Badho Bahu 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat family prays for Komal and Lucky

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Badho Bahu 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both Malti ji and Kamla ji are curious seeing the tall fridge box. Kamla ji tries to open it when Raghubir ji calls out to Malti ji. Both the ladies go out.

Titli is getting henna on her hands. Sushma says I know you will thank me after wedding. You don’t have to worry over anything. Titli says how can I not worry when you are around. she goes aside to attend a call from her office. You know what I will do if you try to act smart. Titli nods. I assure you I wont go anywhere. I will be right here. Sushma comes to a room Jamuna ji and heaves a sigh of relief. Come. You are on time.

Lucky is sitting on his window. I never thought that we (Komal and him) will have to stay apart even when in the same house. Komal is also standing on the window of her room teary eyed. Just like our love brought me back home, it will also bring us together one day. Lucky leaves it on Bholenath. Komal says I will fix everything. Nothing can separate us when we have Bholenath’s blessings!

The goon comes to storeroom. He takes out his knife as he walks towards the fridge carton. He looks at Jamuna ji.

The mehendi girl meets Sushma on her way out. Titli told me she will write the groom’s name herself. Sushma rushes to Titli’s room. Titli says you told me not to go anywhere. I got the henna done. Sushma asks her to show the mehendi. Titli suggests seeing it in morning only. I am really tired. She goes. Sushma is thoughtful.

Pragya has set 2 beds. Vardaan gives her his photo. What will you do with it? She makes him sit down and cuts the corners. I found a post for you. He says I have a job already but she says I found a new post for you for life now. She takes out a locket. My Dadi gave it to me asking me to put picture of God in it. I put Bholenath’s photo on one side and I will put your photo on the other side. I trust you more after God. Vardaan asks her why she never thought of putting Teji’s photo in it. She says I thought of it sometimes but I never put it for some reason. My life partner was right in front of me since always. I just couldn’t recognize you. I am lucky to be married to you so now I am locking you here for forever. I am sorry for hurting you knowingly or unknowingly. She touches his feet but he stops her. Just like you I come after Bholenath for you, I also gave you the second place in my life after God. They share a hug. Pragya says Ma ji would have been so happy to see us together. Shall we call her? He says I too feel she will be happy to know this but we should wait for Komal Didi and Jiju’s matter to solve first. We were under the same roof yet we were so far from each other but not anymore.

Next morning, Komal is unable to connect with Payal. Everything is in your hands now. Where are you Bhabhi? Payal finally calls her back. I am heading to Hisar now. We will achieve what we have planned for. Komal reminds her that they only have 2 hours. Payal assures her that they will get a happy ending. Komal hopes for the same as she ends the call.

Pinki asks Rana what she should do to save Komal’s marriage. She finds him lost in thoughts. He asks her why she isn’t ready till now. She replies that she isn’t keen. Think of something to save their marriage please. Rana is sure this relation can never break. I saw honesty in your eyes after so long. Today I feel you really don’t want Komal’s relation to break. Remember that even God cannot stop you when you think of something with a pure heart. She shares that she always created problem for Badho but she really wants this forced marriage to break. Hope Lucky and Komal stay together forever. Rana assures her about it.

Kamla ji is also reprimanding herself for her misdeed. This is the punishment of my wish to become number 1. Help them Lord. Don’t punish them for the wrongs done by me. She cries. Kailash ji calms her. You are asking something from God with a pure heart after so long. I am sure God will listen to you and help Komal and Lucky.

Raghubir ji is also feeling helpless. I don’t know how to help Lucky and Komal. Malti ji tells him not to worry. I have faith in Lucky and Komal’s relation. Bholenath wont let anything go wrong. Raghubir ji says you know that till date I only prayed for national medal for Lucky till now. Today, Komal and Lucky’s togetherness has become more important for me than my dream.

Pragya is also sad to think that Komal united them yet she is about to part from her partner. Vardaan tells her against it. She says my heart is also saying the same but what if it does not happen. We will never marry if they don’t get back together. He promises her that everything will be fine and hugs her.

Titli tells her father that everything will be fine. Do you think you are doing something nice by breaking a relation? Will your daughter be happy like this? No! I will die so this wedding does not happen!

Komal is crying looking at Lucky’s photo. Where are you? I dint see you since morning. He comes just then. I am right here. They hug. He tells her that he cannot live without her for another moment. Let’s run away. She reasons that that will only complicate the matter. We must stay here and finish this for once and all. He asks her how they will do it. She gives him their wedding photo. He apologizes to her for not being able to fulfil the vows made to her. I have become so helpless and lost. She says we have entire life before us. I wont leave your side so easily. I have made the plan. Wedding is due in 2 hours. My plan will also be implemented by then. Sushma comes there looking for Lucky. You should forget your first wife now. There should only be Titli from here on! Get ready and come. Wedding will happen right away. Komal speaks of mahurat. Titli’s father will never let it happen. Sushma laughs. Bhaiya has agreed already and Pundit ji also said that this time is better. You know I like to stay a step ahead. She takes Lucky with him. Komal calls Payal. It is emergency. Bua ji said that wedding will happen right now. Payal tells her not to worry. I am about o reach Hisar. I will call you the moment I reach there! She ends the call. Komal prays to God to help her now.

Precap: Lucky and Titli exchange garlands. Malti ji asks Ram ji if he thinks he will make his daughter happy by breaking off someone’s wedding. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji second her. Komal and Payal are on call. Payal asks her to do something which halts the wedding for an hour.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Finally show will be ending on friday… Though it should have ended long back as titali entry was unwanted and major cause of losing trp…

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