Badho Bahu 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya makes Payal dance to her tunes

Badho Bahu 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chotto Bua compliments Komal on what she did today. Komal tells Bua to end this competition. Lucky tells her it is too late. Pinki will do anything, stoop to any level t make sure this competition happens. Komal is surprised to hear him say so about Pinki. Lucky is hurt that Rana fell in Pinki Bhabhi’s trap. I can accept any challenge for his sake but I dint know he would change so much. Komal asks him what he is saying. He points out that he had asked Rana to accompany him to Pragya’s home on Rakhi. Bhai had agreed but Bhabhi told him not to go there. On Haldi, she sat idle and made you do everything. I overheard her convo and understood everything. Chotto Bua tells them to trust God. He is watching everything. Take rest now. She leaves. Komal tells Lucky Bua ji is right. She goes to bring something for him to drink.

Vardaan notices Pragya staring in her phone instead of the book. She keeps it aside and sleeps. He walks up to her cot. Book falls down while he is trying to pick it. The phone is locked by then so he does not see the photo. He keeps them back and covers her with duvet with a smile.

Komal stops Bua ji in corridor. Please don’t show that video to anyone. There would be a big problem if anyone sees it. The situation is very critical. If we don’t think wisely then there will be a divide in the house. Bua assures her no one will know about the video. Komal nods.

Kamla ji gives prize (gold bangles) to Pinki for doing her job well. Kailash ji joins them. Kamla ji asks him why he looks so upset. He shares that he is worried. I just met Rana. I tried to explaining him not to take any decision in haste, it isn’t right but he is reluctant to change his mind. He insists upon fighting with Lucky.

Malti ji asks her husband why he dint do anything. Raghubir ji tells her he cannot stop this fight. I did whatever I could as a Guru. Rana challenged Lucky even then. If I stop the fight now then it will mean that I will break all the rules. There is only one way to stop it. Rana should withdraw on his own.

Kamla ji tells her husband to let Rana do what he wants to. He will be insulted if we will ask him to step back. He will be affected badly by it. Do you want that? Kailash ji shakes his head. Kamla ji says this is what I am trying to explain.

Malti ji says this fight will create a divide in our family. Raghubir ji is sure a competition cannot break their family or relations. Its result wont affect us in anyway.

Kamla ji says there are different kinds of people in the house. They will fight because of their differences but will fall in place sooner or later. Kailash ji hopes this would stay within the 4 walls of their house. Kamla ji tells him not to worry. It will happen as per your wish. She mentally vows to use this to create a rift in the house. It will shake everyone badly. My dream of becoming number 1 will start from tomorrow itself when Sangram Singh’s idea will be put to practise. I will see how Badho’s name will come in poster.

Pragya asks Jamuna ji to come. We have to go to temple. Lattu comes to Pragya. She asks him why he isn’t going to school. He shares that everyone is going to picnic today. He cannot go like last year. Pragya tells him he will go this time. I will pay you as I am handling the house and expenses this time. Payal asks Pragya why she is spoiling Lattu. Pragya reasons that there is no use of the money which wont bring a smile on the kid’s face. She gives money to Lattu who runs off to school. Payal asks Rs. 1000 from Pragya. Pragya tells her to do her work first. Ma ji gets milk daily. I want you to do it every day. Payal declines. Pragya says it is ok. I will give this to Ma ji then. Payal takes the money from her. Jamuna ji has seen everything. She does thumbs up to Pragya.

Komal offers aarti to Rana and Pinki. Lucky also comes there. Pinki takes aarti followed by Rana but there is complete silence. He leaves to do some work. Lucky takes aarti next. They hear Kamla ji shouting on top of her voice just then and head to the living room. Entire family is gathered there. They ask her why she was shouting so loudly. Kamla ji shows the news article to everyone. It is against Komal – is the DIL breaking the house the symbol of modern thinking? Pinki understands it was her MIL’s plan. She has done a great job! Kamla ji gives the paper to Malti ji. Read it out to me. Malti ji wears her spectacles. She reads the article. It has happened for the first time that someone made their DIL the symbol / meaning of their agenda. Raghubir ji has filed for nomination keeping his DIL in his mind. It is worth thinking if Komal deserves it or not. Her past is filled with such mistakes. Or it is just for the elections? Malti ji continues reading the article. It speaks of how Komal’s first marriage was broken and Lucky was forced to marry her against his wish. She even made her SIL elope the house and got her married. Her wrestling stunt is also mentioned in the article. Is this the right way to express the agenda or is Raghubir ji just dragging the matter? This will finally show in the results if this modern thinking will make him win or lose. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see where Kailash ji’s progressive thinking will take him.

Precap: Komal says I don’t want Babu ji to lose because of me. These posters wont be distributed anywhere. She takes posters from Som and Lucky and sets them afire.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Candiva007

    OMG Komal, you’re going to let Kamla win??? Somehow that video of Pinki should be shown.


    Stupid komal… she is biggest stupid in whole family…
    Writers are ruining this show even..

  3. Komal how naive are you? Saving Pinki’s blushes will not stop her from continuing to cause a rift in the family. Frustrating as it is to watch Badho being clueless, I think Chotto Bua will save that trump card till the time is right. Should injustice happen, Pinki exposure regarding destroying the diya lamps may just bring shame to team Kailash election that they are willing to stoop low and play dirty to win at any cost. Secondly, the attempt to smear Badho name and reputation in hope to tarnish Ragu chance of winning may just back-fire? Although the newspaper has written a very twisted and negative light on matters, one can look at it positively and turn it around to their advantage. Badho was left at the altar, but she did not jump down a well and commit suicide in shame…Komal is living example to other women of strength, not just physical but mental too. Although match to Lucky ji at first was not contented, but with time, Komal and Lucky ji have proven that when both are willing to work at a marriage, with understanding and patience; they can learn to appreciate each others perspective and respect each other for their views. This makes a marriage compatible, harmonious and respectable because there is consideration on both parts. When the villagers learn that Komal did not forcefully marry Pragya but in fact to save Pragya, it will swing in Ragu’s favour. I am hoping now that pandora’s box have been opened, this will lead to the truth in fact Teji jilted Pragya which leads back to Pinki, as she knew all along about their relationship but hid it from her FIL , MIL and Rana. Secondly, when the villagers learn that Kamla ji and Kailash ji refuses to acknowledge their daughters existence, this too can work against them in the campagin election when they learn the truth of how Komal saved Pragya. Please writers, don’t let Pinki and Kamal ji get away with this conspiracy, they must be exposed and be shamed!

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