Badho Bahu 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal rescues her mother

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Badho Bahu 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal says these pheras cannot happen. Ma ji and Tai ji will please tell him. Sushma advises her to go inside if she cannot see the wedding. Don’t create an intrusion. Komal says I am not interrupting. I am speaking in your favour only. How can pheras happen without doing puja of Kuldevta? I know you don’t believe in auspicious and inauspicious but Ram ji is obviously aware of it. Have you ever seen a wedding happen without Kuldevta’s puja? Malti ji tells her to let it be. This wedding wont last anyways. Kamla ji gestures Komal and tells Malti ji that wedding cannot happen without the puja. You have gone mad. Malti ji understands the plan. Kamla ji scolds the Pundit who says I am only doing what Sushma ji asked me to do. Sushma suggests doing the puja once the wedding is complete. Ram ji declines. It must happen. It is about my daughter’s life after all. Sushma tries to object but Malti ji says it isn’t so far anyways. We must go. Kamla ji offers to go with him but Sushma tells everyone against it. She asks Pundit ji to find a way out. Is there some small puja which can make up for it? Pundit ji checks his book.

Lucky recalls Komal telling him that their plan will be implement in 2 hours.

Pundit ji says we can do that puja here only. It will only take 30 minutes. Ram ji asks him to hurry up. Komal hopes Bhabhi returns a bit early. Lucky hopes Badho’s plan is implemented successfully. Lucky and Titli sit down for the puja. Komal keeps looking at the door. The puja is complete.

Lucky and Titli are asked to stand up for the pheras. Titli thinks to show her mehendi to Badho now. She will have to come. She pretends to be dizzy and shouts Badho’s name. Sushma runs off to bring water. Badho keeps calling her name who whispers her name to catch her attention. She extends her hand for Badho who reads the message written on her palm. Titli tells her father she is feeling weak. I wont be able to take pheras. Sushma says you will be able to take it or otherwise the breathing will stop. She covers up taking her own and Ram ji’s name.

Badho remembers how Titli agreed for the wedding and that she has been trying to tell her something since then. This is what she wanted to tell me. She begins to head inside when Lucky asks her to stop. She still goes inside. Sushma tells him that Badho cannot see all this. Let her go. Lucky says we don’t want to see you guys too yet we are looking at you!

Komal gets inside the store room. She finds her mother behind a few cartons. Goon is standing right behind Jamuna ji. Sushma ji was right that you will reach here. He keeps a knife around Jamuna ji’s neck. Stand in a corner if you want to see your mother safe. Komal says when you knew that I am coming here then you should also know that I wont leave without my mother. Jamuna ji tells her to stop the wedding. I know everything. Don’t worry about me. Komal is in tears.

Lucky and Titli start taking pheras reluctantly. Lucky remembers his wedding vows given to Komal during their wedding.

Goon says dint you hear what your mother said. Leave quietly. Komal refuses to leave without her mother. Goon advances towards her. He tries to hit her but she manages to make him drop his knife and hits him as well. She rushes to her mother’s side. Komal frees her mother. Goon attacks her but Komal manages to overpower him again. Goon grabs hold of the knife yet again.

Pundit ji explains the significance of pheras to everyone. Lucky says my happiness lies in Badho’s happiness and her pain is my pain. Sushma tells Titli to go ahead.

Goon says you both wont be able to get out from here alive. Komal tells her mother to calm down. Goon says you are acting like some big wrestler. He attacks her with the knife. She gets hurt a little but then holds his hand firmly.

Ram ji and Sangram Singh are happy with the way the wedding is progressing.

Komal pushes the goon to the wall. It angers him but she throws a tyre at him. He falls down and Komal and Jamuna ji run out of the room. Goon passes out.

Pundit ji explains that after this last phera, Lucky and Titli will become husband and wife. Komal asks them to stop. Lucky ji was my husband, is my husband and will always be my husband. Sushma and Ram ji look at Komal and Jamuna ji unhappily while Titli smiles in relief. Pragya and Vardaan hold Jamuna ji. Ram ji steps back a little. Kamla ji and Lucky ask them what happened to Jamuna ji. Komal begins to tell them when Titli offers to tell truth to everyone. This wedding wont happen now! Lucky opens the gathbandhan. Titli also throws the garland away. Lucky checks Komal’s wounds. What happened? She assures him that she is fine. You are with me after all. He ties the dupatta around her wound.

Titli address everyone. You all must be thinking that I was doing this willingly but I was compelled to do so. It wasn’t someone else but my own Bua and father who made me do this. They kidnapped Jamuna Ma ji. Lucky looks at Komal in shock. Titli adds that they forced me to marry Lucky while threatening to kill Jamuna Ma ji. Everyone is stunned. I tried to tell the truth to everyone. My Bua was always after me and Lucky and Komal were also not keen to hear anything.

Sushma feigns innocence. I was only following the orders of Panch. Can I do something like this when I am a part of Mahila Aayog Committee? This Ahlawat Family has brainwashed my niece against me and my brother. We were only following your order diligently but they got my niece against us only. She is extremely emotional which is why I was always around her. I dint want anyone to brainwash her but they succeeded in the end! Titli tells her to stop her drama. How much more will you lie? Malti ji slaps Sushma. I never thought you will stoop this low! What did you lie for? Sushma turns to Panch. Do you see how I am openly slapped? It is happening because I was only following your order. Ahlawat Family has decided to rebel. Today they are rebelling; tomorrow entire village might rebel against your ideals! Who will adhere to Panchayat then? Titli asks Pundit ji to leave but Sangram Singh tells her against it. This wedding will happen at any cost!

Precap: Payal comes with police. It is time for them to leave the house. Titli requests Inspector to arrest Sushma and Ram Singh ji too. I am lodging a complaint against them. They not just tried to kidnap Jamuna Ma ji and tried to kill her but they also kidnapped Badho! Lucky says I love you to Komal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Last episode tomorrow…. Show started nice and different concept but lost trp more due to titli track…

    1. Summer

      Hi Shraddha, I have to agree. Started off really nice but got ruined since Titli entry. It went down hill from there for me.

  2. So what was Payal’s plan?!!!
    Very easy and swift scene, easy as a piece of cake!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s last episode.

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