Badho Bahu 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan asks his Bhabhi why she doesn’t want it to happen. Payal says it is because of Teji. He insulted me before everyone. I don’t want this play to happen. Vardaan is sure she too must have done something. This isn’t just about him but for me and my students too. I cannot risk it for them. Now iron the clothes. She refuses but he threatens to tell truth to everyone. She reluctantly agrees. Vardaan tells her to hurry up.

All villagers gather to see the play. Komal collides with Lucky and ends up holding him. Ajay and Jitesh laugh seeing them thus. Komal tells them to be quiet. Lucky points out to Komal that trees don’t walk around. She asks him how she looks in this avatar. He says it’s like a flower in desert. She finds it impressive whereas Lucky gives up on her. Teji tells everyone to get ready. Lucky playfully hits Ajay and Jitesh. Teji is having a hard time controlling everyone. Everyone is making me crazy today!

Ahlawat family also takes their seats. Villagers are in a fix as to what they will understand in the play when they don’t even understand English. Some are positive to see what happens in the play. One guy has also brought garbage to throw at the artists in case the play doesn’t turn out well. Balwant Singh wonders if the play will be bold like all other English plays. Raghubir ji assures him everything will be taken care of. Kamla ji is worried for her daughter. People wont spare them if anything goes wrong. Malti ji tells her to be positive. Our kids are intelligent enough. Pradhan Ji’s son is irked. Why did you bring me here? Pradhan ji tells him to wait till the end. See the drama that will happen in the end.

Jitesh tells everyone to be patient. We will start soon. People get excited.

Bharpayi paces worriedly. She refuses to take part as she cannot remember anything. I am feeling dizzy. I will fall. I cannot even speak Hindi. He tells her nothing can happen at the last minute. Read your lines again. She requests him to give her a role where she has to speak nothing. Teji insists that everyone has gathered outside to watch it. Don’t back out now. Bharpayi turns to Komal. I feel so scared. I wont be able to do it. Teji firmly tells her no one else can do it now. Komal has an idea. Next bell is rung. Teji is super tensed. Nothing can be done now.

People are getting anxious. Bharpayi, Pinki and Rana take their place on stage (dressed as trees). The hosts announce that the play is in English but they will translate it for them on and off. Komal and Lucky dance romantically. It turns out to be Komal’s imagination. Balwant ji asks about Romeo and Juliet. Jitesh explains that they are like Heer and Ranjha of India. People smile looking at the trees when lights are put on. Teji comes on stage followed by Lucky. People cheer seeing Lucky. Komal finds him looking as hot as a Hollywood hero. Teji gives his introduction as the hero of the play but people want Lucky to be their Hero. Lucky manages them somehow. Teji will be Romeo today. Pragya, Komal and Vardaan also join them. Komal introduces Pragya as Juliet. She speaks in broken English. They start the play. Jitesh keeps translating it for the villagers. Komal keeps looking at Lucky sweetly when he gestures her to look away. Pragya (Juliet) is choosing jewellery for her when Teji (Romeo) stares at her intently. People remark that he is looking so cheaply at Pragya. They all take it personally. Raghubir ji advises everyone to just focus on the play. People still threaten Romeo / Teji to go or they will hang him. They all go in separate directions.

Pradhan ji’s son asks his father about his surprise. Pradhan ji gets a message. It is here. He will make a dramatic entry anytime. His son is confused. Pradhan ji tells him to wait and watch. A guy enters (face is blurred).

Precap: Komal playfully hits flower at Lucky. Something happens because of which Lucky hits Teji. He falls unconscious. People wish to see Ram Leela instead. Later, Komal and Lucky are enacting Ram Leela when someone comes there dressed as Ravan. He hits Lucky who hits him back. The guy is revealed to be Zalim Singh.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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