Badho Bahu 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Panchayat announces Lucky and Titli’s punishments

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Badho Bahu 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chunnu tells Komal that tomorrow this time she will be at her home.

Pragya is going to temple. Premika meets her. She asks Pragya about Vardaan. Pragya says she doesn’t know. He might be in office. Premika says she went there, he is not there. Pragya says she is getting late and asks her to wait in office. She then says that Vardaan might not like shirt because he mostly wears kurtas only. Premika thanks her and says she will change shirt with kurta.

Ram ji tells Malti that they should accept whatever punishment panchayat gives to Lucky. Titli says when she doesn’t have any problem with Lucky kidnapping her from her engagement, then why panchayat has to interfere? Ram ji tells her after this, no good guy will accept her. He suggests her to forget Lucky and think about herself. Lucky comes and says her father is right. He has already troubled his family a lot and he doesn’t want to trouble them more. He will go to panchayat today and accept whatever punishment they give. Komal’s mother and Payal come and say they are with Lucky. Komal used to say it’s not wrong to fight for right. Komal’s mother tells Raghuveer that Lucky’s intention was to save Titli’s life from getting spoiled. He is his son and he can never do wrong with anyone. Lucky says in his mind where are you Komal? He hopes she comes back soon.

All villagers are gathered. Ghanshyam says panchayat has made its decision about Lucky, but before that they ask Lucky if he wants to say anything. Titli says she wants to say. She says everyone knows, but she will say again that Lucky did everything because she told him that she didn’t want to engage to Avinash. If he is punished, then she should be punished too. Villagers talk that Titli has no shame. Who will marry her? Lucky says Titli didn’t even know it was him who kidnapped her. Whatever was done, he did himself and he is ready for their punishment. He also says his intentions weren’t bad, he just tried to save his friend. Panchayat says they kept Kailash away because it was his house matter, but now they want him to involve as well.

Avinash is still disturbed thinking who is Titli to do this with him.

Kailash says panchayat has found both Lucky and Titli at fault. Both will be punished. Lucky objects why punishment for Titli? Sangram tells Lucky that he has no right to say anything. He tells villagers all Titli’s mistakes and how she let village down. Ram ji objects, but villagers agree with Sangram that Titli also deserves punishment.

Rana and Pinky are on way to pick up Komal. Rana says they should reach home before panchayat ends. Pinky wonders what to do as she didn’t get call from Chunnu, Munnu. She thinks of keeping Rana distracted until then.

Chunnu, Munnu put unconscious Komal in a truck.

Kailash announces that Lucky is removed from village for one year. Malti asks Raghuveer to say something. Raghuveer says he had told her that he will accept whatever decision panchayat takes. Pinky asks Sangram such a big punishment for Lucky? He was forgiven for much bigger crime. Lucky says not to object their decision. Now Kailash announces Titli’s punishment. She will have to marry whomever panchayat choose for her. Titli was already having difficulties in finding a decent guy for her and now after running from her engagement, it will be even harder. So panchayat has chosen Bharat Singh to marry her. Everyone is shocked. Even Raghuveer is shocked. Villagers gossip, that drunk and old guy? Bharat Singh comes with his 4 children.

Precap: Titli accepts her punishment of marrying Bharat Singh. Lucky says he won’t let her marry him no matter what. Villagers ask who will marry her then? Lucky says he will.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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  1. Absolute nonsense! Ridiculous! Did Lucky forget that he is married? Titli’s father is no better than Kamla and Pinkie. He is a selfish, unprincipled man and a betrayer- in my book, he’s as guilty as those two small minded women.In what planet are all these possible. People have no privacy in their family affairs! How come it’s alway Alalwat’s business in the public domain. Raghu and his brother Kailash need to sort out the worms in their home. Soon the family will justify Lucky’s marriage to Titli as there are no single men in the village!
    I resumed reading update thinking that some sanity has been restored, alas, my expectations are too high in this instance- how could I expect that?

    1. Just like her brother, Badho is also going to have to lose her love.
      Pragya is married, and they all still agree to marry her to Teji gi, remember? Same is gonna happen with Lucky and Titli.
      They are making a different kind of show, in which second marriage for both men and women are allowed.

  2. What kind of BS is this? How can he marry that girl when he is already married? You are right Titli’s father is ungreatful and selfish for not telling the family about Badho. I am tired of this Titli she is in love with Lucky so she will gladly marry him. I think this was a trap for Lucky.

  3. And Komal ?

    Talk about love n remember laki wasn’t happy with komal in the beginning.

    Laki can’t marry titli. This drama is stupid

  4. Pls titali ka chapter close kar she is irritating girl. Lucky and badho best Jodi.

  5. zara hayat khan

    I hate this show

  6. What are you trying to promote through this? Second marriages are illegal for Hindus in India. So why are you showing such blatant disregard for the law? Haryanvi communities might be patriarchal, but I have never heard of polygamy being practised there! I used to love this serial, but can’t/don’t watch it anymore, especially after the introduction of Titli.

  7. It was such a nice series 🙁

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