Badho Bahu 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zalim Singh zeroes in on Pragya.

Komal wipes her tears. She hears Pragya’s screams just then.

Jamuna ji questions Payal. Did you go mad? You were already shameless. You don’t even respect your elders now. Did you forget I am your MIL? How dare you lock me in my room? She blames her and Komal instead for digging their own graves. I wont let it happen before my eyes. I will continue to stop it till I am alive. Don’t raise your voice on me. See what you are doing first. I will do anything to stop you both. Jamuna ji warns her to be in her limits or she will show her her place today. Get my daughter home now or I will show you what I can do! Payal stays put. Instead of explaining to her you are instead helping her. Are you mad? She asks her to bring her daughter back. You are so bad. Payal tells her to let her learn how to live life and make decisions. I did the right thing. Jamuna ji asks her who she is to throw her daughter out of her home. payal reminds her she is the rightful owner of the house. I wont let you make such stupid decisions at all. I have every right to do so. Don’t aggravate the matter now. Jamuna ji advises her to visit mental hospital and get her check-up done. Payal in turns tells the same to her. You dint teach her about families and life. Vardaan shouts at her.

Rana asks Bharpayi if they have been lying to her. Do you really go to coaching classes? Don’t lie now. Tell me honestly. Bharpayi tells him they go to classes only. Ahlawat ji sends him to look for Pragya. He tells Kamla ji to calm down. He will find her from anywhere. She is still panicked.

Jamuna ji tells Vardaan how Payal threw Komal out of the house. He asks her about his sister. Payal replies that she does not know. She must be in village. She will come back once she gets on the right path. He asks her why she threw his sister out. Did you lose your mind? She points out to him that he does not know the entire matter. Don’t ask me. Jamuna ji sends him to look for Komal. Vardaan agrees. He tells Payal they have been bearing her injustices till now but this is too much. She repeats that he does not know entire truth. Once you will find out you will also say I did right thing.

Zalim Singh tells Pragya to keep shouting. No one is going to hear your voice. He touches her face. She bites at his hand but stumbles. She again shouts for help. Door opens. Pragya hides immediately. Komal and Zalim Singh look at each other.

Lucky gives party to his friends at coaching camp. I cannot contain my happiness. I thought not to wait till evening. His friends ask for hard drinks. Lucky says it does not look good in camp. Come to Haryana. I will then show you how we party. His friends ask him what the matter is. You look extra happy. Lucky smiles. I finally got free from a heavy problem. I thought to celebrate. I feel as if a very big burden is off my heart now. I wanted to celebrate with you. They cheers with cold drinks.

Zalim Singh laughs. I thought God will send some angel but it sent Badho! Komal tells him to be quiet. What are you doing here? Pragya says Bhabhi and tries to run up to her but Zalim Singh pushes her on the floor. He does not let Komal reach out to Pragya as well. Pragya asks her Bhabhi to save her. Zalim Singh tells her even God cannot save her today. What will your Bhabhi do! Pragya holds his collar.

Vardaan is looking for Komal while Rana and Teji enquire about Pragya with everyone on the streets. Vardaan reaches temple. He too hears Pragya’s shouts.

Komal tells Zalim Singh she will take Pragya with her today. He tries to attack her but she ducks and pushes him. He attacks her but she fights back equally.

Vardaan comes in. He asks his sister if she is fine. Komal nods. Zalim Singh calls him handicapped. Seems like I dint beat you nicely last time. Come I will fulfil your wish. Vardaan and Zalim Singh fight. Vardaan’s phone falls near Pragya. People gather outside and watch Zalim Singh and Vardaan fight. Pragya calls Rana. Komal pushes Zalim Singh and tries to help Vardaan to stand. Zalim Singh holds her by her hairs and hits Vardaan. Spectators are afraid to intervene because of Zalim Singh. Komal hits Zalim Singh with a tube light. He still manages to hurt her on the head badly. Komal falls down.

At home, everyone prays for Pragya. On the other hand, Jamuna ji also prays for Komal’s well-being. Take care of her. Bring her home asap. Don’t know where she will be.

Zalim Singh lifts pot of water. Pragya tries waking Komal. Zalim Singh will kill Vardaan otherwise. Please wake up. Zalim Singh throws the pot at Vardaan. Pragya screams and hides again. Pot is lying broken far from Vardaan. Komal stands up again. She pushes Zalim Singh and holds him by his throat. People continue to peek. Zalim Singh is in pain and badly stuck situation. He throws dirt in Komal’s eyes. Raghubir ji, Rana and Teji reach just then. Zalim Singh runs. Teji chases him while Rana helps Vardaan. Komal tells him everything. People tell Raghubir ji to be thankful to Badho. She saved Pragya by risking her life. Who can say that a woman can do so? Raghubir ji is overwhelmed. He thanks Komal for her act. She tells him not to embarrass her. I dint do any favour on anyone.

Precap: Raghubir ji tells Komal he has to come to take her tomorrow anyways. Payal calls Raghubir ji. Komal stays sad these days. She cannot even expect her husband to come and take her home. Raghubir ji calls Lucky. I have a surprise for you. He asks him about it but Raghubir ji asks him to take next flight for home. Lucky is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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