Badho Bahu 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fair starts with a small motivating speech from Raghubir ji. The same guys are waiting impatiently for the fair to start. It is the same guy whose daughter had eloped from Ahlawat House with Komal’s help. He tells his son to calm down. Let the fair begin. You can then avenge with Lucky and his wife as Raghubir is very proud of them. Break their pride. His son is anxious to meet them asap.

Raghubir ji thanks the owners as well. People compliment the fair. It has been organized so well. Another guy seconds him. It isn’t the work of a woman to arrange such a large scale affair. They are good at household chores. Raghubir ji shares that Komal and Payal made this possible. Komal denies. We dint do anything alone. It is inter-related. You will surely win if you are into something together. My husband supported me in every step and similarly, Shankar Bhaiya helped Bhabhi in everything. Everyone claps for them. Komal gives mike to Lucky. He tells everyone how everyone had given up on the idea of fair except Komal. She stepped forward and took entire responsibility on herself. Fair is on today because of her and other women of our house. We don’t have to do anything much but guide her and show her the path. They will reach new heights. Everyone likes his thought and claps which irks Kamla ji.

Teji tells Pragya something. Kareena asks him what he is teaching Pragya. Teji praises her this time. Kareena looks away uninterested.

Raghubir ji congratulates everyone on the good crops. Everyone should enjoy the fair for next 2 days. Komal and Lucky break a coconut marking the auspicious beginning of the fair. Ladies compliment Malti ji for her Number 1 doing Number 1 arrangements. Pinki and Malti ji make faces.

The guy asks manager if everything is set. They should be welcomed in a grand manner. Manager assures him that everything is ready. They will be greeted really nicely.

Pinki and Rana go to the bangle shop. Komal looks around happily. She notices Pinki and Rana together and turns to Lucky. Please select bangles for me too. He refuses but she points out at Rana choosing bangles for Pinki. He denies. He is Rana Bhai and I am Lucky. Komal adds that she is Komal. She pulls him to the shop. Pinki takes Rana to another shop. Komal does not let Lucky go without making her wear bangles. He complies and helps her wear them. Handcuffs look better than bangles in your hands. She happily agrees when he points out he was just joking. He brings oil and applies it on her hands so they can slip in easily. She is all shy and smiling broadly. He keeps glancing at her to see if it is hurting but her smile remains intact. She happily claps when done. The shop owner compliments them when Lucky simply pays and walks away.

Malti ji and Kamla ji are busy shopping. Malti ji finalises only what Raghuir ji likes. Kamla ji turns to her husband to ask his opinion and he flirts with her. she drops the idea of shopping. Ahlawat ji tells his brother to leave everyone on their own. Everyone has grown up. Relax. Malti ji seconds him.

Teji shows a pair of earrings to Pragya. I got them for you. Pragya notices Vardaan and tells him she doesn’t want it. He gets confused. Vardaan walks away feeling relieved. Later, Pragya tells Teji about Vardaan’s presence. How could I take it from you in his presence? He smiles and gives her the earrings. She smiles happily.

Ajay and Jitesh are enjoying shooting games. Jitesh backs out from his bet. Ajay gives up on him and they begin to argue. Shop owner takes the guns and asks them to leave. Ajay and Jitesh wink at each other (as they avoided paying for it). They head to another shop.

A guy offers watermelon to Shankar who refuses. Payal requests and so does the guy. Payal speaks from that guy’s side. Shankar advises the guy to keep moving the cart around. The guy agrees.

Komal suggests her family to head towards the water park. They all agree. Raghubir ji tells Ajay and Jitesh to send Rana and Lucky. They head towards the water park.

Ahlawat House admires water park. Komal tells everyone to change. Kamla ji points out that they take 2 hours to get ready. Everyone smiles and goes to change. The old man and his son decide to welcome their guests now.

Ladies wear suits. Malti ji is feeling shy. What if Lucky’s Dadi ji was alive? She would have killed us right here right now. Kamla ji reprimands her for speaking wrong things at wrong time. Don’t act shy. I still remember the pics you got clicked in Germany. Malti ji requests her to forget it. Past is past. Let’s enjoy. Kamla ji scolds a lady for wearing short clothes. The mother of those girls instead calls Kamla ji illiterate. We have come here to enjoy. This is how you dress up. You will remain an illiterate all your life. All other ladies hold Kamla ji back from retorting or beating that lady.

Ahlawat family meets the manager of the park. Pragya excuses herself. It is time the family will start their rides. The old man and his son decide to take the next step.

Precap: Some guys surround Kareena. Pradhan ji speaks badly about her dressing sense. One of the guys is about to hit Kareena when Komal holds the stick. She challenges him to stay in his limits or she wont spare him. All the men attack her at once but she holds them back successfully.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi Pooja, thanks for the update.
    After reading the updates, I shall look forward to watching tonight’s episode. Hope this is the boost that Komal needs to reignite her wrestling with Lucky ji blessing.

  2. Hi summer n pooja.
    This old guy is the same whose dsughter had eloped through komal’s aid.

    1. Hi Renu,

      Yes you are right, they are seeking revenge. I thought the scene between Komal and Lucky trying on bangles were sweet. I really do hope that Lucky will start warming towards Komal and see Kareena true colours- the rift she tries to cause. So glad that the last couple of episodes are not dominated by Kareena.

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