Badho Bahu 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chotto Bua exposes Pinki!

Badho Bahu 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua tells the couples to come on stage. Everyone claps for them. Komal smiles for Lucky’s sake but is extremely tensed.

Rinki comes to Vardaan’s House. She hides his shirt under the cot. Pragya is surprised to see her there at this hour. Rinki fumbles while answering. She ends up saying that she came to meet Vardaan. He asks her what she wants from him. She says I know you don’t like it when I came here. I came to tell you I am not that old Rinki anymore. I have changed after marriage. I only want you to end the animosity between us. Please accept this gift from me and start afresh. Pragya and Jamuna ji tell Vardaan to respect Rinki as she is taking an initiative. Vardaan accepts the gift and thanks Rinki.

Pinki asks Komal if she is tensed. Komal says I am scared. Pinki says it can be clearly seen on your face. Dance is not your cup of tea. Even God wont let you win! Take care of your saree while dancing. You will become a mockery if you will fall while dancing in saree. Lucky ji’s respect will also be maligned. Lucky notices Komal shifting in her place. Are you ok? Is your saree fine? She nods but everyone’s words put her in a tight spot. She refuses to dance and heads to her room. Everyone is taken aback. Malti ji says this is what I was afraid of. She insulted us. Kamla ji speaks against Komal. She ruined everything! She just left like that. Raghubir should thank God that he made her give up wrestling on time or she would have only brought shame on them. How would she face the world this way? Lucky goes to check on Komal.

Vardaan wears the kurta gifted by Rinki. This is precisely my size. How does she know about my size and like? How did she got an identical one made for me? Pragya says true friends know everything. What else do you want? Jamuna ji nods. Payal compliments Vardaan on the new kurta. You have been shopping it seems. Pragya tells her not to worry. It’s a gift from Rinki. Pragya says it’s a gift only. You too got one the other day. She apologized as well. Vardaan ji has no problem with my friendship with Rinki. Payal realises the true motive of Rinki behind all of this. Great job Rinki!

Lucky comes to talk to Komal. What are you thinking? She replies that she cannot compete. He says the one who encourages everyone cannot lose when it came to her. We only have to give our best. We should leave winning or losing in God’s hands. She is afraid that something wrong might happen. I don’t want anyone to taunt you. He scolds her for working hard day and night but leaving it all in the end. Come with me. Nothing will go wrong. She stays put. I don’t want to take part in any dance competition. He tells her to trust him. Nothing like that will happen. She declines. He scolds her. Sit here and cry. Don’t do anything. Bua tells him to calm down. I will talk to her. He reasons that it is useless to explain to Komal. You can try if you want. He leaves from there upset.

Chotto Bua says I don’t care who wins or loses. My love and respect for you wont diminish if you wont dance tonight. You have already done too much for me. I would be hurt if you will lose without even trying. Bad people will easily win if she wont even try. It will be unjust to you, Lucky and everyone. We can make impossible possible but we must do it together. Komal asks her what she means.

Kamla ji blames Malti ji for keeping high hopes from Komal. You should have told her she is not fir for all this. Things wouldn’t have aggravated this way then. How much will you be insulted when people will hear of this? Well, not everyone can have a DIL like Pinki. Malti ji is left tight lipped.

Chotto Bua calls Komal innocent. You cannot see how badly Pinki treats you. She leaves no chance to show you down. I feel that is the only motive of her life. You are blind anyways. You make demon God. Komal tells her not to connect anything to anything. This has no connection whatsoever. Pinki is my very good friend. This is for fun. Please don’t call it competition. I only want to dance for fun. Bua asks her if she has no responsibility towards anyone just like Pinki does everything. She mocks you; made you grind turmeric, mehendi; she was just a spectator when you were being thrown out of the house; she made you distribute the axes while she broke your diya’s. It was all for fun only. Komal is in disbelief but Chotto Bua shows her the video.

Lucky comes downstairs. Malti ji asks about Badho. Wont she dance? Lucky denies. I tried explaining her but she dint understand. Malti ji gets upset with Komal but Raghubir ji gestures her to stop. It isn’t good to force anyone. This is mehendi Sangeet ceremony and no competition. Don’t know why you all are talking about competition. Chotto has gone to bring her. Remember that the word competition should not be used between the family!

Komal cries seeing the video. Bua asks her if she saw what Pinki did for fun. Komal thinks of the incident and wipes her tears composing herself.

Komal joins everyone downstairs. Pinki tells Komal she is smart to refuse the dance. It isn’t a bad thing to do. We will all dance together now. She tells Som to play some nice family song for them. There wont be any competition tonight! Komal tells them to stop. Tonight we will not dance together but against each other! Lucky and Pinki look at her in shock. Lucky questions her but Komal says the competition will happen tonight only. She goes on stage too followed by Lucky. She tells Som to play their song. Lucky happily joins her. Pinki too takes her place. Komal does not look her in the eye and takes her position. Malti ji smiles at Kamla ji who looks irked.

Precap: Sangram Singh tells Kamla ji that Badho will be insulted in such a way tomorrow that her poster wont be visible anywhere. Payal tells Pragya not to take it to her head even if Ma ji gave her the responsibility of house. Pragya advises her to calm herself.

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    Show is getting interesting day by day… but only 2 things are missing about komal that she is not getting respect which she deserve and her motivational wrestling or anything for women upliftment..

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