to tackle such rebels. Kailash ji reminds them Panchayat strives to help people. It does not ruin lives. You still have time. Think very carefully before saying anything. Panch reminds him that he has already resigned from his post. You have no right to say anything now. Kailash ji isn’t bothered. Sangram Singh seconds his ally. He tells Raghubir ji to ask his son to marry or! Ahlawat family glares at him. Raghubir ji walks up to him. What then? What will you do then? Do whatever you have to! It is so saddening to see that a woman could influence your mind so easily! If it was some guy in her place then I would have cut him in two and put the pieces in my Akhada! I am listening to both of you since long! What will you do? You will throw us out of this town? You wont be able to do that as I will leave this town with my entire family right away! I also don’t wish to stay in the village where Panch’s act like goons. Malti ji seconds him. We will also come with you. Kamla ji adds that all of them will go with them. She asks Pinki and Badho to pack their bags.

Payal asks them to stop. Everyone is surprised to see Police with her. Payal says it is indeed time to leave but Panchayat will leave now! Police Inspector explains that Panchayat misused their power. They not just forced Kusum to marry an old guy but they are trying to force another marriage. All the Panch are now under arrest! Panch panic but Raghubir ji warns them to be quiet. Lucky smiles.

Panch reason that they made all the decisions for everyone’s welfare. Do you have a proof that hints that we forced Kusum to marry someone against her wish? Payal says we have proof. I cannot say such a big thing without proof. By now, entire India must be watching this. Inspector switches on his laptop. They watch Kusum’s video wherein she has told everything. The video has been shot by Payal. She also speaks of another decision of Panchayat which will break Komal and Lucky’s marriage. What will happen to our society and our country is people will become targets of such low and orthodox mindset! Sirsa’s Panchayat has been forcing their decisions on people in the name of justice since many years now. Many lives were ruined because of it. I hope that such decisions are stopped after seeing Kusum’s confession. Panch are stunned into silence.

Lucky tells Komal that her plan succeeded. Inspector tells Panch that 3 girls have lodged complaint against them. Shankar ji has also lodged a complaint against you. Court has put a ban on all the decisions that you have taken in the past 6 months. We have orders to arrest you right away! Titli requests Inspector to arrest Sushma and Ram Singh ji as well. I am lodging a complaint against them. They not just tried to kidnap Jamuna Ma ji and threatened to kill her but they also kidnapped Badho! They even made her stamp the divorce papers stealthily! They even compelled me to marry Lucky. Komal tells Inspector that one of their goons is lying unconscious in the store room if they need proof. He will tell you everything. Inspector sends a constable to store room.

Sushma acts innocent. I came 2 days back only. I dint do anything like that. She tells Badho not to trap her falsely. I wont leave you. She takes a step towards Badho but Lucky steps in between. Enough Bua, I mean Titli’s Bua! Enough of your drama. If you or anyone tries to even look at Badho then I will kill them. Even Babu ji wont stop me this time! Sushma says no one can defeat me. Ram ji breaks down. Enough. He accepts his misdeeds and confesses everything. I did it upon Sushma’s askance. It was her planning. He apologizes to Ahlawat family. I became blind and did all that. Titli says you could have asked me once what I want. My dream is not to marry but to become an international athlete. I dreamt of a medal. You tried to break Lucky and Komal’s marriage for me! You were going to give your daughter something that she never desired! Why did you do this?

Ram ji folds hands before Badho. I did really bad with you. Komal says if you would have only tried to understand your daughter then you wouldn’t have done this. Why do we think that girls are only destined to marry? They might also have their own dreams. They are not even given the freedom to dream. We should educate them so they can stand on their feet and fulfil their dream. That is when the society will progress. This is why there is Panchayat. They should look at things with a modern outlook and then come to any decision. It will take us towards progress leaving behind the barriers of caste, dharma, gender, etc! But your orthodox values are only pulling us back. We are society today. We take those rights back from Panchayat. Our society needs a Panchayat which has a broader outlook to things and which gives independence to everyone to think. That is how we will advance. Raghubir ji seconds her. Such people should be out of our society. Police arrests Panchayat. Ram ji asks Titli to forgive him if she can. Sushma and Ram ji also leave.

Kamla ji says thank God Badho managed everything. She gave a fitting reply to Panchayat. Malti ji smiles proudly and hugs her DIL. She is my DIL after all. Payal also asks for some credit and everyone does thank her. Malti ji apologizes to Titli for misunderstanding her. Wont you forgive your mother? You turned out to be really smart and brave. Raghubir ji agrees. You supported truth very bravely. It is commendable. She replies that she is a player who always stands strong. Kamla ji asks her husband to become Sarpanch again. We need someone to look after the people after all! Kailash ji refuses. I can suggest a name who can shoulder the responsibility – Raghubir! Raghubir ji thanks him but politely refuses to do it. I have to manage the Akhada. Komal reasons that they will help him. There cannot be a better Sarpanch than you. He disagrees with her making everyone wonder who it could be. Raghubir ji suggests that that person is right in front of their eyes. Kamla ji gets shy thinking he will choose her but Raghubir ji suggests Komal’s name. Everyone claps in agreement. She is my disciple, DIL and daughter above everything. Our country needs youngsters who wont run away from responsibilities. Is there someone better than Komal? Everyone seconds him. Payal adds that it is time for girls to take charge. Accept it. Everyone cheers in Komal’s name. Komal is hesitant but her family shows faith in her so she agrees.

Lucky leans closer to Komal calling her Sarpanch ji. I have to say something important to you. She asks him to go ahead but he takes her aside as it is very personal.

Lucky again address Komal as Sarpanch ji. I wanted to talk about my personal problem. It is about my wife. She tells him to say it. As a Sarpanch, it is my duty to listen to everyone’s problems and give suggestions. He says I have fought with my wife, have laughed with her, and have cried with her as well. She nods. I have heard that you fight a lot with your wife. He reasons that he also loves her very much. I want to tell her something really important today. It is very personal. Shall I tell her if you agree? She gives him a green nod. Tell your wife. Why are you telling me when it is personal? She turns to go but he holds her hand. Now that you are back, I want to tell you one thing. I wanted to say this long ago but I could never say it. I want to tell you this today. I am not just incomplete without you, I am nothing without you! You are my life. He says I love you to her. Komal looks at him in surprise. He asks her if she wont say anything. She says I love you too to him. She is saying it in low tone but he makes her say it out loud. They share a hug.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally happy ending dekhne ko mili..

    2. I knew since sarpanch election tym, that badho aka komal will become sarpanch one day..

    3. I am little upset that there was less romance shown b/w komal and lucky in whole show, they deserved more…

  2. Love that it was a happy ending but they could have shown them together more in the end. They did not show enough romance. But glad that it show that she became the Sarpanch
    Please bring back a second season soon

  3. Little could one relate to the serial has ended….so soon…they could have atleast taken one more episode to show how happy all in the family are.. please start another season soon

  4. Great ending.

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