Badho Bahu 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky says what if veil isn’t here. My hand is here to protect Komal’s dignity and our family’s respect. Komal will do her repentance and I will walk with her. Komal looks at him with gratitude. Pradhan ji refuses to accept it. Lucky reasons that he has married her so he has this much right. Komal will repent for her mistake while I will repent for mine. Sarpanch ji justifies his stance. Payal thanks Lord for sending Lucky at the right time. Lucky tells Komal to start walking. People feel bad seeing this. Komal lets go of her dupatta but Lucky holds it. They walk together. Everyone feels bad except Pradhan ji. Nobody looks up as Lucky and Komal walk past them.

The ladies of Ahlawat Family continue to pray.

Jamuna ji calls Komal again to see how she is but gets no response. She might be busy in household chores. I will talk to her later.

Vardaan joins Payal. What are you looking at? She looks again at Komal and Lucky. He asks her why her eyes are red but she lies that it is because of dust. She takes him before he can look back.

Lucky looks pointedly at Pradhan ji.

Vardaan asks Bhabhi to wait. I want to see what’s happening there. Payal knows he will get angry seeing Badho like this. It will become impossible to handle him. Vardaan asks her what was going on there. She cooks up a story. Let’s go home. I have lots of work. He agrees.

Sarpanch ji tells Pradhan ji Komal did her bit. I want this matter to end now. You too should leave now. This is what is good for everyone. Pradhan ji leaves with his son. The girl (from Ahlawat Family) goes inside to inform everyone what happened outside. Everyone leaves from there one by one except Lucky and Komal.

Lucky returns Komal her dupatta. She puts it over her head and looks at him. He walks away silently followed by Komal.

The girl updates the ladies on everything. Everyone is coming back. Pinki isn’t pleased.

Lucky and Komal walk silently. She keeps looking at him lovingly and thinks of what he just did for her. Lucky looks at her. She smiles a little at him but he says nothing.

Malti ji asks Lucky if everything is fine. He asks her to leave him alone for some time. Malti ji goes to Komal and scolds her. Why don’t you let us sit in peace? You keep calling for problems for us? Are you at peace now by insulting us before everyone? Is anything left now? Kamla ji asks Komal why she did this. Malti ji says you dint think once about our family. Kamla ji says I told you everything about Pradhan ji and our family’s relations. You just added fuel to fire. Komal says I do understand my mistake. You can punish me. I will accept anything. Kamla ji says it wont help now. She tells Malti to explain the rules of this house to Komal. Tell her everything nicely. If she still does not understand then my DIL can teach her something. She goes with Pinki. Malti ji tells Komal she cannot look in the eye of her loved ones because of her today. Don’t know why you came in this house as my DIL. She goes. Komal cries.

Pinki asks Badho what she did. I can understand your pain and what you are going through. Atmosphere isn’t right. I cannot tell anyone what I feel. You know everyone is upset with you. I too will maintain a distance with you for a while so they don’t take me wrong. They will misunderstand me otherwise. Please understand my situation. I will always be your side. I have always been. Komal says it is enough that you have said it now. You really are my best friend. She goes. Pinki smirks.

Komal prays to God. I cannot understand anything. What’s wrong with me that so much happened since I came here! You too dint leave my side and sent Lucky ji to help me. Tell me how to make everyone happy once again. Pinki stands with her and prays. Komal asks Pinki if she will do a small thing. Give aarti to everyone. Their BP will increase if they will see my face. You can do this for me right? Pinki thinks this is good news. Keep helping me win everyone’s heart like this Badho. She tells Badho she will do this for her.

Komal comes to her room. Lucky looks away. She thanks him for standing by her side in this situation. I am really grateful to you. I will never be able to repay you. Lucky tells Komal she does not deserve any favour from him. Understand this well. You have no place in my life. Don’t think I did it for you. Whatever I did today, I did to keep my father’s prestige and respect intact. You risked it badly today. She tries to say something but he warns her to be quiet. You are bent upon insulting me and my family. Is this how you repay my Babu ji for all that he did for you? I don’t even like your face! He walks out angrily.

Kamla ji, Malti ji and Pinki are seated for dinner. The girl offers to give food to Komal in her room. Malti ji declines. Kamla ji notices Komal hearing this from behind. Komal heads back to her room and cries.

Kamla ji thinks to add fuel to fire. She tells Malti ji she feels bad for her. You have been cheated by Jamuna. She spoke so well about her daughter before marriage and how she got a good upbringing. I see nothing like that. Was she talking about this? Komal insulted us before everyone today. You must tell Jamuna everything that happened today! Malti ji gets thinking. Kamla ji says Jamuna must be relieved to be free from her problem. She fooled us! She did wrong to us. Malti ji says you are right. She must know what her daughter did in our house just after coming here. Kamla ji tells her not to waste time thinking. Go to her place tomorrow morning. Ask her about her upbringing. Malti ji agrees to do it.

Precap: Someone comes to meet Raghubir ji (from sports camp). He expresses his wish to have Lucky on board. It will last for 6 months. Raghubir ji nods. Later, Lucky tells Komal to sit back and relax. I am going away from you for 6 whole months! It is such a relief!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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