Badho Bahu 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Suman is called for a trial!

Badho Bahu 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki makes Rana share the reason as to why the Iron Man competition can be organized before the set time. She thinks to do something to instigate Rana against Lucky so the match can be preponed.

Vardaan is happy to see Pragya occupied with the book he got for her. This way her mind wont be diverted. He goes inside. Pragya has kept her phone in between the pages and is looking at her and Teji’s photo.

Som smiles seeing Bharpayi reading the book.

Pinki comes to meet her MIL and complains that she has made her life tough. It isn’t an easy task to make Rana ji Iron Man. The competition happens once in a year. It can only happen before the set time only if Rana ji challenges Lucky. How will this happen? Kamla ji taunts her that she cannot do anything on her own. I just told you to focus on making Rana Iron Man. Pinki accepts she is dejected but I cannot make you upset. Kamla ji warns her to make sure that never happens or she will beat her. Pinki is stuck.

Lucky notices Komal lost but she denies. Do you need anything? He denies. I was going for some work. He notices her making mehendi. She explains that she was preparing mehendi for evening. He deduces that she dint sleep entire night. She speaks of the function where they have to wear clothes as per a theme. He knows she is hiding her pain. You are unable to forget what Suman said. You are just pretending to be happy. He leaves without saying all this to her. She hopes to help Suman somehow.

Som gives Pinki clothes that Chotto will wear in the functions. He tells her to iron them. She tells him to give them to Badho but he insists that Bua sent them especially for her. Badho bhabhi is busy in preps. Wont you do this much for Chotto Bhabhi? Pinki agrees to iron one. Why do you need so many? Som replies that Bhabhi keeps having a change of heart. We don’t know what she will need next. Just iron everything. I will come to take them in a while. Pinki gets upset.

Komal comes to Suman’s house. She addresses the entire family. I dint know how my one decision will affect others. I apologise to Suman that I couldn’t continue wrestling. Please allow her to play hockey though. She is very good player. I don’t want her or anyone to give up on their dreams. Suman’s parents reason that dreams are seen and fulfilled by rich people. We don’t have the means and resources anyways. She is a girl. She too must focus on household chores like you. It would have been a different thing if it was a boy. Thanks for explaining but we wont be able to help. They close the door on her face. Lucky hears everything. He calls a guy in Sports Authority and suggests Suman’s name for hockey championship. Don’t share my name please. Just say that you got suggestion from someone. She is very good player. He thanks the caller.

Payal asks Pragya how she can stay busy with studies entire day. You anyways fail every year! Those who want to study study at any cost. They don’t make excuses to avoid doing household chores. She gives Vardaan’s shirt to Pragya to iron. Pragya refuses to iron it. Rinki comes just then. Are you alright? Vardaan doesn’t like it when I come here. Did he scold you? Pragya denies. He wont scold me or anything. Rinki drops her phone intentionally. Pragya bends down to pick it when Rinki picks Vardaan’s shirt. Rinki decides to use the shirt to get in the good books of Vardaan.

Sarpanch ji tells Raghubir ji a process about whose name plate should be put outside their house. Kailash ji tells him that one plate can have his and Rana’s name while the other one will have Raghubir’s and Lucky’s name. Sarpanch ji nods. He shows the posters to them which he had used when he stood for the elections. I want similar posters to be put for both of you too. It will create ample awareness too. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji agree.

Suman comes to meet Komal. She apologizes to Komal for her bad behaviour earlier. Forgive me. I also want to thank you. One Sir came from Haryana Sports Committee. He has called me for a championship in Ambala. He spoke to my parents and said that I am very talented. If I win then I will get scholarship. It will cost my parents nothing. My parents have also agreed. You lit a diya for me even when I was against you. Today I will light a diya of hope for you. May you become the best wrestler of Haryana. Komal gets emotional. They light the diya in house temple. Suman leaves.

Pinki is muttering to herself. I am not used to work so much but they dint think of anything. I was made to do so much work. No one thinks of me. She notices Badho practising. You are doing well. Komal nods. I am practising. Pinki pities her. You have been practising dance and wearing saree but it wont help. You cannot defeat me and Rana ji. He dances really well. Komal says Lucky ji is also not lagging behind. He is good in everything that he does. Pinki denies. He only moves around. It is for no good. Komal focuses on her practise. Pinki notices Rana coming there. She thinks to instigate Rana to become Iron Man. This is the right change. She tells Komal that very soon Rana will defeat Lucky and become the Iron Man of Haryana. Komal points out that Rana is very good but he cannot stand before Lucky. He defeated Zalim Singh also. Pinki reminds her how Rana had beat him black and blue but stopped when he was told Pragya’s life was in danger. Lucky only gave the last blow. She acts to notice Rana just then. Komal isn’t ready to believe that you defeated Zalim Singh. Komal says Lucky ji defeated Zalim Singh twice before that. Pinki insists that Rana is better than Lucky. Pinki suggests holding a championship now.

Precap: Lucky says championships happen only when necessary. This is no reason to get into such a challenge! Pinki tells Rana it is about their respect now. You must say yes for this competition! Ahlawat Family sees the posters. Lucky happily shows the poster to his family as it has also a picture and name of Komal. On the other hand, there is a mention of Sangram Singh on Kailash ji’s poster.

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    Pinki and her MIL will lose and lucky and komal will win and election will be win by Raghuveer only.. I have a feeling that may be now either komal will start wrestling or she will come in politics (just like anandi)… but for now atleast due to choto bua, lucky start valueing komal..

  2. I think you are correct. I am tired of Kamala and Pinky’s envy and evil plotting against their own family. Kailash and Rana are weak men and Kamala knows it so she manipulates them. She is a selfish evil women and her sister and brother in law knows it. Look how she didn’t care if Rana died fighting or how she has turned her back on her daughter even though Pragya is a mini her. She needs to see her karma. I hope Badho starts back wrestling also. I hope Vardaan gets a better wife. Bharpayl would have been perfect for him but I think luv is in the works for Som and her.l think Lucky is starting to think like his father and not his mother, thank goodness.

  3. Episode – 248
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 16 Aug Set Alert
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    Pinky sees Badho rehearsing for the dance. Pinky tries to instigate Rana into challenge Lakha for the Ironman rematch, but Rana resolves the matter.
    Episode – 249
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 17 Aug Set Alert
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    Lakha proudly tells everyone that Badho’s photo is in the newspaper as she is a symbol of progress. Kamal explains that Sangram is a part of the village, because of which his photo is in the paper.
    Episode – 250
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    Malti warns Badho to win the match or else she would lose her respect in the village. Payal questions Bardaan over his purchase of an expensive shirt.

  4. Thanks Renu for the pre caps. The serial is picking up again.

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