Badho Bahu 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay informs that Lovely eloped with someone on bike. Everyone looks at Komal. Pradhan ji tells Raghubir ji I was right. Women are the dignity of the house. Girl from your family has insulted our family today. Raghubir ji says I can understand your feelings. I apologize to you on Komal’s behalf. He also folds his hands. Your daughter threatened to kill herself. What could she do? I still apologize for what happened. Pradhan ji says apology wont work now. There will be justice. You will have to even out for what I have lost by giving me anything that’s precious to you. if not, then get me my daughter back. Komal says I made the mistake. I should be punished. I am ready for it. He asks her what her worth is. What will be the use of punishing you? Lucky has a worth! He is the most precious thing of Ahlawat family. He will pay the price of my insult. Raghubir ji calls it wrong. Why will my son pay for it? Malti ji folds her hands before Pradhan ji. I request you not to punish my son for this. He dint do anything. She scolds Komal for putting her son’s life in risk as soon as she came to the house. Pradhan ji says we have seen and heard enough. What had to happen has happened. Now it will happen my way. He asks Vijay to get his sword. Vijay brings his sword. Lucky holds it with his bare hands shocking everyone. Rana tries to intervene but Raghubir ji stops him. He asks Pradhan ji to ask his son to keep the sword back in its sheath. We also have swords, don’t forget that!

Lucky pushes Vijay behind. Ahlawat ji tells Malti ji, Kamla ji and Pinki to go inside. Don’t aggravate them atter. Ladies leave except Komal. Sarpanch ji advises Pradhan ji not to rush into anything. We will sort this with a cool mind. Pradhan ji taunts Raghubir ji. You were so proud of your DIL. See how I make her apologize now! Raghubir ji says Ahlawat family is not going to sit quietly as well. Sarpanch ji requests him to calm down or the matter will only worsen. we have tried a lot to make relations good with Pradhan ji and his town. Things will again go out of hand which will affect every citizen here. I request you to stay calm. Everyone’s interest lies in the same. Lucky scolds Komal for messing things. Why did you use your brain? You have already ruined my life. You put everyone’s life in risk now!

Kamla ji scolds / taunts Malti ji for getting such a DIL. She has become an eclipse on our family. My DIL is so simple and naive. Malti ji agrees with her. Komal did so much as soon as she came in the house. Don’t know what she will do next. Pinki is happy because of Komal making so many mistakes. Keep going this way so I can gain some numbers in everyone’s eyes!

Komal takes responsibility of what happened. I will do whatever I have to do to make up for it. I don’t want anyone to be in any problem. This village looks at our family proudly. I don’t want to see them looking down at us. I cannot see you bowing your head before anyone. I will accept everything. Ahlawat ji tells his brother not to say anything. Sarpanch ji agrees with him. We will do as Pradhan ji says.

Payal and Vardaan are on their way home. He has to go to library to return books. Give me some money. She tells him to ask his mother. She only cooked pakoras of money. He goes to library.

Everyone is gathered outside. Payal looks at them from far. Pradhan ji says Komal Singh Ahlawat has insulted our family big time, because of which I have to look down in shame. A woman’s veil is her biggest strength as it covers her dignity before everyone. Komal will have to do repentance for the insult she has done to my family. She will have to remove her veil, fold hands before me and walk before me in Sirsa, apologizing for the same. Payal wonders what Komal did now. I cannot stay peacefully at all! She thinks against doing anything as she is married now. She is the DIL of Ahlawat family and their responsibility. It wont be right to intervene. They will have to handle this matter now.

Komal steps forward. People begin to gossip seeing her.

Kamla ji says what can be done now. A girl tells them about Komal’s punishment. Kamla ji yet again complains to Malti ji for getting such a bad DIL.

Jamuna ji calls Komal but does not get any response. She hopes everything is fine.

Raghubir ji calls it injustice. He folds his hands again. I request you. Pradhan ji and Vijay don’t react. Rana also requests Pradhan ji not to do this to Komal. Vijay denies. Insult will be evened out only by an insult. Komal Bhabhi will have to do this. Payal feels bad. Sarpanch ji asks Komal to hurry up.

Everyone is shocked and helpless seeing Komal remove her veil from her head. Ahlawat family looks down feeling bad. Komal hears people pointing out at her. Pradhan ji feels a bit satisfied witnessing this.

Ladies pray in the house. Pinki acts concerned. Malti ji prays to Lord to end this test soon. Don’t test us anymore.

Lucky walks up to Komal. Everyone looks at them in confusion. The girl also comes outside. Komal looks down as she cries. Lucky keeps his hand over her head (in a way covering it like the veil). Everyone is touched by his gesture except Pradhan ji and Vijay. Raghubir ji look proudly at his son. Lucky says what if veil isn’t here. My hand is here to protect Komal’s dignity and our family’s respect. Komal looks at him with gratitude.

Precap: Lucky too offers to go with Komal but Pradhan ji declines. Malti ji decides to update Jamuna ji on what her daughter did after coming in their home. Kamla ji smirks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. happy birthday reality king prince narula .may God bless u

  2. Really super. At the end of the episode fabulous. Can’t think lucky did like this. He’s really good man. I love this serial so much. Waiting for next episode

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